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Here’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about space exploration in a fun-filled way with Snoopy, Woodstock, and the Peanuts Gang: Peanuts and the nonprofit Space Foundation are providing free, NASA-approved lesson plans—share them with your child’s teacher! You can check them out HERE!

The first beagle on the moon celebrated National STEM Day this month! Astronaut Snoopy is eager to go on to Mars, and he knows that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will take us there. Snoopy can now officially claim to be the first Beagle on the moon!

As you can see, my son is absolutely thrilled to celebrate National STEM Day with all of his cool Astronaut Snoopy gear! Math and Science are his favorite subjects in school so this is right up his alley. We need to get more kids excited about these subjects in school and these STEM resources are perfect for doing so with them.

We are very excited to also be hosting a fun giveaway for some really cool #AstronautSnoopy prizes to one lucky reader of Tough Cookie Mommy. Check out the details below for how to enter! It’s a great way to not only get kids talking about Math and Science but to also have conversations with them about STEM careers that they might pursue in the future!

Let’s Discuss: Why do you think it is so important for students to learn about STEM and STEM careers?


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  1. I think it is important for students to learn about STEM because it is such an interesting field/s and they won’t know about it unless it is presented to them in many cases.

  2. I love that the lesson plans are NASA approved!! What a fun and exciting way for kids to learn!

  3. Steve stone says

    I think it helps kids think more globally. To be more aware of other things.

  4. Science, technology, engineering, and math are what help us understand how things work and how to improve our lives. A basic understanding can broaden your mind and help you see the world in a new way.

  5. STEM provides a valuable foundation for kids to learn. I’m glad more schools and toys are emphasizing STEM activities, etc.

  6. Julia Young says

    STEM activities and classes expand students’ minds. Today’s world has so many career fields that include STEM that it’s important for us as educators and parents (I’m a middle school math teacher) that we show our kids all the possibilities.

  7. I think it’s really important for all students to learn about STEM subjects and careers! They’re an essential part of education!

  8. I think it is important. My daughters have participated in STEM activities and have love them. A new sense of learning has inspired them to reach beyond the normal.

  9. Cathy Truman says

    Yes it is important for students to learn about STEM. It is going to help them in their future and their every day. Learning new things is always a plus.

  10. I think students should learn about STEM because a lot of careers involve science, technology, engineering, & math. These are foundations for an education.

  11. STEM helps kids think strategically and figure out solutions to problems. It can help them in their studies, life, career path and more.

  12. I think it’s important for students to learn about STEM because it gets them to have hands on experiences and uses their minds and hands to learn.

  13. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science, literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. STEM education is critical to help the United States remain a world leader.

  14. Susan Smoaks says

    I believe that STEM careers are the future and learning a STEM career will help my kids get jobs when they grow up.

  15. I think students should learn about STEM because it is an important part of a good rounded education.

  16. It’s very important for students to learn about STEM and STEM careers simply because that’s what our world is revolved around! We need to encourage students to be problem-solvers and learn the importance of inquiry!

  17. Dana Rodriguez says

    STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

  18. The US needs to be encouraging our youth to look at science, technology, engineering and math as career choices. Developing these skills will ensure their future and broaden good choices for them. I love it when my daughters look at these areas to investigate and learn about.

  19. It’s important for students to learn about as much as they can before entering the real world – STEM and STEM careers is just one of those things.

  20. There are a lot of careers to look for from STEM. Great educating internationally too.

  21. Julie Lundstrom says

    It will help the kids learn about math and science in a fun way which encourages them to want to learn more. This is my favorite way for my kids to learn is having fun while learning.

  22. STEM engages students and equips them with critical thinking and establishes connections between the school and the community.

  23. I think kids need math, science, and the humanities and arts to create an empathetic citizens who can think both critically and analytically.

  24. I think it is important because kids use each thing taught in STEM throughout life.

  25. It helps them to learn how to deal with things in school and life as they get older.

  26. Elizabeth Miller says

    I think STEM is a great way for kids to learn about careers. It offers them much more hands on trail of things they can become.

  27. I think it’s important because it prepares them for college and the workforce.

  28. I think it is important since STEM really does help with critical thinking. I think it helps them gain confidence for both school and careers as well.

  29. Tamara Regan says

    I think STEM is so important because it encompasses so many aspects of our lives. It gives kids a chance to have fun while learning and lets them really get involved with hands on projects. I also think it teches really good problem-solving skills.

  30. STEM is so important because it gets you thinking. It is not just memorization, it is applying the knowledge you have for problem solving.

  31. Donna Porter says

    STEM helps students learn about certain careers. It can prepare them for the future.

  32. Amanda Whitley says

    It’s important because our future revolves around all the elements of STEM, especially technology.

  33. STEM keeps students learn important tools that will be needed in their future journeys in life.

  34. To help educate and encourage the future innovators with the enrichment of the mind through STEM and bring about new concepts and ideas throughout this development with growth in many different fields.

  35. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, enables the next generation of innovators which is amazing.

  36. Jennylyn Gross says

    Science and Math are extremely important for todays world and most careers you need a stem based education nowadays.

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