Coffee Yogurt Smoothie Recipe @Folgers #Folgers #Ad

    I think when most people think of smoothie recipes, they imagine that you take fruits or vegetables and blend them together with a few other ingredients and, voila!  Most of my friends are obsessed with iced coffee drinks or blended coffee drinks that they spend an insane amount of money buying at major coffee retailers.  The frugal girl in me likes to make these at home and I have been trying to create a delicious coffee smoothie recipe with my Folgers coffee for quite some time.     You would be surprised how inexpensive and convenient it can be to make your own yummy coffee beverages.  With just a few simple ingredients, you can even make them in the morning and take them with you on-the-go.  This is a huge deal for me because mornings in our house tend to be extremely hectic with me getting ready for work and the kids getting ready for school.     Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to spend making elaborate coffee drinks.  However, my cup of Folgers coffee in the … [Read more...]

Flavored Water For Kids With No Sugar! @AquaBallDrink #Giveaway #Ad

    As an educator, I am often shocked at how many sugary drinks I see my students consuming during their lunch.  Although our school does not serve these drinks, nor sell them in our vending machines, many of our students bring them in from outside and actually purchase them in the morning before coming to school.  I often wonder if their parents are aware of the unhealthy beverages that they are purchasing with the lunch money that they give them.     Since our two boys were little, we have made sure that sugary soft drinks were not a part of their diet.  My husband doesn't drink soda and he has always made sure that our sons do not consume it either.  As a result they drink a lot of natural juices but, I have to admit, they don't drink nearly as much water as I would like them to.     AquaBall was developed by a former school principal, who saw way too many children drinking sugary beverages during school, and not enough water. He created AquaBall as a fun way for kids to drink … [Read more...]

Better Together, NEW NESCAFÉ® with COFFEE-MATE®! #NescaféCoffeemate @NESCAFE #Giveaway #Ad

*This sponsored post was written by me in collaboration with Nestlé. All opinions are 100% mine.     Ever since I could remember, my fondest memories of spending time with my grandmother every morning included both of us sitting at the kitchen table and enjoying breakfast together before she took me to school.  This morning ritual usually included a cup of hot coffee along with some kind of buttered bread or muffin.  During this time, we talked about the day ahead and she always encouraged me to finish eating everything because it would give me strength to tackle my school day.      Living in Spain, the type of coffee that was a staple in our home was NESCAFÉ®.  I can still recall going to the supermarket with my "Tata" and her telling me that this was her favorite coffee brand as she looked for it on the shelf.  I've always trusted the advice that my grandmother has given me about everything from coffee to childrearing.  You see, wisdom like hers comes from a lifetime of … [Read more...]

Enjoy Some Well-Deserved Relaxation! #SangriaSunday @yellowtail_usa #Ad

*This post was written by me on behalf of Yellow Tail USA. I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.        This past Thursday was the last day of school for New York City public school students.  As a middle school teacher, I can tell you that being an educator is a heck of a lot of work and, by the time the end of the year rolls around, most of us are in sore need of some rest and relaxation.     Being from Europe, I have always enjoyed a delicious glass of Sangria during those times when I am looking to enjoy some down time.  In Spain and Portugal, it is typically served during the summer and is a popular drink among tourists and locals alike.  There is just something about having the wind blowing through your hair and enjoying some fresh air outdoors while you sip on some delicious wine.     I'm looking forward to enjoying having the summer off and to relaxing a little too.  Here are some of the ways that you too can … [Read more...]