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*This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with AT&T and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions are 100% my own.

    It’s that time of the year again where everyone is scrambling to start the new year off on the right note by creating a list of resolutions for 2018. To be completely honest, I have never really made any resolutions but I have always seen the importance of setting goals and looking ahead to maximize on how I can make positive contributions to my community.

    As an educator who teaches in the South Bronx, I have many opportunities to see how poverty and lack of access to technology can have a negative impact on our Hispanic community. Let’s face it, just about everything nowadays either needs to filled out online or you need to have an email address and the Internet to progress in our society.

    AT&T recently conducted a study to analyze how technology can be used as a resource to better the lives of individuals, allow people to connect with loved ones, and generally improve their daily lives. The results were eye-opening, to say the least:

Of Spanish Dominant/Bilingual Latinos…

  • 77% say technology plays a big role in keeping socially and culturally connected
  • 67% say technology enables them to stay connected to their Hispanic identity
  • 58% Feel more empowered through technology
  • 68% believe technology is key to the empowerment of the Latino community in the U.S.

    I’m so excited that AT&T is fueling a conversation about how people can use technology and mobility for the greater good! Being on the front lines of the community as a teacher, I am hopeful about the impact that making these valuable resources available to Latino students and their families will ensure improved socioeconomic outcomes for them.

    My resolution for 2018 is to keep incorporating technology into my lesson plans so that my Latino students will have the chance to compete in an educational and professional market that requires technological knowledge for advancement. I will provide opportunities for students to use the Internet to research the colleges that they want to attend and to send out their college letters and applications to prospective universities. 

    Help me in supporting more Latino students graduate from high school and attend institutions of higher learning by making sure that students have access to technology whenever possible. Todo es posible! Anything is possible!

Let’s Discuss: What are some of the ways that the young people in your life have access to technology when completing schoolwork?

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  1. When my oldest went into the middle school 2 years ago I was SHOCKED that everything was digital. I knew they used computers more, but literally everything is done online.

  2. That’s such a lovely goal for your students. I think it’s important that we incorporate technology since it will help them so much in life especially as a professional.

  3. I wish I’d had access to the Internet when I was younger. Wow, I can only imagine how much easier that would have made homework and projects.

  4. Everything in class rooms seems to be going tech. I’m so pleased that you’re going the extra mile for your students! Every child should have the same advantage as everyone else!

  5. There is no way around it technology and the Internet are the way of the world today. It is great you are going to help and encourage your students to engage and be fluent in this new language.

  6. The world we live in today is definitely a tech world. I had no idea how much it was used in school until my son started school. I think it’s great the goal that you have made for your students. Everyone deserves an equal shot.

  7. This is incredible to read! I love that you are genuinely considering your students’ futures in planning lessons/ideas like this one. They will absolutely thank you for it!

  8. It’s very important to incorporate as much technology into the curriculum as possible so kids will be prepared.

  9. Shandy Kaye says

    Without the Internet, you need to go to the library and walk around looking for books. In today’s world, you can just go home and get into the Internet and type in your search term.

  10. That’s a great goal for 2018, your students are lucky to have you. My son is only 5 and at a private pre-K4, and they have computer lessons every day where they do things like learn how to find information on an iPad. I didn’t even have a computer in our house until I was 15!

  11. Our neighborhood funds the local coffee shop’s internet. That way all kids can come to the shop to work. We have free drinks available, too.

  12. I love your goal for your students! I think it is so helpful and important to be able to use technology. It is sad how some people resist it.

  13. Our school system has been digital for going on 5 years. Everything is done via Chromombooks that they supply the students with. Son truly hates it.

  14. kimberly lewis says

    It’s so important to have the technology in the school’s curriculum. It’s real life.

  15. Reesa Lewandowski says

    My kid’s elementary school is slowly changing to digital almost everything. It’s crazy how much has changed. I appreciate seeing your perspective as an educator.

  16. All of my daughter’s school work in the high school is online. I am not even sure how many textbooks she actually has a physical copy of.

  17. ashley hargrove says

    This is amazing. It’s heartwarming to see how much you care about your students and their future development. I think every school needs to incorporate technology in day to day learning as that is where the world is heading more and more each day!

  18. I keep hearing from friends with school age kids about everything being digital now a days. I can’t even imagine not having a textbook to carry back and forth. Amazing how much has changed over the years.

  19. My kids can use anything in the house to complete homework. My oldest uses his computer and my laptop often. My younger kids havent really had to get into it yet, but technology is a great tool for school!

  20. This is such a great goal. I love to see teachers who love and care for their students progress. I think its so important for technology to be in schools.

  21. My kids use iPads in their school and when they get to middle school it is a paperless school so everything is done on the iPads…they don’t even have books there and no lockers since they don’t carry books! Things are so different than when I was in school. 🙂

  22. I love that you’re making a conscious effort to include technology in your lessons for your students. We have the overhead and they do take some tests online in the computer lab, but for the most part our school budget is too strapped to have much else. My students are in large part, not able to have technology at home either. It is a disadvantage, all things considered, but they’re making due as best they can. Having more technology in schools would definitely help.

  23. I’m glad that my generation wasn’t so dependent on technology when going to school. I was a shocker when my son started school, because many things have to be done digitally.

  24. Krystle Cook says

    This is such an incredible thing. Technology is the way of the future and all kids deserve to have access to it as much as they can.

  25. So much is done online and it’s so important that we make sure our children are well equipped to handle this. It’s so discouraging to hear how many children don’t have the adequate supplies to have a fair chance at success.

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