Easy Meals For Today’s On The Go Moms! #HormelFamily

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hormel. All opinions are 100% mine.     Lunch can definitely be a struggle, especially when you are juggling a million things all at once like I usually am.  Half the time, I end up working right through my lunch break when I am at work because I just don't have the time to eat.  I realize that this is not the healthiest option but I am honestly swamped with paperwork most of the time.     Thank goodness, Hormel has taken into consideration the needs of busy on-the-go moms like me who are looking for convenient and healthy foods that are rich in protein and will give us energy throughout the day.  Hormel Compleats cheesy pasta varieties are ready to eat in just 60 seconds.  Now, that is the kind of delicious and quick meal that I like!     These meals are microwaveable and fit perfectly into my busy life because I can prepare them easily and they taste great so I don't have to compromise flavor.  They are made with real cheese … [Read more...]

Authentic Latin Cooking With Real California Cheese! #VivaCADairy

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The California Milk Advisory Board and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are 100% mine.               In the Latino culture, food is a very important part of every family gathering or event.  We take pride in preparing delectable meals that our loved ones can enjoy together and we infuse love and affection into every dish that we serve to our families.  As a result, we include ingredients in our recipes that are fresh and natural whenever we can.  After all, we wouldn't serve our family or friends anything that was any less than that.     My husband is half Cuban and, since becoming a part of his family, I cannot even begin to describe all of the delicious meals that his grandmother has prepared for us to eat during holiday gatherings or special events.  One of my favorite treats that she always makes for me is the Cuban Sandwich.  It is a variation of the traditional American ham and … [Read more...]

Handling Ham For Spring Meals #HormelFamily

    Spring is definitely in the air and you can notice it in the recent warm weather days throughout the Tri-state Metropolitan area.  There is nothing like a home-cooked meal to keep everyone happy as you prepare to gather together all of your family and friends for your large group gatherings to celebrate special events during the spring.     Ham is an extremely versatile and delicious protein that can be added to the menu for any special occasion.  In order to help you plan a successful menu which includes ham for one of your next events, Curemaster Brian Hendrickson has some important tips for adding Hormel® Cure 81® ham to your meal: Know your Numbers: When purchasing ham for a large crowd, such as a graduation dinner, count the number of guests scheduled to attend. It’s a good idea to get about a pound of ham for every 3-4 people. Don’t forget to estimate a little extra for unexpected guests, and everyone’s favorite- leftovers! As Simple as Heat & Serve: Hams are … [Read more...]

Plan A Romantic Date In! #HormelFamily

    Whenever I want to spend some romantic time alone with my husband, we make plans to go out somewhere and always include going to eat at a restaurant as part of the date.  Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between because of the busy lives that we lead as parents.  Since it's always so difficult to get some of that one-on-one time together, it's important to make the best of the time that we do get to spend as a couple.  One way to spend some very romantic time together is to prepare a meal at home and stay in.     By staying in, you eliminate some of the frustrating factors that keep married couples with kids from being able to have dates that often.  You won't have to worry about fitting going to a pricey restaurant into your meal budget because you can plan a delicious and creative meal with even limited finances.  Also, there isn't the added concern of finding a restaurant that is kid-friendly and can accommodate your children.  Let's face it, some of us just don't … [Read more...]

Enjoy Family Soup Recipes! #HormelFamily

    This past week has been a trying one in our household.  It seems like everyone has been sick and it has been a struggle going through the motions of daily life while feeling under the weather.  Add to that the plummeting temperatures outdoors and it has just been a recipe for disaster.         When we are sick and the cold weather has us in a funk, we often prepare soup to warm ourselves up and to help our bodies heal.  My Grandmother used to prepare Homemade Chicken Soup whenever anyone in the family was sick and she would deliver it to us personally in her food storage containers.  She's probably the one who laid the groundwork for our family's love of soup.         My children love Chicken Noodle Soup and will always request it during the winter months.  Although we prefer homemade soups, the reality of our schedules often causes us to turn to canned soups in order to prepare and enjoy them quickly.  Whatever your soup preference is, as long … [Read more...]

The Perfect Spatula? @ProductofGir

    Those of you who have been following Tough Cookie Mommy for awhile know that I love trying out family-friendly products that not only make my life easier, but also fit in to our busy and hectic schedules.  This is especially true in our kitchen and when it comes to preparing meals.  We prepare meals on-the-go and need foods and cooking utensils that don't require a lot of time and energy.     In our home, the spatula is probably the most commonly used cooking utensil.  We use it for everything from frying eggs in the pan to doling out butter from the tub.  It is constantly being used and gets a lot of cooking action so we have damaged our share of spatulas during the years due to normal wear and tear.         The opportunity to review the GIR Spatula came at the perfect time because my husband had just recently left our old spatula on the stove and its wooden handle was burnt to a crisp.  Besides the fact that we desperately needed a new spatula, I welcomed a … [Read more...]

Use Those Holiday Leftovers To Prepare Cultural Masterpieces! #HormelFamily

    We are very fortunate to live in a country that is a melting pot for people of all different cultures and backgrounds. Most of us join our family and friends during the holidays to celebrate and to engage in those traditional customs that we have known and loved for many generations. It is very important to celebrate our differences and to share our unique histories with one another, especially during these precious moments.     Food has always been a uniting factor when it comes to holiday celebrations. We love to prepare culturally inspired dishes that please our palates as well as showcase the recipes and themes that are familiar to us and have been a staple at family meals for years. Unfortunately, we often prepare well over what we need for these meals and we end up with mountains of leftovers after the holidays.     Fortunately, Hormel Foods has some great ideas regarding how you can add a cultural twist to those holiday leftovers that are still in your … [Read more...]