Stress Control Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Back to School Look with Neutrogena®

    There is nothing like the excitement of going back to school and connecting with all of the people that you haven't seen all Summer.  In my case, since I am a teacher, I don't experience the same stresses about appearance that my students do but it is still very important for me to take very good care of my skin.  Over the years, my skin care regimen has changed as my skin has changed and I have modified my skin care products to keep up with my skin's changing needs.     The Summer can wreak havoc on your skin between the added sun exposure and the exposure to harsh chemicals like Chlorine in pool water.  Along with the extra anxiety of preparing for school and accepting that vacation time can soon be over, stress can also affect your skin and complexion in a negative way.  In my case, I have noticed that this additional stress causes the oily parts of my skin to become oilier.  I'm sure I don't have to go into what the consequences of oily skin are like clogged pores, acne, and … [Read more...]