Competition’s Influence on the Executive Image

This post is part of the Executive Image series started by Daria (aka @MominManagement). I am honored to participate with her and five other amazing women on this topic. For more about the series, visit Daria’s website, MominManagement.     You are a complete package, professionally.  Every aspect of your persona within your career is crucial to your long-term success and how you are perceived by your colleagues.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition involved in being a member of the workplace.  Everyone wants to be the best in their field or at the top of their game so it is imperative that you focus on always improving yourself internally, externally, and professionally. Also, always take inventory of the agendas of those working around you. Unfortunately, there are many factors that influence the competitive agendas around you.  These factors can have a broad range but, for women in the workplace, it seems that their own worst enemy in terms of competition is other … [Read more...]