Big Companies Are Listening To You On Social Media And I Have Proof!

    If you have ever doubted the power of social media, I am here to tell you that it is an amazing tool not only to propel your brand or business forward but also to affect change.  Over the years, I have reached out to companies over my social media platforms and had much success in creating a dialogue with them about their services or products.  This week, I was able to use social media to solve a personal problem and to give a major pharmaceutical company honest feedback about their practices and customer service.  Here is my story...     My family and I receive all of our medications through a mail order pharmacy called Express Scripts.  This past week, I received a letter from them stating that I needed to call to update my payment information on file before they could release my latest prescription out for mailing.  I waited until after Christmas and promptly called them and provided them with my debit card information so they could simply withdraw payment directly from my … [Read more...]

Celebrate Christmas/Navidad Early By Attending A Twitter Party With @MiCricket! #CricketContigo

          It is time to take a break from your gift shopping and holiday preparations to come and party with Cricket Wireless!  Everything is almost ready!  There are wonderful smells coming from the kitchen as we prepare our family feasts and the music is blaring from the speakers.      We have everything ready and we would love to have you join us to celebrate the #CricketContigo Fiesta de Navidad / Christmas Twitter Party to talk about family, staying connected with those who matter to you the most during the holidays and @MiCricket, a leading wireless provider that gives its customers great service and unbelievable perks like: Global Local Number that allows Cricket customers to set up a local number in more than 40 different countries, including the United States and Mexico, so that those calling you are charged for a local call NOT long distance!   2 new international rate plans, a Mexico rate plan and a global rate plan. Both plans include unlimited … [Read more...]

Don’t Lose Yourself in the Tribe…

    Many of you who are on Twitter have probably seen a lot of tweets from others with the #Triberr hashtag or referring to Triberr. It is the latest craze taking over Twitter and some people are very happy about it while others don't seem to be so happy. Since I do participate in Triberr and am the member of two tribes, I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing many of its pros and cons. A colleague of mine on Twitter thought it would be a good idea if I wrote a post about this topic in order to enlighten the masses so, here we are!     I'm sure many of you don't know exactly what Triberr is all about so let me attempt to explain it to you in laymen's terms.  The basic premise behind Triberr is to increase the exposure of your blog posts on Twitter.  Each tribe is made up of members who attach the feed to their blog posts directly to the tribe.  As a result, every single member of the tribe sends a tweet out to their followers about every blog post that every member of the tribe has … [Read more...]