Adventures in Zambezia On Blu-ray and DVD Review And Giveaway

    We are huge movie buffs in this house and we especially love to watch animated films.  Last night we made some family time to review the film Adventures in Zambezia on Blu-ray and DVD thanks to Sony Pictures.  We greatly enjoyed the graphics of the film as well as the theme of the film.     The film is set in the bird city of Zambezia on the edge of Victoria Falls.  It's a bird paradise where all different types of birds can live in peace without worrying about being attacked by predators.  The story centers around the life of a young falcon named Kai who is looking to spread his wings and assert his independence.     He ends up learning a lot more than he bargained for when he finds out the true story of his family history and ends up defending the city and being taught how to be part of a community.  This story is told in South Africa and delivers lively and colorful images as well as multicultural references.     I had the opportunity to discuss with my boys some of the … [Read more...]