Jurassic Park-Then and Now #JP3D

    This past weekend, my sons and I had the pleasure of attending the screening of Jurassic Park 3D at the IMAX Theatre in Manhattan.  Most of us are familiar with this classic film about an island theme park full of living dinosaurs.  When the movie debuted originally in 1993, it was a big hit among audiences due to the fact that everyone was captivated by its special effects and the prospect of cloning dinosaurs from DNA retrieved from archeological digs.     For those of you who aren't familiar with the film, it centers around the ideas of a wealthy gentleman, named John Hammond, who has the vision to use modern science to clone dinosaur DNA.  In order to get the seal of approval to open his theme park, he invites some scientists along with his two grandchildren to visit the island where he plans to host his park.     Unfortunately, everything doesn't go according to plan and one of his employees ends up stealing some dinosaur embryos for financial gain and shuts down the … [Read more...]

Curious George Swings Into Spring On DVD March 12!

    Our boys are huge fans of Curious George and all of his crazy antics.  They were thrilled to find out that we would be reviewing the upcoming release of Curious George Swings Into Spring.  I was excited because I love the lessons that are taught to children through the Curious George series.     In this Curious George adventure, The Man With The Yellow Hat takes George to the park so he can enjoy all of the wonders of the spring season.  George is just thrilled that Spring has finally arrived and he wants his friends Hundley and the Doorman to share in his enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, they don't have time to enjoy the season because they are too busy preparing for the Mayor's spring cleaning prize.     A broken water pipe floods the building, Hundley is forced to stay with George out in the country and George seizes the opportunity to make his friend enjoy the spring season as well.  The bad part is that Hundley ends up not enjoying the country all that much, especially when he … [Read more...]