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Security Master

    The final countdown has begun! We are officially about a week away from the start of the new school year here in New York City. This means that lots of last minute shopping for supplies and uniforms will take place between now and then. While I’ve already purchased almost everything my sons need, I still have some online shopping to do and I need to make sure that my phone is protected from potential hacking while I do so.

    Many parents like me use their cell phones to do back to school shopping completely unaware that online predators can steal their sensitive information when they do so. They can potentially prey on you and compromise credit card account numbers, your identity, and even your address and contact information. It’s so scary to think that, while you are busy shopping for new school clothes, supplies, or dorm necessities for your kids, hackers may be helping themselves to the data in your phone.

Security Master

    Thankfully, I’m one step ahead of the hackers because of Security Master. Currently available now for free on Android devices, it is an upgraded version of CM Security, the current leading privacy protection and antivirus app. While not all of us are tech savvy enough to understand the specific ins and outs of mobile security, it’s something that we do need to be cautious of, especially with our children.

    Between snapping photos with friends, using personal logins for popular social media accounts, and any bank account information that may be stored via a variety of apps, Security Master offers features to help secure and protect personal phone data without compromising device use including:

SafeConnect – Enhance internet security by protecting and encrypting all data transmitted across the internet. This includes apps like instant message, financial banking and e-commerce.

AppLock – Protect your mobile data, incoming calls, apps, settings, photos, and your apps allows you to lock your phone and apps with a pattern, PIN code, or fingerprint.

One Click Booster – Optimize your phone to keep the battery cool and your phone running fast while increasing battery life.

    Unfortunately, I have been a victim of identity theft in the past. To this day, I am unaware as to how this person obtained my information including my social security number. It’s quite possible that they were able to steal it off my laptop or cell phone. I never want to be victimized in this way again and want to protect my children’s information as well.

Security Master

    Security Master protects all of these details from potentially being leaked through my online activities. DOWNLOAD Security Master for FREE on your Android device and let them give those online intruders the boot and protect your entire family online.

Let’s Discuss: What are some of the ways that you try to protect yourself while online shopping?

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  1. We started school back in our area just a few weeks ago. We homeschool, and started back earlier than that. I’m always shopping online, but only use stores that I know and trust.

  2. Neely Moldovan says

    We use lastpass for everything. It really makes me feel more secure online. Have you used it?

  3. I can’t believe how insane Identity Theft has gotten the last few years. Moving to the states means I have a lot of stuff left around in Canada that I am so worried about getting stolen. Being aware and searching out ways to protect yourself is so important!

  4. I am very weary of shopping on-line with my credit card but sometimes it is unavoidable. I much prefer going to the stores even though it is also labor intensive. I need to start my school shopping soon, and I am so late.

  5. These will be super helpful features! I think the AppLock will be really nice to have just in case!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. This is something I never even THOUGHT about before I read your post! I do try to be super-careful by only shopping from my own wifi connection at home, but still…Thanks for the heads-up, and also for letting us know about this great-sounding app!

  7. I always make sure I’m only making purchases from my trusted home computer or an iOS device. Those Andriod phones are just too suspect.

  8. I am totally jealous that you are in New York City! We were out there two years ago but stayed only six months. Online security is a huge priority for me and my family!

  9. You are absolutely right about the insaneness about online identity theft. I honestly try to only shop from stores that I know..but we all know that is not 100% proof. Urgh back to school around the corner. About to do our shopping this weekend.

  10. I’m so sorry you had your social security number compromised. So scary. Security Master sounds like a good deal. You can never be too safe.

  11. Security Master sounds great! I’m always trying to educate myself and find ways to protect myself online when it comes to anything sensitive like passwords and credit card information!

  12. It’s really important to have apps that help secure your phone. We have all sorts of information there. I have my bank details and credit cards too, so it’s really important for me to have apps like these!

  13. I do almost everything on my phone. Because of that I need to be more mindful of security. This sounds like a huge source of comfort, knowing you’re safe while surfing.

  14. Identify theft is something I worry about all the time. Although I don’t have an Android phone, several of my family members do. I will certainly be telling them about this app today!

  15. Nowadays, online security is a must and this app is looking cool. Hope people will take benefit from this.

  16. My sister had ID theft last year and it sounded awful what she had to do to get everything fixed. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Identity theft is certainly worrisome. I shop at secure websites only. I’ve never heard of this app before but it sounds like an app I might check it out.

  18. I don’t do a lot of online shopping from my phone, but I have from my tablet and computer because I like the bigger screen. I do worry about protecting my information, though a part of me knows if someone wants to hack me there isn’t much I can do. It’s great to have apps like these that make you feel safer, especially on our phones that are more vulnerable then we might think.

  19. I never knew there was something like this out there! This sounds like a really cool app to make sure you have! I will definitely be checking it out as soon as I get my phone back from my daughter…

  20. Angela says

    Wow! This sounds really great!! I do so many things on my phone that I definitely need to check this out more!!

  21. I have never heard of this app but I guess with the amount on online shopping people do this is an essential tool.

  22. Protecting yourself online is getting harder and harder. This app looks like a good tool to look into.

  23. Now this is definitely something I need to look into. Now that my daughter is online more and more, better off being safe.

  24. I online shop, but most of the time I would wait until I am in the confines of the firewall we have at home. I have not yet tried online shopping using my phone. But when I do that I will definitely keep your post in mind! Thanks for the tips!

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