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Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio

*This post was written in partnership with The Motherhood and sponsored by The Grable Foundation. Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio. 

    One of my greatest sources of pride over the last twenty or so years has been my work as a public school educator here in New York City. It is so rewarding to see the impact that I have had on the lives and minds of my students. In turn, they have also taught me many new things while in my classroom.

    I have also had teaching colleagues over the years who have branched out to teach in other public school systems across the country. Some have shared with me that Pittsburgh is also an amazing place to teach and to raise children. Its museums, schools, libraries, and after-school programs make it a center of innovation and excellence in education.

   HundrED is a global organization based in Finland that aims to research and share education innovations across the globe. They are currently collaborating with The Grable Foundation and Remake Learning to highlight the unique educational innovations coming out of the Pittsburgh region. Remake Learning is a regional network of more than 600 schools, libraries, museums, and other sites of learning that collectively highlight engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people who are inspired to affect rapid social and technological change. 

Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio

    Recently, I have become aware of the work going on in the Global Minds Initiative! This after-school program was founded, designed, and run by students and it aims to combat intolerance by fostering intercultural friendships and global understanding. It is a safe and supportive place where immigrant and refugee students are able to come together with their peers within inclusive spaces. 

Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio

    Global Minds was started in a Pittsburgh high school and has spread to 23 schools across the United States and Canada. It’s remarkable how middle and high school students from over 50 countries are able to come together in order to nurture intercultural friendships. By pairing native English speakers with English language learners, the initiative supports not only the academic progress of students but also helps to encourage a cultural shift where all students feel valued and multicultural differences are celebrated.

Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio

    HundrED is shining a spotlight on the educators and innovators who are doing extraordinary things to help students in southwestern Pennsylvania such as those involved in the Global Minds Initiative. In November 2019, the 12 Pittsburgh programs it has chosen to highlight for being educational models and inspiration for education will travel to Helsinki, Finland to present their education innovations at the annual HundrED Global Innovation Summit.

Photos courtesy of Remake Learning and Ben Filio

    As a veteran educator, I cannot stress enough the importance of supporting these kinds of innovative programs where educators and students create a supportive and open dialogue that push the limits of learning!

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Let’s Discuss: What are some of the ways that you think we can continue to invest in the next generation of leaders?

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  1. Wendy Polisi says

    The youth needs us more than ever. All too often I see folks giving up on them.

  2. Education is so important for the future. I find too many give up early so it’s nice to see programs out there to help the future generation.

  3. Your tips investing in the new generation of leaders are so good, teachers are so important in our society as they deal with kids and youths’ emotions yet many don’t value them.

  4. We need to invest in our young ones, now, more than ever. I hope an organization like hundrED will inspire kids to flourish.

  5. HundrED sounds like such an amazing organization! Our kids deserve so much better in the education system than what they get.

  6. That is fantastic! The world around us is changing so fast, but it seems like our education system and methods never do. I love what they’re doing to change that.

  7. I love that this initiative is not only valuable for young students, but also promotes mullticultural differences. We need more worthwhile programs like this. Education is very important.

  8. YES!!! This is an amazing initiative! And so so so very necessary! Let’s get our kids EXCITED to learn!

  9. I think the ways we can invest in the youth of the future is to share knowledge with them, spend time with them, and teach them to learn from our mistakes and to leave a place better than they found it. I have two teenagers, and I know many parents begin to take a hands-off approach when kids get to a certain age, but I’m not convinced that the hands-off approach is right. I believe that while kids are navigating middle school and high school, they need competent trustworthy adults more than ever to let them know that they are okay. To show them that they are not the only ones and that mistakes happen, but the lessons and growth from mistakes are what they should focus on. I think this Global initiative is incredible. I believe that we should be raising world citizens that respect others and can be kind in a world full of cruelty.

  10. As the mother of three, this makes my heart happy. I can only hope that my girls have similar programs.

  11. Such amazing programs!! They have my full suport!

  12. HundrED seems like a good global organization. I hope to hear more about them! It’s a great initiative.

  13. This sounds like an amazing initiative. I think it’s a great goal to get our kids excited to learn!

  14. It is a great idea invest in the next generation and build their skills as future leaders. HundrED looks like a great organization for this program.

  15. Subhashish Roy says

    I have always held teachers in very high esteem as they are the ones who shape the future of generations in every country. You are in such a noble field. Good to learn about the initiatives in the field of education.

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