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    As a Working Mom, it’s always a nightmare when I have had to plan for celebrating my sons’ birthdays at school. I end up having nightmares of staying up all night baking enough cupcakes for every student in their classes and wake up in a cold sweat when I realize I miscalculated the amount of cupcakes in my dream. Let’s put it this way, my baking skills are not on par with the beautiful images you see on the Internet from moms who are more talented in the culinary arts. The beautiful cake above was made by one of my fellow basketball moms for my son’s fourteenth birthday…


    When it comes to planning your kids’ birthday parties, the pressure can be overwhelming for parents. Thankfully, I’m not alone, nearly three-quarters (71%) of parents wish there was an easier way to make birthdays feel special for their kids. Wish granted—no candles required. Netflix is granting parents the ultimate birthday gift with the launch of 15 Birthdays On-Demand featurettes. Starring the characters in our kids’ favorite shows—like Beat Bugs, Barbie and Pokemon—our kids will feel like they’re singing just for them. And with the world’s most common birthday on September 16th, Netflix is giving parents the ultimate birthday hack when they need it most.

    This means that I will never spend another sleepless night again worrying about making sure that my kids’ birthday celebrations are a success. Netflix has got me covered and I’m planning on calling my sister tonight to let her know that she is off the hook too since she is a Working Mom just like I am. A recent survey shows that parents average spending a total of 10 hours and $200 trying to plan the perfect birthday for their kids. With characters like Spyro and the gang from Skylanders Academy or Barbie and Friends, Netflix members now have access to birthday wishes from the who’s who of Netflix and a way to make parties super special with less time and money spent!


Let’s Discuss:  Do you feel the pressure to make your child’s birthday as close to perfect as possible?

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  1. The launch of 15 Birthdays On-Demand featurettes sounds fun! I do not strive to make birthdays perfect, just a little extra something special.

  2. That basketball cake is so cute! I recently learned about Netflix’s Birthday’s On Demand…sounds like a great tool to help make a birthday even more fun.

  3. It almost seems like a competition to see who can have the best party for a kids’ birthday. I think the old fashioned home party with cake or pizza is perfect.

  4. I don’t feel any pressure for birthday parties because my trio rarely has one. I admit this year we hosted one for the boys, as a combined birthday since they are both in August and I was upset that not many people arrived but the boys had fun. This 15 Birthdays on-Demand is a neat idea.

  5. Neely Moldovan says

    What a cool feature! I love Netflix and everything they do is always great! Can’t wait to dive into more of the kids shows!

  6. This is such a fun way to celebrate! We’re super happy with Netflix and it’s great to see them adding special birthday episodes!

  7. What? That is so cool! I didn’t even know that existed! My son will really like that as he gets older. Also, that birthday cake is my dream birthday cake 😉

  8. I can imagine kids birthdays are very stressful! I just think the themes are so much fun! But a Netflix birthday looks so Hip and fun too!

  9. What a fun idea! I see how much work goes into these parties and you are right… there has to be an easier way for these busy parents!

  10. Surprisingly enough I don’t feel that pressure …anymore lol For my son’s 5th birthday I spent way too much money. Since then I’ve been very practical. You have too when you have more than one kid. I’m excited to try Birthdays on Demand because $200is not pocket change!

  11. Such a cute cake! We really haven’t had many parties for my kids in a few years! But they normally are very low key! Although when we lived in the states we had huge over the top parties.

  12. I so feel this. I am halfway through birthday party planning for my son’s 2nd birthday in December. Its his first birthday in public. The first birthday was a very private affair and we have about 150 people and counting on the guest list. I wish I could just Netflix this whole thing.

  13. I think this is just plain brilliant. My boys both have August birthdays, so I try to make their special days as special as possible.

  14. I don’t have kids so I can’t totally understand, but my friends who have kids stress so much over their kid’s parties. Netflix is a great concept! Super cute cake too! 🙂

  15. That is such a cute feature from Netflix. I think any kid would be so excited. Any parent wants to make their kid’s birthday the best.

  16. I love this!! I love that Netflix has taken so much stress off parents. I’ve got two daughters 18 and 12, and birthday parties have always been stressful.

  17. I feel like birthday parties have gotten completely out of hand. Even something simple and low key isn’t cheap or acceptable.

  18. This seems like a really cool feature. My daughter’s next b-day isn’t until March, but this would be really cool. I like doing parties, but honestly this year we are doing a Theme park instead.

  19. This is really cool. Also, who knew the world had a most common birthday? My son’s is September 15th, so I guess he’s close!

  20. Birthdays shouldn’t be stressful especially when it’s all about celebrating and having so much fun. This is such an awesome way to celebrate your child’s birthday! Kudos to Netflix!

  21. Honestly, yes, kids’ birthday parties have gotten totally out of control. I cannot believe Netflix has come up with this – it sounds too good to be true! Thanks for the heads-up!

  22. I always love when a party actually works for the age of the kids. This is such a delightful idea and so easy to do!

  23. I stumbled across a Lego Ninjago birthday wish the other day while scrolling through with my son! It was short, but really cute. I am sure any of the options that Netflix has available are entertaining for the birthday girl/boy.

  24. This is such a great idea, especially for a kid’s bday party. It can be so hard coming up with a theme or finding a place for your party. With Netflix, you have built in entertainment.

  25. I think it’s so great, I love when it’s my kids’ birthdays. I think it’s fun to be able to sit down and watch some birthday shows, especially my younger ones!

  26. Hahaha I don’t think I ever celebrated my birthday at school. Is this a new thing?

  27. Pressure is building up as my son’s birthday is drawing near. Can’t wait to just let the kids dive in watch some movies after blowing the cake, eat some snacks and play games.

  28. Love the idea of “birthdays on demand.” So cool that Netflix is doing this – will have to check this out. Also, my birthday is September 14th. Had no clue it is so close to the most common birthday! That’s a fun fact.

  29. This is super cool! I don’t have kids of my own but this will be good to know for my niece and nephew’s birthday parties this upcoming year.

  30. What a fun feature that netflix is rolling out! That is such a great way to celebrate a birthday!

  31. Angela says

    This is such a great idea, I had not heard of it before, but will check it out! Also, I LOVE that birthday cake…super cute!!

  32. I have to admit that I’m not sad to be mostly past the formal “kids birthday party” stage in life. I love that basketball cake, by the way!

  33. That’s so great of Netflix! I feel like these days with Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook and whatnot there’s tons of pressure for parents to have the perfect party, and now they can breathe a sigh of relief that at least some of the entertainment is taken care of. Whew.

  34. What a fun cake! My daughter and her classmates are so excited to celebrate birthdays in the classroom!

  35. I didn’t know that Netflix had a Birthday on Demand until now, but that is a pretty cool feature! By the way, I love that cake.

  36. This sounds like so much fun! I’m not a parent myself but know it must be tricky to plan a party. This sounds like a fun alternative!

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