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   It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is over and students are returning to school here in New York City. This year, I have an eleventh grader in high school and an eighth grader graduating from middle school. They are both wonderful young men and a great source of pride for me as their mom. My husband and I will be visiting college campuses this year with our older son and we want to support him in any way possible as he begins to look ahead to his future.

    Some of our family friends had children whom they dropped off at college this year for the first time. It’s unbelievable how large some of these campuses are and I often wonder how students are able to navigate their way to their classes on time. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter gives students an easy way to get to and around campus. It is available at Best Buy and can handle any rider weighing up to 220.5 lbs.

Here are some of its other impressive specs:

Powerful 250W hub motor
Helps reach speeds up to 15 mph for a fun ride. Just step on the deck, push off with your foot, and press down on the thumb throttle to engage the motor.
Premium lithium-ion battery
Provides a max range up to 18 miles.
Foldable design
Easy fold system offers portability.
Disc brake
For maximum stopping power.
Solid tires
Engineered to absorb shock when you’re riding on roads and sidewalks.
LED display
Shows battery life, current speed, and more.
Ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight
Make your evening ride more comfortable and safe.
Suitable for children ages 13 and older
For safe riding.

    The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter is the perfect way to beat the traffic this school year. Make sure you head to Best Buy and let it take your scholar for a successful academic ride!

Let’s Discuss: What are are some of your favorite features of the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter?

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  1. Kelly Martin says

    This electric scooter looks great. It would be fun for kids to ride this to school.

  2. I wish scooters like this had been available when I was an undergraduate. I was pre-med and the books I had to carry everyday felt like they were triple my body weight. When I had classes where I had to go from one end of the campus to the other in a short amount of time it was super difficult, this would have made my life so much easier back then. Congrats on your sons educational strides! 🙂

  3. Nigar Rahman says

    Really traffic kills our valuable time.Thanks for this awesome idea!

  4. Super Cool Scooter. I love the look of this one. It has great features I know my kids would enjoy. Thanks for the write up.

  5. Great post, thank you. In some countries, nurses use them at hospitals and I can see how a student would find it easier to travel from one lecture to the text ON TIME using one of these!

  6. These are an awesome way for me to get back and forth to work. Why get stuck in traffic when I can zip along in a scooter? Super convenient, environmentally friendly and quick. I’ll take a better look at this brand and model!

  7. The “Disc brake”! That’s everything for me. I mean, what is a scooter that doesn’t brake? It could literally kill me.

  8. I’m surprised that it has a Powerful 250W hub motor! Wow! This is very efficient and powerful.

  9. Blairvillanueva says

    Hey that is truly smart. I saw many yuppies using this around our CBD, plus it’s easy to carry and store.

  10. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    This is a great way to get around the city. I hate getting stuck in traffic! An electric scooter would be the best to use to go short distances. I think if we had one of those, I won’t have a difficult time sending my son out on errands. 🙂

  11. This looks so fun and so easy to use!!! I bet you can get to places a lot faster than having to wait in traffic in many cities.

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