Build A Bear Goes High Tech! #Infusionbabw

    This past Sunday, my family and I had the pleasure of being invited to check out Build A Bear's new interactive and technology enhanced store design.  In an age where most children are extremely technologically savvy, this was an exciting and welcome upgrade to the already great Build A Bear experience.     My boys were immediately attracted to their innovative and modern design and ran ahead of us to try out some of the activities.  The first station that caught their eye was the "Love Me" touch screen which allows children to choose a heart for their stuffed animal.  They both loved choosing some of the characteristics that they wanted their bears to have.     Another station offered them the opportunity to create a customized sound chip containing some of their favorite tunes.  Kids can choose from a variety of songs to upload to their sound chips and there are music options for children of all ages.  My nine year old was pleasantly surprised to be able to upload a … [Read more...]