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Healthy Habits

    It’s fitting that I should be writing this post as I currently battle pink eye in, not one, but both of my eyes! Getting sick during back to school season is one of the things that affects teachers and students alike. It’s something that occurs but it can be prevented with a few precautions.

    Back to school supply shopping is a must-have for students, school administrators, parents and teachers know that Lysol® products are a must when it comes to keeping students healthy! Although it’s difficult to prevent exposure to all germs within a school setting, Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Healthy Habits

    I am keeping illness-prevention on all of our minds this Back to School season and reminding parents to donate disinfecting products to help create a healthier classroom. This is possible with Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol® Disinfectant Spray. Helping to stop the spread of germs in the classroom not only helps reduce a child’s absenteeism but can also be incorporated in teaching students healthy habits that combat illness.

    One of the ways that I try to keep my classroom germ free, and teach my students healthy habits, is by wiping down all my students’ desks at the beginning and the end of the day. Also, since I am not the only teacher who teaches in my classroom, I wipe my desk down on a daily basis with Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes. This is a great way to make sure that I limit all of our exposure to germs that could make us sick.

Healthy Habits

    Lastly, I make sure that I wipe down all surfaces that come in contact with hands and mouths including doorknobs and the receiver of my classroom phone. These are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes also remove more than 95% of allergens, including pet dander, dust mites, and pollen.

    If you haven’t contributed some Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes to your child’s classroom yet, I would make that a priority. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you teach your kids healthy habits to prevent the spread of germs?


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  1. I sent in Lysol Wipes with my youngest son on the first day of school. The teacher will probably ask for more when she runs out – which I am sure will be soon!

  2. Lysol is a must-have for my household as well, especially during this time of year! It definitely helps keep the germs at bay.

  3. These Lysol wipes are amazing for in school and home! Always have them in stock for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Great way to kill those germs!

  4. We sent in several with the kids for school this year! I have already had kids home sick this year it is amazing how many germs they bring home from school.

  5. I give you credit for trying to keep your and your students’ work space germ free. I guess sometimes you catch things. I will try these Lysol wipes.

  6. Catherine Sargent says

    Lysol wipes is a must have to keep around the house. I always stock up on them before school starts.

  7. So sorry about the pink eye…ouch! Germs are so prevalent in schools and these products sound like a good way to get rid of them.

  8. Tiffany Collins says

    I love using the Lysol wipes. Sadly they are banned in our school board so we cant use them, but I still enjoy them at home. I love they offer different scents!

  9. I always keep Lysol on hand to kill germs around my house. We homeschool but I still worry about killing nasty viruses and bacteria!

  10. We use disinfectant wipes in our homeschool setting. We do not like those germs taking over.

  11. Wiping down the desks and other surfaces every day is a smart idea. Kids spread so many germs so it’s important to try and do your best to keep the cold and flu and pink eye viruses at bay.

  12. Lysol wipes are so great! I do love the scents as well.

  13. It is so important to teach students healthy habits as though habits will be with them for the rest of their lives. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. Journa Ramirez says

    A must have in my daughters’ hygiene kit. Lysol is one of my fave products – effective, safe, and trusted by many people!

  15. Our teachers always request lysol wipes as part of the school supplies needed for the year, and I totally get why, there can be so many germs in classrooms.

  16. I love this! I really make sure that the kids know how to keep things clean especially when I’m not with them, like in school. Lysol definitely makes it easier for teachers and moms to teach kids how to disinfect and how to have good hygiene as well.

  17. I’ve always taught them to wash their hands, and to keep their hands away from (and out of) their mouths.

  18. The start of the school year is the worst for illnesses and I hope you pink eye gets better soon! I totally agree that stopping the spread of germs is important!!

  19. For sure hand washing. Hygiene in general keeps my kids and I healthy.

  20. I have been using Lysol before, and I had been a loyal user. But in my place now, I could not find it in the local stores. I always love to use it, and hope I could finally find one.

  21. elizabeth miller says

    We always wipe down all light switches, remotes, door handles, and faucet handles at least weekly with lysol wipes. Kids are also told to wash their hands a lot.

  22. I have taught my children from a young age to wash their hands with soap before eating. Also to use tissues and try to stay away from others who are sick.

  23. Melissa Storms says

    Handwashing always and Lysol wipes. Liberal use of Lysol spray when there is illness.

  24. It is definitely important for us to teach our kids (who are also students) about the importance of having healthy habits. I love it when teachers help to reinforce the importance of healthy habits as well.

  25. I use wipes all the time in our house. I try to keep the germs away. You are reminding me to be more vigilant as it is getting closer to winter.

  26. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I always taught my kids to wash there hands after the restroom before dinner. I love Lysol wipes have them in both bathrooms and kitchen and garage.

  27. Washing the hands the moment they come into the house, and before they eat are the two rules that I am very strict about. They need to learn early about these basic things that can save them from so many illnesses.

  28. I love this! It’s hard enough to get my kids onboard with good habits at home – it’s nice to hear teachers are working on it too!

  29. Lysol wipes are always a staple in our house, especially during the Winter months. I love gifting these to teachers during the school year.

  30. Ahhhhhhh two weeks into school and my daughter has already brought home cold germs -_- Lysol is a must!!! Lol

  31. We’ve taught them to wash their hands when coming inside from playing outside, before eating, and after going to the bathroom. We also don’t wear shoes inside so that we don’t track in dirt, mud, grass, and germs to live in the carpet.

  32. We wash our hands often and always use hand sanitizer too 🙂

  33. I really like these wipes and use them both at work and at school. Can’t be without them.

  34. Shannon Baas says

    We wash our hands frequently. We also use wipes on surfaces.

  35. Charlotte Winters says

    We wash our hands a lot to keep germs at bay. We also use Lysol wipes.

  36. Learning good hand washing techniques is so important when kids are young. Also don’t put fingers in your mouth.

  37. Sandy Klocinski says

    Teach them to cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around them from getting sick. (Most experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk.)

  38. We wash our hands and faces, wipe surfaces often and wash sheets and towels often.

  39. Julie Bickham says

    I teach them to wash wash wash their hands! Also when they are sick to cough into their elbow and use tissues when sneezing.

  40. Cathy Truman says

    We wash our hands all the time and we just Lysol wipes around the house. We keep Lysol wipes in the car and I sent them to school for the teachers to use.

  41. I teach my kids healthy habits by constantly enforcing how important it is to wash our hands, and keep our hands away form our eyes, nose and mouth. I also try to make sure they have healthy habits like drinking lots of water and eating their fruits and veggies.

  42. Ashley Turicik says

    I stock up on hand sanitizer and hand soap. My kids have the backpack hand sanitizer and large hand sanitizer in the classroom.

  43. Debbi Wellenstein says

    We are constantly washing our hands to stay healthy. Wipes were a great invention! We use them to easily and quickly wipe down everything!

  44. Jammie Morey says

    Washing hands regularly special after making contact with others.

  45. We wash our hands, use hand sanitizer and use wipes to clean up after we do anything.

  46. We practice washing hands frequently, covering mouth before coughing. We also take vitamins and eat healthy foods like fruits and veggies.

  47. From an early age, I taught them all the basic hygiene tips: lots of handwashing, covering up coughs & sneezes, using disinfectant to wash off doorhandles, etc. Never double dipping and/or sharing food (or cosmetics for the teen girl!). Also…eating healthy and trying to avoid being around other sick friends.

  48. Sneeze in their elbows and wash their hands with soap and water.

  49. I encourage my son to wash his hands as soon as he gets home from school every day. I love to use the Lysol wipes on everything too.

  50. beth shepherd says

    I encourage all the kids to wash their hands all the time. It is important. Thank you.

  51. Dana Rodriguez says

    Lysol is a must at my house. I also am a firm believer in washing your hands often.

  52. I make my kids wash their hands MANY times each day.

  53. susan smoaks says

    We practice what we preach so we lead by example and with gentle reminders.

  54. Anne Higgins says

    Wash the hands often, cough into your elbow and wipe your face with the back of your hands.

  55. Julie Lundstrom says

    I teach my kids to cover their mouth when sneezing and coughing. I also teach them to wash their hands often to help prevent spreading germs.

  56. Fredrick Pauly says

    When they sneeze, sneeze into their sleeve and not their hand and wash hands frequently.

  57. I teach my kids to wash their hands often. They also know to cough into their elbow. We like to carry hand sanitizer wherever we go and that’s about it. For everything else, Lysol.

  58. vera wilson says

    Keeps a few of the wipes in a zip bag in book bag. Wash hands often. Use Kleenex when sneezing.

  59. Wash their hands.

  60. I stress hand washing and not sharing cups.

  61. Brandy Schwartz says

    I show them that washing their hands will not kill them. We also sneeze or cough into our elbows and throw away kleenex after they are used (don’t just leave them lying around).

  62. Washing one’s hands after a visit to the washroom, and sneezing into one’s elbow and, then again, washing one’s hands after this action are two necessities.

  63. Obviously washing their hands is a must. Coughing/sneezing while covering their mouth – preferably with a tissue or their elbow.

  64. Kathy Pease says

    I always had my kids wash their hands and face frequently . We also always were stocked up on hand sanitizer.

  65. Washing hands frequently, covering your cough and using cleansing wipes.

  66. Dee Hadley says

    The easiest way is to wash your hands several times a day. Always cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Use sanitizer when you are not by soap and water.

  67. Rhonda Fuller says

    We wash our hands and cover mouths when we cough.

  68. Jennifer H. says

    We always make sure to wash our hands if they get dirty.

  69. To always clean up and clean hands after eating.

  70. Laurie Emerson says

    I make sure that they wash their hands often. I also make sure that they have mini tissue packets with them at all times.

  71. rick vollmer says

    Use them all the time.

  72. Stephanie Liske says

    I make sure they brush their teeth and wash their face every morning and every night.

  73. amanda whitley says

    I teach my kids to wash their hands regularly and we keep sanitizer handy.

  74. I teach them to wash their hands and try not to touch too many dirty things.

  75. Eileen Boyce says

    Washing hands, covering cough and being clean.

  76. Samantha Martin says

    Yes, I teach them to cough in their elbow. Always wash after playing with animals. and the restroom and always brush their teeth before and after bed. We always practice good hygiene.

  77. I always tell them to sneeze into their elbow and wash their hands after blowing their nose.

  78. Cynthia Schmied says

    I teach my kids to open doors with their elbows when possible. I tell them to not touch elevator buttons with their index finger but the knuckle of their middle finger.

  79. Penny Snyder says

    I encourage kids to wash their hands multiple times a day with antibacterial soap!!

  80. Julie Waldron says

    I use these all the time! We stress hand washing, I also use hand sanitizer or handi wipes when we go out to eat and leave the store.

  81. Mary Gardner says

    The two biggest habits I try to instill are to cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow and lots and lots of hand washing.

  82. Some of the ways that I teach my kids healthy habits to prevent the spread of germs is to model good behavior and to keep great antibacterial products convenient to use. Washing hands often and using disinfectant wipes on surfaces touched often are big helps.

  83. Kayla Klontz says

    I teach my kids to constantly wash their hands! We use Lysol to sanitize everything with and I teach my children to clean up after themselves.

  84. Leah Shumack says

    These are on our school supply lists every year. We are always reminding about washing our hands and when the little ones are sick we go over how to cough/sneeze to prevent the spread of germs!

  85. Anita Jude says

    Use lysol wipes and wash hands often.

  86. Dynal Roberson says

    I make sure to wipe down the counters and table after every use and my kids help me. This way everything is clean and they are learning how to stop the spread of germs.

  87. I have always been obsessed with keeping germs at bay and express the hand washing with soap to my children. When soap and warm water are not available we use hand sanitizer. I also spray all their new toys with Lysol after cleaning them with soap and water.

  88. Julie Terry says

    We keep Lysol wipes on hand at all times, having a 2 year old and a 12 year old , we are always using them to clean surfaces. I teach my girls to wash their hands often, to cough into their elbows, use tissues, and to not share cups, utensils or other items.

  89. Hesper Fry says

    I teach my kids to wash their hands frequently. I also have them use hand sanitizer too.

  90. Stephanie Grant says

    I make sure to teach my littles to make sure to wash their hands frequently and especially after using the restroom. I also being a nurse I make sure to teach them to cover their coughs and sneezes.

  91. Kelsey vinson says

    We wash our hands often.

  92. Buddy Garrett says

    We always stress the importance of hand washing and keeping hands away from eyes. We teach the importance of using tissues when they have a cold and to cover their mouths when coughing.

  93. We wash our hands all the time. I have him pump the soap into his hands and rub the front and back together until it lathers. Then he knows to rinse it off and dry his hands off. He just turned four and he thinks he’s good but i keep reminding him to wash off the “germies” on his skin.

  94. Tabbymiller7 says

    We wash throughout the day and keep germs away.

  95. Shea Balentine says

    We always make sure to remind the kids to wash their hands and I always keep hand sanitizer in my purse for when soap and water isn’t readily available.

  96. Jerry Marquardt says

    I try to keep it clean and disinfected by being prepared in the first place.

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