Do You Know What Ingredients Are In Your Favorite Sauce? @Victoria_BKLYN #Ad

   My great grandfather was from Naples, Italy on my mother's side.  As a result, many of the dishes that my mother prepared for us when we were growing up were Italian recipes.  I can still remember how delicious everything smelled when she had pots boiling on the stove and us kids would walk in and out of the kitchen hoping that dinner was finally ready for us to devour.  Back then, most foods were made from scratch, including sauces.  As a Working Mom, I want to recreate all of the delicious recipes that I enjoyed when I was a kid but I just don't have the time to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.     Recently, in my quest to prepare those traditional Italian dishes that my mother used to make, I found Victoria Premium Pasta Sauces which is the first major pasta sauce brand to put their all natural ingredients on the front of their label.  This makes a big difference to me because, although I don't have a lot of time to cook, I still want to give my family healthy foods without … [Read more...]