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    This past Spring, I began to plan for my son’s prom night by making a list of all the things that had to be in place in order to make the night perfect for he and his friends.  He had already expressed his desire to have a really cool car to drive all of them to the dance and I knew that I had to come through in order to be the coolest mom at graduation in June.  After careful planning, I was able to secure the Mazda3 Grand Touring as his prom chariot and I knew that he would be thrilled on prom night.


    Believe me, it was no easy feat to not reveal this special surprise because I have a terrible track record when it comes to keeping my mouth shut about surprises.  It’s not that I can’t keep a secret but I just love seeing the look on the faces of my loved ones when I am able to make their dreams come true.  My son had fallen in love with Mazda cars since I reviewed the Mazda6 i Grand Touring in 2016.  I can still recall how his eyes lit up and he told me that he wanted to buy a Mazda for his first car after I drove him around in his first Mazda.


    After keeping this big secret for months, I was able to arrange to have the Mazda3 Grand Touring delivered to our home and parked in our driveway the day of his prom.  As he was getting ready, I couldn’t help but to inwardly chuckle to myself knowing how happy he would be when he stepped outside all dressed up and realized that he was going to his prom in one of the cars of his dreams.  My husband and I would act as chauffeurs for my son and his friends to drive them to the prom in style.


     I had to keep reminding my husband that the car was in our driveway for our son’s prom or else he would have wanted to have me drive him around in it all over town.  As we ushered our son outside, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing parked in our driveway and was rendered speechless.  What he didn’t know as well, is that I had already made arrangement with the parents of his friends to pick them up on our way to the prom.


    The Mazda3 comes as a 4-door compact sedan or a 5-door compact hatchback.  Not only does it drive like a dream, but it is impressively roomy for a sportier car.  Everything was just perfect for my son’s prom night and graduation from eighth grade.  Everyone was so impressed with my son’s ride and, the best part for me as a parent, was that I came through and helped my son realize all of his prom night goals.  Now that should win me some brownie mom points for a while to come!  Thank you, Mazda!


Let’s Discuss:  What special event would you love to surprise your child with by riding in the Mazda3?

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. I received a Mazda3 Grand Touring to test-drive for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are 100% my own based on my experiences with this vehicle. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. robin rue says

    That sounds like such a sweet ride. My dad is a Mazda guy, so he has had at least 4 or 5 different ones over the years.

  2. What a fun surprise! I remember taking my little Civic to my prom because I lived in a town without any car rental services (not much need when there’s only 2000 people).

  3. I bet he had an awesome prom! I am so bad about keeping secrets too, I always want to tell and usually end up blabbing no matter what.

  4. Journa Ramirez says

    Your son is so blessed to have you! Knowing that you even called his friends’ parents made me smile – so supportive! And YES, Mazda is a nice and reliable car.

  5. The Mazda vehicles are awesome and hubby and I enjoyed having the opportunity to test one as well. As my sons have their own vehicles they would probably enjoy a larger SUV for a long weekend drive to the beach.

  6. The Mazda3 Grand Touring looks and sounds like a great vehicle. What a great experience and a great surprise!

  7. That car looks like the perfect car for a great night out or to own for the long term. You are a great mom for delivering and caring so much. I will have to reconsider Mazda for our next car.

  8. What a sharp looking ride. I have my grand kids this week because my daughter and SIL are traveling for work. I’d love to pick them up one day in a Mazda3. I know they’d think it was a special treat.

  9. You must be the coolest mom ever! I’m sure your son flipped when he saw that Mazda3. I’ve been biting my nails hiding a gift for my husband for his birthday tomorrow. It is horrible to wait when you have a surprise. But hopefully he’s really excited when I give it to him!

  10. Wow, what a great way for your son to ride to prom! I bet he thought you were the coolest ever. That was one of those times you should have recorded his reaction. So cool!

  11. Neely Moldovan says

    That car sounds awesome! what a fun surprise. Are you just the coolest mom ever now?

  12. You are the coolest mom ever! I am sure he was super surprised and happy you did that for him!

  13. Uraina Fenlon says

    You’re AMAZING!!! What a wonderful surprise for your son, and what a wonderful opportunity provided by Mazda! I’m sure he had the night of his dreams 🙂

  14. What a sweet thing to do for your son! I’m sure he was very happy to see the car! The car looks wicked cool too, perfect for a teen going to his prom. That was awesome!

  15. I think you seriously won the Mom of the Year Award!! I can’t imagine how excited he must have been and how happy it must have made you to see him happy!

  16. Wow you definitely earned some major mom points with this one! I am still looking for a new car and would love to check this one out!

  17. Oh my gosh what a wonderful mother you are!! This would have been an awesome surprise! I am a proud Mazda 2 owner and actually just got my second one!

  18. Surely, those mom points will go along way! Mazda makes some sharp rides.

  19. It sounds like you have a great son who really has a great mom. What an amazing gift for such a young man.

  20. What an awesome surprise. My three teens are just learning how to drive and I am not ready to let them drive our nicer cars just yet. They have an old car they use to practice.

  21. The Mazda 3 Grand Touring looks like a great car to drive. I am so happy you were able to make your son’s prom special for him.

  22. I wonder how my son will react if I surprise him with a car for his prom! That’s so awesome and it’s definitely something that will make any teen happy! The prom is definitely going to be more memorable for him.

  23. What a wonderful, special surprise. It’s the best feeling to surprise our kids or get them something they want, and I bet your son will never forget the night for the rest of his life! And me too, terrible at keeping a secret! haha

  24. Wow this is really cool, I love being able to try out new cars. Mazda’s make a great vehicle, I love how stylish this one looks. I’m totally sure this was one of the best surprises ever for your son!

  25. Terri Steffes says

    I love this post! What a fabulous idea. I am sure this is a memory that will last a lifetime. Mazda is a great car brand.

  26. What a cool surprise for your son, I bet he was delighted! I love Mazda too, I have a Mazda 5 and it has been a brilliant car for me and my family.

  27. aish das-padihari says

    Its great to have a car that you feel safe with. I’m happy that you found something that helps your kids protected and safe.

  28. What a fun surprise for your son. I would also be so bad about keeping it a secret. Good job!

  29. Oh my goodness! best day ever for him! Wow! Congrats! I am sure he is going to enjoy that.

  30. I have a hard time keeping a good surprise a secret too. I love to make the family happy. Prom is awesome, the kids look great, the car is amazing and you are definitely getting cool mom props. 🙂

  31. What an awesome surprise! I can only imagine how excited he must have been. Best present ever, I’m sure.

  32. Aw, you must be the best mum ever to have given a Mazda for his prom drive. You can see the excitement in their faces that is so sweet!

  33. That’s such a great surprise for him! I don’t know much about Mazda so thanks for sharing so much information. I would’ve loved that surprise in high school as well!

  34. This is such a neat surprise! I’m sure he loved the experience and you were a happy momma knowing he was in a safe care for the night.

  35. What an amazing surprise. I remember going to prom in an old Rolls Royce. It was kind of cool, except for the fact that my date didn’t know how to drive it.

  36. I have never driven a Mazda. I might have to change that, though. That car looks sharp.

  37. Mazda3 is mine favorite too. I must say you have a great choice.

  38. Krystle Cook says

    This is such an awesome and sweet surprise! I am so glad that he got to ride in style.

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