Who Are The Strong Women In Your Life? #ZenniStyle @zennioptical #Giveaway #Ad

    When I was growing up, I don't think that I ever really gave my Mom the credit that she deserved for being a strong woman.  You see, I always assumed that to be strong you had to be intimidating and aggressive.  Mommy has always been the complete opposite.       She refused to use curse words around us when we were growing up and would often spell out even the word "damn" when us kids were with her.  I can also recall that she avoided confrontation at all costs which I never understood because I've always been the one who heads into the proverbial battle right away.     That is the problem, it took me a long time to realize that it's not necessary to be ready to go into battle over everything.  Mommy would often sit back and observe while waiting for the perfect time to make her voice heard.  That took a tremendous amount of patience and strength, I realize that now especially since I have my own children.   … [Read more...]