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Oreo O's

    I can hardly contain my excitement about new OREO O’s® CEREAL! First of all, we have been fans of the cookies since as far back as I can remember and, to think that we could now enjoy them in the form of a delicious breakfast cereal that tastes so good is a dream come true!

    These chocolatey, crunchy O’s will give you that nostalgic taste that you love from your childhood of rich creme coating and leave your bowl full of cookie flavored milk that will have you drinking every last drop. We love this tasty cereal because it can be enjoyed in so many ways.

Oreo O's

    So far my boys have enjoyed it as a back to school snack, they have shared it with their friends in the car during road trips, and they beg for it for breakfast and I don’t even have to twist their arm to eat it in the morning before school. I think many of their classmates have started requesting that their parents pick it up while grocery shopping because I’ve seen it in the carts of other moms I know while shopping for our family.

    The best part is that I can find this yummy cereal right on the shelves of my favorite Shop-Rite store. Actually, I should probably give them some credit for having the foresight to stock this cereal in the first place! They really make it so easy to get my hands on it since it’s something my whole family loves to eat.

Oreo O's

    I can’t imagine that you’re not just be bursting at the seams right now to try this delectable cereal so you can CLICK HERE to find the Shop-Rite store near you to purchase NEW OREO O’s cereal!

Let’s Discuss: What do you think you will love the most about NEW OREO O’s cereal?

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  1. OREO O’s® CEREAL sounds so wonderful to try. I would enjoy this with my soy milk and my son will be thrilled when I buy it!

  2. My kids love Oreo’s!

  3. Neely Moldovan says

    Finally cookies for breakfast is a thing! seriously though I need these in my life!

  4. These look like such a treat! My son has seen these, and I’ve held off on buying the Oreo O’s, but I may have to pick up a box this weekend.

  5. My kids eyes lit up when they saw that I brought home this cereal! So good!

  6. Ooh, I love Oreo cookies, so I know I would totally enjoy this Oreo O’s cereal! I am going to have to pick some up on my next grocery shopping trip.

  7. OREO is one of my favorite cookies! I must pick up a box of this cereal to try the next time I am grocery shopping. Yum!

  8. Omg how did I not know about this cereal!!! I’m definitely putting this on my grocery list. Must try!

  9. I’ve seen it but haven’t tried it yet. We definitely will be purchasing it at some point though!

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Into my grocery list you go! As much as we love Oreos in this house, to have them in cereal form would be awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. This is definitely good news! Who doesn’t love Oreos and the best part is that you can have it for breakfast! This is something that I’d get for myself! As a treat!

  12. I must admit, these are my go to snacks when watching TV, or enjoying late night blog posts when I can’t sleep.

  13. My family would love this cereal. I wish we had all these yummy cereal options in Canada.

  14. Love Oreos! Having these for a breakfast cereal sounds delicious! My kids would definitely be a big fan of these!!

  15. I would have loved this as a kid. Who doesn’t love Oreos. If I bought this, I’d probably skip the milk and it right out of the box.

  16. I love oreos! How did I not know about this cereal? Totally going to pick this up next.

  17. I’m totally obsessed with Oreos, so totally need to give this cereal a go! Very intrigued to how it will taste.

  18. WHAT?!? This is big news…I’m leaving now to grab a box!! And I’m not sharing with the kids! LOL

  19. Oh man I need this cereal in my life! I love Oreos and I would probably get this and hide it from the kids to eat all of it myself.

  20. I love Oreo cookies! I haven’t seen this cereal at our stores, so I’ll have to look for it, and see if my daughter, with food allergies will be able to have it.

  21. This looks crazy good and I see potential for all kinds of goodness. Rice krispie treats using this cereal. Be still my heart.

  22. I’ve never even heard of this cereal!!! I’m sure my boys would LOVE this!

  23. I bet this is delicious… oreos and cereal, yes, please! I am definitely going to be on the lookout for these the next time I go to the grocery store.

  24. I’ve never seen this cereal. I’m sure it’s a favorite in many households.

  25. I am so happy to see that this cereal is back! My kids are absolutely going to love it.

  26. I can see so many possibilities with this cereal for making treats. I am going to have to pick up a box or two!

  27. They look awesome. I really like oreos and used to eat them milk only sometimes as breakfast haha. Will give these ones a try if I see them in the shops.

  28. We were never allowed to have cereals like this when I was a kid. My parents were both in the dental field. But now that I’m an adult, I can have anything I like and cookies for breakfast sounds amazing.

  29. Oreos in a cereal? Where have you been all my life? These look so delicious. Sometimes you just need a bowl of sweetness in the morning.

  30. Oreos are this family’s favorite treat. This would become the top rated cereal in our household for sure.

  31. Julie Lundstrom says

    We like Oreos here so I want to buy this cereal to try it out.

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