Teachable Moment

    Here we go, another school year and another teacher that I have to go back and forth with about her teaching practices...    My oldest son has begun the second grade, this year, and I am already locking horns with his new teacher.  Let me begin by saying that I really try not to be "one of those parents."  You know the type, they think that their child is perfect and can do no wrong and reject any complaints that the teacher might have throughout the school year.  I know that my son is a chatterbox and I accept that.  However, my little chatterbox always receives impeccable grades.  Additionally, I am aware of the classroom dynamic, from the teacher's point of view, since I myself have been a teacher for the past 10 years.  This causes me to be sensitive to the plight of my children's teacher and the amount of work that is involved in being a member of this profession.    On the flip side, being a … [Read more...]

Watch What You Say…

     I have had many embarrassing moments throughout my life, as most people have.  However, there is nothing like being embarrassed by one of your children to really take you to a whole new level of embarrassment.  Those of you who have children, know that they are cute, precocious, and tend to have no filter when it comes to saying things out loud or repeating things that they heard from adults.  I learned, the hard way, to be more careful of the things that I say in front of my children...    Last year, I was sitting in the livingroom having a conversation with my husband, as we often do on a regular basis.  We were discussing the fact that my sister had been asking for my sons' to sleep over her house and how we were hesitant about allowing that because we had an ongoing conflict with her boyfriend who lives in the house with her.  Previously, he and my husband had had some words and her boyfriend had been … [Read more...]


     Last week, the daughter of a friend that my husband grew up with went missing.  Just typing and seeing the word "missing" made my heart jump.  Who would think that something like this could happen so close to home and to someone you actually know?  Unfortunately, I have to say that these kinds of things never surprise me or shock me because I try to be realistic about the dangers that exist out there for my children.    The heinous crime took place in the same manner that most of these events occur.  An eleven year old girl left her home to walk to school and was never seen from again.  Police have since arrested a man whom they found had been sending her pornographic images via E-Mail.  They found this evidence upon inspection of her home computer and E-Mail accounts.  As I'm sure most of us already know, the internet has become a vehicle for these kinds of predators to prey on young innocent … [Read more...]

Young Adults

      I received a new student in my class today and it became the highlight of the day for the boys in my class.  You see, SHE happens to be a very pretty young girl who was escorted into my classroom by a School Aide and automatically changed my male students' perspective of the eighth grade, perhaps for the whole year.  Even I was taken aback at the immediate hush that blanketed my room as soon as the door was opened and they spotted her.    Let me tell you, I have been teaching for almost eleven years and, nothing really surprises me anymore.  However, it was surprising and really cute how all of the boys began to giggle and blush and look around for the nearest person to whisper to.  It was almost as if a celebrity had entered the room.  I started thinking back to my own Middle School crushes and I really don't remember being that giddy and concerned with romance and dating at that age.    Of course, … [Read more...]

How Do I Love Thee?

        Today I came to the realization that I definitely need to make time to spend some quality time with my husband.  Many of you might think that it is funny that I would just suddenly come to that conclusion randomly on a Tuesday evening.  However, I'm sure those of you who are married with children know and understand exactly where I am coming from.  Somehow, we get so wrapped up in working, raising children, paying bills, maintaining a home, and all of the good stuff that comes with adulthood that we forget to slow down.    Now, don't get me wrong, this is NOT one of those "oh my goodness, my marriage is in trouble so let me blog about how I am going to hold on to my man!"  Quite the contrary, I'm very lucky to have a great husband and a great marriage.  That doesn't mean that I can't take a moment to think about the fact that I haven't had a lot of time to spend quality couple time with my main … [Read more...]

Baby Steps

    Today was my baby boy's first day of Pre-Kindergarten.  He looked so big and handsome in his new school uniform and I felt like the proud Mommy as his father and I escorted him to class for orientation.  I have to admit, I was a little afraid that he was going to cling to me because he is definitely a Momma's Boy and likes to be with me every waking moment.  Maybe that is just something that we mothers convince ourselves of because we can't bear the thought that our children will ever stop needing us for everything.    The teacher stood in the doorway to the classroom greeting every child individually and asking them their names.  As we entered the classroom, the children were encouraged to interact with one another by playing with different types of puzzles that were on top of all the tables.  My son immediately left my side to go play with the other children.  So much for the theory that he would not want to leave … [Read more...]

What Are Little Boys Made Of?

    Why do little boys always have to be so rough when they play?  I hope some of you have the answer to this question because I am completely baffled by it.  It has certainly been a learning experience being the mother of two little boys and the aunt of 5 more.  Yes, you read correctly, we have no little girls in my family.  My parents have a grand total of 7 grandsons ranging from the ages of 11 years old down to 10 months old.  They all have different personalities but, the one thing that they all have in common, is that they like to play rough.     When I say, "play rough",  I don't mean that they like to hurt each other or anything like that.  What I mean is that every activity that they partake in usually involves running, jumping, climbing, swinging, racing, karate chopping, boxing, or wrestling.  Also, if they have enough time, you can catch them pretending to be Jedi knights with their lightsabers or battling each other with their Pokemon cards.  Their playtime is worlds … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…

        The exciting moment has come to announce the winner of my very first blog contest giveaway to see the family musical "Freckleface Strawberry" in NYC!    And the winner is:  #1  Doreen Lombardo http://manicmondays123.blogspot.com/2010/08/juggling.html     I would like to thank everyone who entered the contest and also thank the sponsors of the contest.  Please continue to watch for future contests and giveaways. … [Read more...]

Working Mom Guilt

      Next week, my baby boy will be starting Pre-Kindergarten.  Normally, my husband attends such things as first days of school and parent teacher conferences without me.  You see, he works nights and, since I am a teacher, my job's parent teacher conferences and first days of school coincide with my children's.  I don't really want to spend too much time dwelling on that because it is a sore and hurtfull subject for me.  Of course, I would love to attend every single event that involves my children.  However, it is not possible to provide my children with the kind of lifestyle that I never had growing up unless both of us work.    Having said that, this year will be different.  This year I will be able to attend my son's first day of Pre-K and his orientation and I couldn't be happier.  Thankfully, this was possible because the public schools will be closed on September 9th and 10th for a Jewish … [Read more...]

First You Eat, Then You Drink!

        It is not uncommon that my husband and I disagree sometimes on some of the small details of how we are raising our two sons.  The important thing is that we wholeheartedly agree on the larger, and most important aspects of our parenting.  Obviously, we are on the same page with regards to teaching them respect, honesty, integrity, and all the other good stuff that makes for good parenting.  Actually, this is something that we agreed upon as early as our courtship and was one of the things that convinced me that this was the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and to raise a family with.        Now, back to the little parenting details that we often disagree upon...  Where do I even begin?  It stands to reason that two totally different people who were raised by totally different parents would have some totally different ideas regarding how certain things are … [Read more...]