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When you are the parent of two teenage boys, it can be a challenge sometimes to get them to be nice to one another. My boys are three years apart and they are constantly going back and forth about one thing or another. With Entenmann’s, everyone’s got a favorite and in our home my oldest loves their Minis while my younger one prefers Little Bites. That doesn’t mean that they don’t argue about who is going to eat the last one whether we have one variety or the other in our home!

Entenmann’s Minis are the same delicious variety of baked goods you know and love, from donuts, crumb cake, apple pie and more, perfectly portioned, and individually wrapped. Believe me, this is more convenient now than ever as we all embark on this remote learning journey. It’s so easy to grab Minis because they are perfectly portioned and individually wrapped to make on the go snacking and lunchtime packing a breeze! Since I’m also teaching remotely, it helps so much that they can both head to our kitchen during their lunch break and grab their favorite Entenmann’s Mini.

From August 31st through October 9th,  fans can enter the Entenmann’s®  Mini Acts of Kindness sweepstakes by submitting their mini act of kindness at www.entenmanns.com/mini-acts-of-kindness

  • In addition to a grand prize of $10,000, each week, one fan will be randomly selected to win $500, one fan will win free Entenmann’s minis for a year, and 10 fans will win $100 throughout the duration of the sweepstakes.
  • For every act of kindness submitted, Entenmann’s will donate $1, up to $15,000, to Stomp Out Bullying which helps bring awareness to the bullying and cyber-bullying students face in school and raises funds toward assisting students in need of help.
  • All sweepstakes entries must be submitted by October 9th via the online landing page linked here to qualify.

As you can see, my oldest could not keep his hands off the Minis for this review. He claims that his Mini Act of Kindness is going to be leaving one of the Minis from the entire box for his brother. I’m pretty sure he missed the point of this sweepstakes but I guess even mini acts of kindness can be huge! Now if only I can get his brother to save a pack of Little Bites for him when we go grocery shopping this weekend…

Let’s Discuss: What are some of the ways that you perform Mini Acts of Kindness with your family?


Our Sponsor is giving away an Entenmann’s® Prize Pack containing a $25 digital VISA Gift Card (Please note, the virtual gift card can be used for online purchases onlyand (3) coupons for $7.00 off the purchase of any Entenmann’s Minis!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love to pay for the coffee for the car behind me. I always pray that it brings a smile to their face, and that they would pay it forward. 🙂

  2. We always mow our neighbors front lawn. It started by doing it one day when she let it grow too long. Then we did it the next time, and the next time, and now we do it all the time. We have been doing it for two years now, and I am not even sure if she knows we are the ones doing it!!!

  3. Shelly Peterson says

    We donate to our local food bank. My grandsons donate their no longer used clothes and toys.

  4. We bake treats to share with neighbors and write kind notes.

  5. We like to buy groceries to give to our Church’s food pantry, make extra meals when I make dinner and bless family and friends with them, offer to go to the store and run errands for the elders we know, give Cold drinks to the workers in our neighborhood.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. I sometimes will prep the coffee for my wife while she is sleeping.

  7. We like to help out our elderly neighbors by helping them carry groceries in or walk their dogs.

  8. I like to make special desserts for no special occasion.

  9. We like to buy extra food when food shopping and drop it off at the food pantry.

  10. I do the dishes for them and surprise them with small gifts :]

  11. We hold the door open for people behind us. We also send cards to family and friends as a surprise pick me up.

  12. We hold the door open for people behind us. We also send cards to friends and family as a surprise pick me up.

  13. Kim Henrichs says

    I love to leave my co-workers little gifts on their desks or buy them a treat while I’m out.

  14. Dana Rodriguez says

    We often pay for meals for the homeless. Been doing it for years.

  15. I do things like cook their favorite meals or bake special desserts for them.

  16. One thing that I love to do for my family, is when I pack them lunches to add a little love note for them. I do it randomly. When they do get a little note, they sure seem to enjoy it.

  17. We go through our clothes and shoes a couple of times a year and what we don’t wear anymore we give to our local shelter.

  18. I like to leave little notes in their school and work lunches. Sometimes I will add a special treat as well. Or surprise them by doing one of their chores.

  19. I make my husband random desserts.

  20. I like to pay it forward by buying the next coffee for the next person in line.

  21. I like to share whenever we have two of something, we always give one away or if something is not getting used and we know someone who could use it we will give it to them. We have a neighbor that we give all animal stuff too and we try to clear out our clothes, at least 4 times a year and donate to bins or businesses. We do this with gently used toys, books and shoes and research programs and non profits for ideas and ways to spread it around more!

  22. We collect items throughout the year to give to a family in need during the holidays. We deliver it anonymously and it is so exciting to put it together and leave it on their front porch (or wherever) without getting caught!

  23. My son and I try to roll up our neighbor’s trash can when they’re at work or the weather isn’t good.

  24. I try to be a good listener, because I think that is one of things everybody wants most 🙂

  25. Julie Lundstrom says

    I help sponsor families for Christmas that need help for Christmas.

  26. Katie Bellamy says

    My kids & I like to make homemade baked goodies for neighbors & friends!

  27. I like to leave notes in lunchboxes to brighten days.

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