Find Quality Time For Yourself This Mother’s Day! @Entenmanns #Giveaway #Ad

Mother's Day

    If  you’re always rushing to make sure your kids are ready in time for school or traveling between basketball games and drama rehearsals, having an on-the-go breakfast or snack option like Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Strawberry Yogurt Muffins is always a “berry” good idea. They are baked soft and moist using REAL STRAWBERRIES! The best part is that they are also a good source of Calcium and Vitamin D, too!

Mother's Day

    Let’s face it: as a Mom, you’re always on-the-go—from maintaining your family’s schedules to crossing off a list of never-ending errands. Finding quality time for yourself is not exactly easy, so to thank all moms for all that they do, Entenmann’s® Little Bites® is treating five lucky winners to a $100 spa gift card with its Mother’s Day Spa Giveaway.

Mother's Day

    I mean, let’s be totally honest, how often do we moms actually take some time out to pamper ourselves a little bit? I’m sure most of you are in the same boat that I am in and you prioritize your children and your family before thinking about enjoying some “me” time. So, for all you do for everyone else, Little Bites® muffins has a treat for YOU!

    They often speak with many, many moms. Most tell them how lucky they are to be moms. They want to tell you how much they appreciate you! Finally, this Mother’s Day, it is time to put yourself first for a change. No ifs, ands, or buts, you totally deserve it!

Let’s Discuss: What are some of the ways that you make time for yourself throughout the year and on Mother’s Day?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Mother’s Day Entenmann’s Prize Pack containing a $25 digital VISA Gift Card and (3) coupons for $5.00 off the purchase of any Entenmann’s® Little Bites®.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Esther Carrillo says

    I lock myself in my room and watch a 30-minute sitcom.

  2. Patricia says

    For me it’s exercise. Especially kickboxing. It is my favorite and relieves my stress.

  3. I always plan ahead and set time aside for myself for self care. Especially when it’s a busy time. I think that flexibility helps.

  4. Lisa Brown says

    I make time for myself by taking advantage of when the kids are in school or outdoors and grab a good book and read as much as I can, just enjoy the solitude.

  5. Jenny Ham says

    I just go to my room and shut the door for a small break.

  6. I make time by going to a movie once a week with a friend of mine. Certainly thankful that movie pass exists.

  7. Shawn A says

    I really like to take time each day to exercise. I really enjoy going for a walk or putting in a video and exercising at home. I sometimes just do not feel like doing it, but I always feel so much better after I have.

  8. Wanda McHenry says

    One thing I do almost all year round is gardening. It’s relaxing and gives me a time to reflect on the nicer things in life.

  9. Now that my kids are older, it’s easier for me to make time for myself. I enjoy sitting on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee. Thank you!

  10. Janet W. says

    I make time for myself by making sure I go to a quiet space in the house and read books, and using those times when my grandsons are at school to run errands and go shopping.

  11. Kelly D says

    I make time for myself by going on nature walks, reading and watching my favorite TV shows.

  12. I grew up eating Entenmann’s chocolate donuts and my parents liked their coffee cake. I haven’t had them in years.

  13. elizabeth miller says

    I make time for myself by escaping to a nice. long, warm bath locked in my bathroom at least once a week. I also take time to myself by walking.

  14. shelly peterson says

    I enjoy quiet time during the day why my son is at school. I go for friend lunch dates.

  15. Laurajj says

    One way I do, is I taking the dogs for a walk! I love to go at night…so peaceful and relaxing!

  16. mami2jcn says

    I make time for myself by getting up earlier than everyone else. I enjoy the solitude of the early morning.

  17. Dana Rodriguez says

    I like to take a relaxing bath. Doing a little online shopping is nice too.

  18. Ellie Wright says

    After the kids are in bed I take a long hot bath and read a good book.

  19. Having snacks that you can grab on the go is essential! I don’t have kids but I try to babysit one in a while for my friends who do so that they can have time to themselves.

  20. James Robert says

    Well, I am dad, not a mom but find time after work to relax watching some TV when it gets quiet around the house.

  21. Alena Svetelska says

    I read book in my garden to take little break.

  22. kelly tupick says

    I like to take time for myself and go out on the atv! I know, it may sound crazy but i find it relaxing and just being alone out there on the trails is just awesome to me. I’ll pack a lunch and just go out for the day and take in all the sights.

  23. Neely Moldovan says

    Oh these sound like a great snack! Finding quality time for myself is key!

  24. I like working in the garden and cooking new dishes

  25. Melissa Storms says

    I try to make time for a regular at home spa day. I feel refreshed and ready to handle whatever comes afterwards.

  26. I try to schedule a Mom’s Night out at least every other month! It’s a time to relax without the pressures of mom duty!

  27. My kids love Little Bites. I enjoy getting pedicures or going to lunch with a friend.

  28. Jessica To says

    I make time for myself by getting a good book to read before bed. I try to get up before my son but that doesn’t always happen!

  29. Almost every night I take a hot shower and just let the water hit my back for a good 5 minutes. It may not seem long but it is. I slather lotion all over and put on some comfy pjs. That’s my “ME” time every night.

  30. Maryann D. says

    I like to make time for myself, by having quiet time to read or have my cup of tea. I also like to take quiet walks when the weather is nice or go shopping.

  31. Mary Cloud says

    I try to make time for myself when the kids are gone to school to do something I love.

  32. Cheryl B says

    I make time for myself each day. I will either take a walk after work, or read for an hour before bedtime.

  33. I take a long bath and read a good book.

  34. Susan Smith says

    I enjoy taking spending time at our local zoo. It’s great exercise and I love looking at the animals.

  35. Natalie says

    I make time to exercise every single day by waking up earlier and exercising before work. I feel better the rest of the day.

  36. I’m not a mom but my sister is a new-ish mom and I’ve seen how her whole lifestyle did a 360 degree turn! I plan to kidnap her for a day for some quality me time 🙂

  37. I try to make time for myself throughout the year by setting aside time to exercise on a daily basis.

  38. Make time for myself? I try to do that…but it’s so hard. Every once in a while I get the chance to go have a pedicure 🙂 I guess that’s about it!

  39. I make time for massages and try to take mental breaks during the day. I also workout to release tension.

  40. Reading and just sitting out on the deck are super calming.

  41. Amanda Rauch says

    I do not do a lot for myself although I do get a lot of alone time. My son is now in college and living on his own. My ultimate me time would be getting to visit him more often than twice a year.

  42. Marie Altenor says

    First time mom. Eating is always a rushing thing, either I have to stuff my face really fast or eat my food cold ( too tired or annoyed to microwave) or share my food. I make time to have at least one non rushed hot meal a week.

  43. I take time out to go shopping with my granddaughter and take my family out to dinner. I also take time out of my day on the weekends to call my friends to catch up.

  44. Andrea v says

    I go for walks, sit on my deck in the evenings it is so nice a quite. I get up at 0400 to work out before the kids get up.

  45. I enjoy exercising by myself.

  46. Vicki Wurgler says

    I enjoy riding my bike. we have wonderful bike trails by the river. I see deer and bald eagles-I like the quiet time.

  47. I like to take hot bubble bath and read a book.

  48. Jillian Too says

    I always find time for myself to read or do yoga. It relaxes and recharges me.

  49. I like to sit on my bed with my kindle and read for a while to relax.

  50. cyndi br says

    I make time for myself with reading it is easy to find some time out of each day.

  51. Chrissy says

    My husband is very good at helping me to make time for myself by trying to give me an afternoon/evening all to myself at least once a month. It’s really refreshing to be able to escape even if that escape is coffee and book at the coffee shop down the road and I really appreciate that he makes that a priority!

  52. I get up earlier to make time for myself, either go jogging or practice yoga.

  53. Seyma Bennett says

    I usually make time for myself when I get my hubby to take our sons to sports practices. I can use that time to give myself a mani, go take a walk with a friend at the park or just take a nap.

  54. Aaron Reck says

    I went out with my Mom and nephews to eat and to the movies. WE have a good time. Thanks so much for asking.

  55. Kelly Grant says

    Send the boys out to do something.

  56. Emily Smith says

    I always get up about 20 minutes before my kids do, so that I can drink a cup of coffee in peace before the chaos begins. I also try to take 30 minutes to myself each day to read, take a bath, or relax in some other way. Raising three boys definitely takes its toll on me. lol

  57. CourtneyLynne says

    I love Little Bites! I haven’t had the strawberry ones yet, but I’m all about the ones that look like funfetti! So yummy.

  58. Dan Dykstra says

    I help my wife around the house with cleaning the floors and with dishes. It frees her up to do other things or just relax.

  59. laura bernard says

    I make time to stay fit!

  60. I make time for myself by getting out and enjoying nature and animals it is such a stress reliever.

  61. Kayla Klontz says

    I like to take my free time once my kids go to bed, I like to relax and read or soak in the tub, it’s always a nice ending to the day!

  62. Denise Higgins says

    I have found is essential to take time for myself, for my sanity. I have a spa day at least once a month, massage, mani/pedi and facial.

  63. I go get a mani-pedi by myself or with a friend and then go for a nice lunch after.

  64. I try to find time to relax. I like to watch TV and play with my cats. Holidays for me, including mothers day, are always busy with work though so never time to relax around the holidays.

  65. I make time for myself during the year by making sure I do things I want to do. I enjoy walking around target and some shows on Netflix. I’ll take a night just for myself and do that. It’s so relaxing and it rejuvenates my soul.

  66. stella methvin says

    This year, Hubs is working and my daughter just had a baby so she is a little sleep deprived. We are getting together with My Mom on wed. So I get a nice relaxing me day today.

  67. I make time to read a book and spend extra time with Jesus!

  68. rhonda miotke says

    I go to bed early and watch tv shows that i enjoy and being able to lay down and stretch out my legs and relax.

  69. This is my first and Me and my husband made a flower bed.

  70. A nice walk through the park with some good music on my headphones.

  71. Jeanine Jones says

    I stay up later than I should to catch up on my shows! I have two boys under 5 so my quiet time is limited lol!

  72. Stephanie Grant says

    I make sure to take time for myself for a nightly bubble bath and at least once a week I treat myself to a home facial, manicure and pedicure.

  73. Trisha Musgrave says

    I honestly try and take a little time to myself everyday. After the kids are in bed at night I sit and relax and do what I enjoy.

  74. Stephanie Shipley says

    I make time for myself by giving myself an at-home spa experience every month. I soak my feet in Epsom salts in the foot spa while I wear a face mask.

  75. Donna porter says

    I make time for myself by taking a long hot bath. Also every few weeks I get a manicure and pedicure.

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