Hot Wheels® Customs Car Review

As the mother of two boys, ages 5 and 8, I can tell you that toy cars and trucks rank up there as favorite toys in my home.  There is something classic about little boys and their toy cars and my two sons are no different.  They both have had many toy cars in the past but none that they were able to create and customize on their own.  That is why both of them were thrilled to have the opportunity to customize their own Hot Wheels® Customs Car.     Anyone can now design and decorate their own Hot Wheels® Customs Car online.  All it takes is five easy steps to create a unique customized car complete with a photo of your favorite little Hot Wheels® fan!  All we had to do to create our customized car was log on to the  Hot Wheels® website and choose our favorite ride from the four cool vehicle styles: Hiway Hauler, Dairy Delivery, Surfin' School Bus or School Busted.  We then uploaded a photo, which in our case was a photo of my five year old son, and select a personalized message to put … [Read more...]