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Young Athletes

    The definition of good sportsmanship is when athletes exhibit respect for their opponents, conduct themselves graciously when they are winning or losing the game, and being fair during sports games. Unfortunately, sometimes parents get a little too competitive during athletic events and they don’t always model good sportsmanship from the bleachers.

    As a Basketball Mom, I have experienced frustration when my son’s team has been down by a lot of points, made technical errors during an important game, or even lost a tough game by only one or two points. It’s not easy to watch the disappointment on my son’s face when his team loses or when they get a bad call from the referees since I know how hard both he and his teammates work all year long.

Young Athletes

    However, since we are the parents and the responsible adults, our children look up to us to be their role models when it comes to handling their emotions around losing with honor or conducting themselves responsibly as young athletes. Here are some tips for not getting caught up in the game in a negative way and always setting a good example for your children who play in organized sports teams:

  • Remember that it’s a game and focus on making sure that your children are enjoying themselves while out on the field.
  • Don’t force your children to play sports that you used to play as a kid or that you love. Let them choose the sports that make them happy.
  • YOU ARE NOT THE COACH! Coaches are trained to lead teams so step back and let them do their job!
  • It’s okay to cheer your child and their team on but never use profanity or shout obscenities during a game no matter how frustrated you feel at the game’s outcome.
  • Winning isn’t everything! While it’s important to win games, it’s not everything and it’s okay to lose sometimes.

Young Athletes

    Sometimes, the stress of making travel plans for their child’s traveling team sports tournaments can can cause parents to loose their cool during challenging games. There is a lot involved in mapping out what hotel the players are going to stay in, as well as planning their meals and activities while they are out of town. That is why Hotels4Teams is such a wonderful resource for both coaches and parents alike. It is absolutely FREE to get hotel rates and negotiate hotel contracts for traveling teams on their website so that everyone can focus on the game and model good sportsmanship for their young athletes at every tournament.

Let’s Discuss: What do you think it means to have good sportsmanship?

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  1. Good sportsmanship really means not overreacting to your emotions. I see so many parents get carried away – it’s only a game!

  2. Gingermommy says

    We have been involved in youth sports for years. Seen it all. These are great tips and this sounds like a great place for teams.

  3. An important reminder to everybody! Sometimes if we are really desperate to win the game we forget about this but this is really true!

  4. My son plays a ton of sports and teaching him not only the skills but good sportsmanship is super important. This is such a initiative, I love it!

  5. I’ve attended games where things have gotten way out of hand too quick. It’s insane to see so many people get so worked up over small-town basketball! Sportsmanship is something I wish every sport player had.

  6. The lesson of good sportsmanship, showing respect for your opponents, is something worthy of applying in other arenas of life, not just on the field.

  7. Having good sportsmanship is so important! While winning is good, we need to really teach our children how to be good sports no matter what!

  8. These are some great tips – I can imagine sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up in all the emotion going on around you.

  9. Glad that you highlighted the most important points from this journey for young athletes, such as how to react to your emotion when losing. That is also another learning process in sportmanship.

  10. Love this idea. Especially as a kid who played sports. It was always so embarrassing when a parent showed bad sportsmanship. And as a spectator it can get very uncomfortable.

  11. Emma Riley says

    This is such a good article and very inspiring too. It is good to have sportsmanship always in any given sports.

  12. I hope a lot of parents that have children in sports teams knows about Hotels4Teams! Having good sportsmanship means having respect for the game and everyone’s contributions.

  13. I have definitely seen the parents at the games acting like total children, calling the ref names. Embarrassing for everyone around. Some really good points, we lead by example as parents.

  14. As an athlete and a coach myself, it’s so important to make sure kids grow up being graceful winners and losers. I think sportsmanship is one of the most important components and life skills you can teach a child.

  15. Still Orphans says

    This is a good reminder to keep your cool and remember what’s important. Sports have the ability to cultivate amazing character traits, but it can be hard at times to allow those lessons to be learned.

  16. This is such a wonderful reminder for every parents! It’s totally understandable that parents would feel disappointed around losing of their children’s team. But having a good sportsmanship would set a good example for the kids, to have the right attitude not just in sports but hopefully also in life in general.

  17. This is such a wonderful post. I think great sportsmanship in a team is always the best quality, I’ve been to a track meet for one of my step-daughters and everyone there was so polite. This is such a wonderful post.

  18. Very, very good and nice post. It sure will be helpful to many. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow this is such a good sponsorship, I hope we have something like that here too. Motivates more athletes as well.

  20. Great post, thanks for sharing. Both of my kids played in competitive sports and it was hard to watch them lose sometimes after working so hard, but honestly I feel like losing makes them better and more gracious winners. They need to learn both sides of it.

  21. I like it when kids are mentored the right way. Sports, they not only teach them how to be strong on the field but it teaches them discipline, right attitude like good sportsmanship and of course good camaraderie.

  22. In this age of competitive spirit, sportsmanship is very essential and whether it is on field or of the field. We also try to ensure to tell my Daughter the same….thanks for the that participation is very vital losing and wining is all a part of the game..!

  23. Kristen Greazel says

    This is such a great post! I must say, I do not get parents who get so bent out of shape at a child’s sporting event. I think that teamwork and exercise are the important lessons to take out of it.

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