Combine Everything You Love About Your Smartphone And Tablet! @ASUSUSA #Giveaway #Ad

    It's no secret that I am a techie at heart.  I really enjoy tinkering with all of my electronic devices and my two favorite have to be my smartphone and my tablet.  As a matter of fact, I rely so much on my smartphone that I totally freaked out last weekend when I thought my son had lost it  at the auto dealership when I allowed him to play with it.  I cannot even begin to describe to you how much of my personal and professional business is on that smartphone.  Losing it would have been a nightmare of epic proportions.     My tablet is always with me as well.  It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, after all, I am a blogger.  I sometimes have to jump on my tablet during my lunch break at work to respond to client emails and even post to my social media accounts.  It would be such a convenience if I could somehow combine these two devices to take advantage of everything that I love about both of them simultaneously.     ASUS Computers has beaten me to the punchline and has … [Read more...]