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Back To School

    I can’t believe that back to school is right around the corner!  Some states have already started the new school year but here in New York City we don’t return until the beginning of September because school ended on June 28th.  Although we still have about a month left of summer vacation, it’s never too early to begin organizing for the upcoming academic year.  As a parent and an educator, I have to prepare on both fronts to make sure my sons and my students start off the year on the right foot.

Back To School

    Every year, I depend on to help me get all the materials that I need to launch a successful school year beyond just basic supplies like pencils and crayons.  It takes a lot more than just these traditional items to transform our home into a command center to coordinate and prepare for our daily routine once we all go back to school and work in September.

Back To School

    In our home, I have to be very strategic about how I set up our back to school command center because I don’t have an office or an extra room to use as a base.  Organization is the name of the game and I need to make sure that pens and highlighters are readily available and that they don’t take up a lot of space.  I especially love clear containers because I can access all materials easily and my boys can also identify the items they need to complete assignments without a lot of fuss.

Back To School

    As a teacher and a mom, I have to tell you that there is no way to stay organized once school starts unless you are armed with a monthly planner and a whole lot of  Post-it notes.  The more colorful these items are, the better.  I use them to make important reminders, deadlines for projects, and appointments clearly visible and will prominently post them so everyone in our family can easily refer to them.

Back To School

    If you’d like to design out your at-home command center with the latest in organization and convenience tools, you absolutely must check out the large variety of options available at  Their online store allows you to personalize your command center space to fit the needs of your hectic lifestyle.  If you are as busy as I am juggling being a full-time high school educator and a mom, you will find everything you need there to elevate your back to school preparedness to the next level!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you have already started organizing for back to school?

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  1. Post-It notes and just a scrap paper pad is one way I stay organized for sure! And it feels so great to just rip it off the wall/desk and throw it in the recycle afterwards because it’s like yay, task done!

  2. Catherine Sargent says

    My son is grown, but when he was in school I could have been better organized. I always waited until the last minute to buy his school supplies. would have made things a lot easier.

  3. I can’t believe we’re talking back to school already! What a great resource to have for moms and teachers!!

  4. I homeschool, and we do school year round. Keeping organized is even more important because we do not have any down time really. I am constantly reorganizing our homeschool supplies. I also just bought new stuff at the back-to-school sales.

  5. I have done NOTHING to get ready for Back to School. I spent the first half of summer hoping that ignoring it would mean that school wouldn’t happen. But here we are and it’s time to get ready. Post-It Notes are added to the list.

  6. Journa Ramirez says

    1st quarter’s almost done here in our country, Philippines but I think these ideas are still helpful. Thanks for sharing! I’ll let you know the result.

  7. Gosh thanks for the reminder. I really do need to get organized, back to school is in just over a month away. I am not ready, I love summer break season but admit, working from home this summer has been more trying. Time to get ready and organized for back to school now!

  8. Lalalallalala…covering ears and pretending I can’t hear. I cannot believe that it is time for back to school already. Where did the time go? I guess it is time to get to shopping.

  9. Neely Moldovan says

    I swear this summer just flew by. I can’t believe we are already in back to school mode. I almost passed out when I saw school supplies at Target!

  10. Get organizing definitely helps and having school supplies ready is very helpful!

  11. I’m not ready for school to start — I keep telling myself 5 more weeks, but it will be here before we know it. I love the idea of a command center.

  12. Terri Steffes says

    I love School Specialty. They do a great job of packaging good products with great prices!

  13. I agree. Post-it notes are great! So helpful in keeping organized and on top of things. I haven’t had to tackle this in the context of back-to-school (yet) but some great things to keep in mind once our little man gets older!

  14. I really need to start getting on the back to school bandwagon, but I am just so sad that summer has flown by so fast that i can’t seem to make myself do it! I will def check out this site when I pull myself together though!

  15. ’tis the season. I really need to get some post it notes and whiteboard markers for the classroom. I like that you have a command center.

  16. I can’t believe that summer is almost over and the kids are getting ready for back to school. It’s unreal!

  17. I love Post-it notes. My husband makes fun of me because I have them all over the kitchen cabinets sometimes. My oldest is in college, so love that I can get him on the organization fun!

  18. We started our back to school prep a few weeks ago. Organizing school activities plus extra curricular activities and our family calendar is the only way I can stay on top of everything.

  19. I feel like school supply lists are getting longer and longer each year! It’s great to have everything you need at one place to avoid having to shop at multiple retailers.

  20. We homeschool, so having a great place to buy school supplies is so important. I’ll have to check this place out! Right now I keep our school life, and my blog organized with a planner and lot’s of post it notes!

  21. Is there anything better than fresh school supplies?? Or am I just a complete back-to-school nerd here? 🙂

  22. I can’t believe we have to start thinking about back to school stuff! I see the post coming and I get the shakes, lol.

  23. Lisa Collins says

    I’m right there with you on already getting organized! My command center has already been tackled and next it’s my desk!

  24. Brittany says

    We just started homeschool today! It’s crazy how fast it jumped up on us, but I spent all last month prepping and planning which has really helped.

  25. The first quarter is about to complete and planning for the second one. These tips are surely helpful.

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