Keep Tech Essentials Within Reach And Simplify Your Life! @CaseLogic #Giveaway #Ad

    This past July, I traveled to San Francisco, California on a press trip.  Since I'm a blogger, there was no question that I was going to take my laptop and my tablet with me on the trip.  After all, these are the tools of my trade and I wouldn't want to be away from home without having access to them.     As I was packing for my trip, I was worried about being able to carry everything safely and without it getting damaged.  It was very stressful making sure that all of my electronic devices remained intact throughout the trip.  I vowed that, next time I travel, I would have a better solution for carrying them all with organization and flair.     Since my trip, I have learned that Case Logic offers a full line up of backpacks and sleeves for laptops and tablets that send students and travelers back to the classroom and on their travels with functionality, style, comfort and durability.  I was extremely impressed by their selection but also by how stylish and vibrant their … [Read more...]