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Snoopy Pop

    My family loves to play games and have fun together.  These moments allow us to make precious memories with one another and provide opportunities for us to escape from our hectic weekly schedules involving school and work throughout the year.  Since we are also huge Peanuts fans, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review Snoopy Pop, the all-new bubble shooter game featuring all of our favorite characters including Snoopy, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang.

Snoopy Pop

    Of course, my husband and sons learned how to play the game right away since they are gaming aficionados and often play games on their electronic devices.  I was a little worried that it would take me a long time to get the gist of how to play Snoopy Pop but is was surprisingly easy.

Snoopy Pop

    Basically, the premise of the game is that players have to help Snoopy and the rest of the beloved Peanuts characters rescue Woodstock and his flock of bird friends who have been trapped in bubbles.  The bubbles are color coded and you have to match these colors in order to pop the bubbles that Woodstock and his friends are stuck inside of.

Snoopy Pop

    I have to admit, Snoopy Pop is so much fun for every member of our family.  My sons love to solve the fun and challenging puzzles that contain fresh new levels, characters, worlds, and events added weekly.  My husband and I, on the other hand, enjoy seeing our beloved Peanuts characters and classic Snoopy alter-egos depicted in maps, obstacles, and boosters that capture the spirit of Peanuts.  Add to that the fact that Snoopy Pop features licensed music from the PEANUTS series and you can imagine what a delightful experience it is for our entire family!

Snoopy Pop

    Today is the official launch date of Snoopy Pop by leading mobile studio Jam City and you can DOWNLOAD it for FREE on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.  Jam City is also giving away a Samsung tablet to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy to play Snoopy Pop!

Let’s Discuss:  What do you think your family will love about playing the new game Snoopy Pop together?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy so they can play Snoopy Pop as much as they want!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love that this is a game for all ages! I think we would have the most fun competing to see who can get the highest score!

  2. mami2jcn says

    My daughter would enjoy it because she loves Snoopy. I think it would be great practice for her on a tablet.

  3. Patricia says

    This is great. My girls like puzzle games so this would be up their alley. A little family friendly competitions is good as well.

  4. shelly peterson says

    This looks like a lot of fun. I like that it has over 100 levels to play.

  5. Amber Cheras says

    My whole family loves snoopy and it’s so hard to find a family friendly game for all ages! I just know my family will love it and will have so much fun on all of the levels plus we love solving puzzles so this would be perfect!

  6. Janice Cooper says

    This is awesome! We love Charlie Brown especially Snoopy. I know the games would be a big hit especially bubble shooter.

  7. My godchild would love this because she is super competitive and loves to laugh. She loves her games on her tablet and this one sounds like it would fit right in.

  8. Laurie Griffith says

    I collect Snoopy items! The game is so cute!

  9. Jessica To says

    My son would love that it has Snoopy and the gang. I would like him to get practice using a tablet before school starts this fall.

  10. Keri justice says

    This looks like a game that everyone in my family would enjoy playing! Who doesn’t love Snoopy and popping things?!

  11. My son loves the Peanut characters so I know he will love the game. He likes games that have lots of levels to it and I know that he would be impressed with seeing a game with Snoopy in it.

  12. Stephanie says

    Our entire household loves Snoopy and this game looks like so much fun. I know we would all enjoy playing it.

  13. We’re huge fans of Peanuts, especially Snoopy! I think we’ll love playing a game with our favorite characters.

  14. I think they’ll like all the characters. We love Peanuts.

  15. Nichol Perez says

    Playing as a family, the music and the puzzles.

  16. James Robert says

    My kids would love it because they love challenging each other. Makes for lots of fun and we all love Snoopy!

  17. Andrea v says

    This is a game for the entire family. And the fact it has Snoopy involved makes it that much better.

  18. Stephenie - Blended Life Happy Wife says

    Snoopy is a favorite in our family, always has been. It started when I was little. My brother had a stuffed Snoopy that he carried with him everywhere. He carried it holding on to the neck. 40+ years later he still has it. Snoopy is no longer white, he is gray from being dirty and washed do many times and his head doesn’t stay up because there is no neck supportvleft from holding him by it for years. Every time I see something “Snoopy” it brings those memories back. Can’t wait to play the game, my children will love it too. Awesome giveaway.

  19. rochelle haynes says

    I love Peanuts and watched them for years. I would love to give this to my grandson.

  20. Marti Tabora says

    I know I will love the characters because I grew up watching Snoopy. I think we will also love the competition to see who can get the highest score.

  21. Julie Wood says

    We love Snoopy and all the peanuts characters and my kids would love to play this game. It looks like a lot of fun!

  22. The interactive nature of the game seems really great! Can’t wait to try it!

  23. We love Peanuts and the game looks like fun. We like bubble shooter games because they require strategies.

  24. Stacey Roberson says

    The Snoopy bubble game looks like lots of fun! We do love it! Our son really enjoys playing games on our tablets – would be wonderful for him to have one of his own. He would love that!

  25. My family will love this game because we love Snoopy. Looks like a fun and engaging game.

  26. Sheila K. says

    This sounds like a nice family-fun game; I think my niece would especially like it!

  27. We like Snoopy so immediately this game is appealing. We enjoy the characters.

  28. Julie Lundstrom says

    This looks like a fun game for the kids and me. We would play this.

  29. carol clark says

    I think it will be fun to see who can get to the end first and I’m sure it will be them! Kids seems to be better at games these days and it will be fun just to explore this game.

  30. I expect that the grandchildren and my son-in-law will take to it immediately, since they all are really into various electronic games. Not too certain if the rest of us would get into it, but it does sound like fun and might be rather addictive if someone gets started on it.

  31. We would like the game because we are huge Peanuts fans. The bright colors and the fun characters look awesome. I also like that it has 100 or so levels.

  32. Steve Weber says

    This would be fun to play together.. We could do a major Snoopy Pop! tournament, which everyone loves a good challenge.

  33. I think we will love that there are over 100 levels!

  34. I think my family will enjoy the characters and the music the most. My kids would enjoy getting through the obstacles. It looks like fun.

  35. kelly tupick says

    The game sounds wonderful and I love that it’s for all ages. It’s something the whole family would enjoy playing and I love Snoopy! I’ve watched Snoopy growing up and I would love to play this.

  36. Soha Molina says

    We will love the entertainment and the fun.

  37. We will love seeing our favorite peanuts characters in action, and listening to the accompanying music. My son is really getting into playing games on my tablet, so I know he would be thrilled with this.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  38. Christopher Mason says

    I’m just ready for any game that doesn’t have princesses…

  39. I think my daughter will love popping bubbles! She loves doing that outside IRL so I imagine she’ll love it on the screen. I think she’ll also love the music. She generally loves anything with music so I’m sure this would be a big hit!

  40. Jessica Naca says

    I love the different obstacles each level has! My girls love the concept of matching colors and making them pop! We appreciate the great post and giveaway about Snoopy Pop!

  41. Amanda Hoffman says

    I think my family will have a blast. We love app games and our favorite is Candy Crush but I would love to give this one a try as well.

  42. I think that we will enjoy this game because it’s Snoopy and who doesn’t love the Peanuts characters. Also a big plus of this game is that it is for all ages.

  43. This game looks like a lot of fun and I know that my daughter would love it.

  44. Patricia Crowley says

    I think we’ll love the fun colors and characters! Seems like a game the whole family can enjoy.

  45. We are a gaming family and we like challenging each other. Everyone would love this game.

  46. Dana Rodriguez says

    I grew up loving the Peanuts gang. This looks like such a fun game anyone would enjoy!

  47. Nice game. My kids liked it.

  48. Ellie Wright says

    I love Snoopy and the Peanuts gang and would enjoy playing a game featuring them. My boys would love the challenge and even my youngest girl would have fun with the game.

  49. I think my family will enjoy the original music, fun animation and the characters in general. I think this would be a great game to get for our road trip out west this summer.

  50. My daughter would love this!

  51. elizabeth miller says

    To start, we would love this just because it is the Peanuts gang–we love them. We would love to play this together because we all like puzzle type games and the fact that they give new activities weekly makes it even better so as not to tire of the game.

  52. jeremy mclaughlin says

    This looks like a fun game that my kids and I would enjoy playing together.

  53. I think we will love the challenge. We always try to challenge one another and see who can get better scores and farther in the games.

  54. Tee Anderson says

    I love that there will be new characters and puzzles weekly. It looks fun for all.

  55. Melissa C says

    My son and I just made it to level 19 on snoopy pop. It’s a fun game and we love to see who gets the most points! The Woodstock trapped in the bubbles is too cute! We love this game!!

  56. I love Snoopy and these types of games. My cousin’s children visit me on occasion and I know they’d love to play this. I try to have educational things around the house to entertain them and this one requires thinking and planning which I like.

  57. Heather W says

    My husband loves playing video games with my boys but I only like puzzle type games. This looks like it would mesh his love of games with my love of puzzles to play together!

  58. I never do well at playing games like this . But my girls love them! They definitely will love laughing and teaching me how to play. Good times moment!

  59. Ooooh my girl would love this! She’s obsessed with all things Snoopy. And Sally Brown. And Peppermint Patty. (She’s really into this Peanuts right now, if you can’t tell. :))

  60. I LOVED Snoopy as a child and my children love the holiday movies we still watch. My kids also love their electronics and this looks like it would be something we can all enjoy! I love Samsung Giveaway- WHAT A GREAT GIVEAWAY!!! Fingers crossed that we win (and so we can play Snoopy PoP!!)

  61. My family will love all of the levels of this game.

  62. Subscribed on YouTube as [email protected]

  63. This reminds me of one of the games that used to be on sky interactive back in the 90s. I used to love plating it with the TV remote. I might have a look see if it’s any easier on my phone !!

  64. This looks fun for people of all ages – young and old. I love games like this.. I sometimes tend to get lost while my fingers keep playing. It somewhere helps focus and think or plan.

  65. Leidy Ruiz says

    My little guy really likes Snoopy and we used to play a game similar to this. He will be very excited to play something that combines two things he likes. Thank you for the chance to win!

  66. I used to play this type of game all the time when I took the train to work everyday, I don’t have much time for games right now but I love that this is Snoopy!

  67. Jennifer Wright says

    I think my kid would like it as it looks like fun and I would like it as I enjoyed watching the cartoon when I was younger.

  68. Onyinye Elochukwu says

    I think my family loves games that are challenging. This is also great for kids of all ages.

  69. I think my family would love how challenging it is. But also because it is Snoopy and we absolutely love Peanuts!

  70. I would love to win this! I haven’t played the game yet.

  71. Oh I love that this would be so fun for the entire family! Our little one loves Snoopy, and he would really enjoy it! Would be so fun to all of our favorite Peanuts characters!

  72. One thing I think my family will enjoy about playing the new game Snoopy Pop together is the characters in the game. We all love Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang!

  73. This looks like such a fun game to download. I’m going to put it on my tablet for when we travel to keep me occupied on the road. My husband usually drives and I play games to keep my anxiety down from the traffic. Looks like it’s more than just for kids!

  74. My daughter would love to play this game and I would give her the tablet as well.

  75. Cheryl B says

    I think my Granddaughter would like that she can collect characters and all the levels she could complete.

  76. Victoria says

    Awww Snoopy is such a fun character. I think my six year old would love this game. He’s a fan too!

  77. There are loads of versions of games like this and it’s nice to find another way to engage kids minds.

  78. We enjoy anything Snoopy or Charlie Brown related so I am sure my kids will really enjoy playing this game.

  79. I can already tell that my son will love this. He loves all things colorful and noisy on the tablet! 😉

  80. That looks like a lot of fun! I would even enjoy playing that!

  81. The whole family loves playing games on our devices. Sometimes we play together and it’s super fun. I believe all of us will enjoy playing Snoopy Pop, even our toddler. 🙂

  82. Gina Ferrell says

    I think my family would love playing this new Snoopy Pop game to solve fun challenging puzzles. My daughter and I are huge Peanuts fans and we love Snoopy. This looks like a really cute fun game to play!

  83. This looks like such a fun game! I’d love to play it with my daughter!

  84. The Snoopy Pop Game With Your Family looks like a fun game. Also, it sounds like a great giveaway.

  85. Carolsue says

    My son would like this because he loves Snoopy and his friends — and loves and any all online type games.

    • Carolsue says

      This comment should probably have been longer. I will also say that I like to play these games with my kids. I never win, but it’s fun.

  86. My family would really love to play the bubble game as this is one of our favorite type of games.

  87. Tammy Shelton says

    My Grands and I are looking forward to playing. We all LOVE Snoopy!

  88. Mary West says

    I love that my son and I could play this game together. He plays lots of games, most of which I’m not very good at and I really think this one is something I can do too!

  89. My family will love all of the levels of this game.

  90. Mary Cloud says

    We all love playing puzzle games. My daughter especially loves the Bubble popping games. She plays them all the time.

  91. Based on the description, I think that my son would really love this game!

  92. We will like the challenge of the game and the characters.

  93. Sonya Morris says

    I think my family would enjoy playing the different levels! My kids love playing games similar to this and would have a blast with Snoopy. It looks like a super cute game and we love Snoopy!

  94. amy stonger says

    I know that we will love playing with our favorite Snoopy characters. Plus it’s great for all ages, making it something we can all connect on.

  95. Michelle C says

    My kids and I love playing games together! This looks like the kind of game that is easy to learn but very addictive!

  96. Nancy Loring says

    My family would enjoy playing Snoopy pop together because there seems to be something different for everyone to enjoy. I of course am no help in any type of video game.

  97. Tabathia B says

    I think that my daughter would love to play with her sister and earn rewards the most. I think this looks like a fun game for people who are a fan of Peanuts.

  98. Shakeia Rieux says

    I love that the game has over 100 levels, and I can’t wait to play it.

  99. I think it will be interactive and it will take a long time to finish the entire game. It looks fun.

  100. Much like yourself, I think I will enjoy seeing the classic Peanuts characters I grew up with, and my little nephews will have a blast just playing the game. Thank you for the chance to win.

  101. Sarah Bihms says

    I am trying to promote critical thinking with my 6-year old and this game would fit in perfectly. The puzzles promote critical thinking!

  102. susan smoaks says

    I feel like we would enjoy playing this together as a family.

  103. We love Snoopy and we love playing games that are challenging but can still easily be played by everyone.

  104. Jane McGregor says

    I’m addicted to candy crush! This game looks similar and would love to play it on a tablet instead of my phone!

  105. Chrystal D says

    The graphics on this look great! That’ll be the best part I think.

  106. I love puzzle games and it’s an addiction that has definitely spread into the family. We get super competitive with these kinds of games!

  107. laura bernard says

    I know my daughter would love this! She is 3!

  108. We grew up loving the Peanuts gang so this will be a fond reminder of good clean fun. Everyone needs some of that in their lives.

  109. Kristin McCall says

    My whole family loves spoopy. They will love being able to play with him on this tablet.

  110. Seyma Shabbir says

    This looks like a fun game! My sons are 7 and 9 and it is hard to find a family friendly game! Snoopy Pop looks like the perfect game!!

  111. I think we will love the over 100 levels!

  112. Dave Barr says

    Wow that looks Soooo Joe Cool 😎

  113. Adrienne Gordon says

    I think the combination of Snoopy and a bubble pop type game will bring a lot of fun together.

  114. Cynthia C says

    My nieces would love playing Snoopy Pop for the cute characters and fun game. They love Snoopy and all his friends.

  115. Richard Hicks says

    We all love Snoopy especially the kids. They will love how colorful the game is and the excitement from playing it.

  116. Ashley C says

    I think my kids would like it because its bright, colorful, fun and it has Snoopy in it! They love anything that has an animal, especially dogs! I would like them to play it because Snoopy and Charlie Brown is very nostalgic to me!

  117. The kids love gameplay like this. I think I’d love the nostalgia trip, especially since it uses the original music!

  118. Christina Sparks says

    It reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a teenager and the kids enjoy this type of game as well.

  119. I have never played Snoopy but it does sounds like a really interesting game to try. My niece is more of a game person though.

  120. cyndi br says

    I like that the whole family can play the snoopy game. We like the snoopy holiday TV shows too.

  121. Lauren U says

    My son is just starting to get into video games. This looks like something fun he can play. Can’t wait to try it.

  122. Sandy Klocinski says

    I love Snoopy! I love the Peanuts charm. Cute game.

  123. David Hollingsworth says

    I like that it looks very appropriate for the whole family. Also, Snoopy is an icon!

  124. Amanda lea says

    My daughter and husband love playing these games together. They like to challenge each other!! This looks like a fun colorful game!!

  125. Leslie Davis says

    It looks like a fun game that can be enjoyed for all ages.

  126. I’d give this prize to a family that would benefit them. They don’t have any extra money to share and could use this a Christmas present.

  127. My son is a big fan of Snoopy, I’m sure we will enjoying playing the game together.

  128. robynn paris says

    I think they will enjoy playing the game. It would be wonderful if we won to continue to enjoy playing.

  129. paige chandler says

    We love these kind of games. My kids play them way to much on their phones. They also love Snoopy so they will be playing lots.

  130. Lori Walker says

    We would love playing this with the colorful screens. We love Snoopy, too.

  131. Tammie Venne says

    Other than being addicted to anything technology, my family loves to play games together.

  132. heather s says

    We love Snoopy. This would be fun to play together. It looks cute.

  133. Brittney House says

    My kids love Charlie Brown and Snoopy so I know they will enjoy this game. I will enjoy just getting the kids together to have fun.

  134. Sandra Preti says

    For the adults we are familiar with the characters and it reminds us of our childhoods (ah, nostalgia). For the kids they always love a fun and challenging game! Since the game is updated and new levels are added every week the entire family can look forward to always having a new level to play.

  135. Katie Bellamy says

    This looks addicting! We would all love it!

  136. Stephanie Larison says

    My girls love Snoopy so I know they’d love playing this! Plus with all the high levels it can be a challenge for everyone who plays. Looks like a lot of fun!

  137. Daddy ԝіns!? The twins declared.

  138. This is a game my grandson would play. WE would play on his visits to my house.

  139. Daniela Tapia says

    My family is going to love Charlie and Snoopy, they will make them game so fun with each level.

  140. I would give it to my grandson who is 6 yrs old and has Autism. He’s had a tablet for 3 yrs now and could use a new one !

  141. Elizabeth Brooks says

    I’ve downloaded this game and love Judd.

  142. Denise B. says

    This would be great for when we go out and need something to do while we are waiting like in the doctors office. It will also help the children from fidgeting.

  143. Inez Cegelis says

    My favorite part is the sparkly graphics. I also like that it has over 100 levels, so the fun can last a while.

  144. amanda whitley says

    we will like how fun and addicting it is. it will also be fun for us because we love Peanuts and the characters.

  145. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I think this will be fun for all of us–engaging to the kids and fun for me, a not-so-much gamer 🙂 I also love that there are regular updates.

  146. cheryl perry says

    Nice great prize and can be very educational.

  147. Samantha says

    I love that it looks like an easy game to learn. It also looks very addictive like Candy Crush too!

  148. Well, someone just adores anything Snoopy or Charlie Brown-related.

  149. Rachel Freer says

    My son loves color matching games so he will probably really like this. Plus, he loves anything to do with Charlie Brown. Snoopy is his favorite.

  150. Stephanie Liske says

    I think it would be something fun for us to do on family time. We try to have family time with the kids whenever we get a chance. They get annoyed, but end up liking it after we play games and what not.

  151. My kids and I LOVE Snoopy. I know we will all have lots of fun freeing the Woodstocks 🙂

  152. I entered the Netflix giveaway.

  153. I love Snoopy. I love popping games. Therefor I will love this game.
    Thanks for the contest.

  154. Cynthia W says

    I think my family would love this game because it seems a bit competitive but not too difficult. I think they would also love the bright, fun colors. Snoopy is “old school,” but something even my kids know and adore. I think they would be able to identify with the characters and have a blast!

  155. Jennifer Herman says

    We would like the all-new bubble shooter game featuring all of our favorite characters including Snoopy, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang.

  156. Joy Venters says

    First of all, the just the mention of Snoopy and all of the members of the gang bring instant happy memories and smiles to all of us. Snoopy Pop is a game that doesn’t have an age limit – all ages will have fun. It has many games on it and fun, challenging puzzles that contain fresh new levels, characters, worlds, and events are added weekly.

  157. We would like the games that are on this.

  158. Erin Daly says

    Our whole family loves Snoopy, so this is great. Plus my kids are really into puzzle games. It also looks like it could challenge both our youngest and our oldest, so that is always a plus.

  159. Stephanie Phelps says

    I think we will all love playing the new Snoopy game because of all the fun colors and the bubbles and we can all play it and of course because it is snoopy. We all love our Snoopy!

  160. Betty Curran says

    This would be such fun because we all love Snoopy. And competition is heavy between siblings.

  161. Danielle Day says

    My family loves playing games together this would only add to the fun!

  162. Deborah G. says

    My family and I would all enjoy the Peanuts music. Plus I think we would enjoy all the puzzles and levels.

  163. I’ve been helping tech my niece how to play games like this on her tablet. This would be perfect for her because she knows who Snoopy is.

  164. kathy Persons says

    We love Snoopy and friends. ALl the family will enjoy playing the games for all ages and seeing who can get the highest score.

  165. Jan Hammersmith says

    We are big fans of the Snoopy characters and love playing games together.

  166. brandy c says

    The bright colors and happy artwork are appealing.

  167. This definitely looks like a great family game! I would love to play it with my daughter

  168. I think just spending the time with my grandson, while giving him the opportunity to learn would be great.

  169. Tracy Shafer says

    We all love playing games in my family! This one looks like it would be fun for the whole family!!!

  170. Francine Anchondo says

    My son would love this . He likes these types of games.

  171. Breanna Pollard says


  172. We are a huge Peanuts fan family this will be great to play in a contest form or just as something to pass the time on the rainy or hot days! New levels are always fun!

  173. We would love this because we love that type of game and Snoopy!

  174. I need this tablet and game to drown out my wifes yapping while we are on road trips and that we can also use tablet when we get lost while its my turn to drive

  175. Diana Thompson says

    My son wants to stay up all night to play games online. If he had this prize, he could use it everywhere. Snoopy is an all time favorite.

  176. Sarah Mayer says

    The fact that it’s easy to play and that all the Peanuts gang is apart of the game, they will really enjoy interacting with the characters.

  177. Philip Lawrence says

    My family will love it since it is about Snoopy. They will enjoy the bright colored display. They will enjoy it for long periods of time which is great for traveling in a car.

  178. Angela Poteat Tyler says

    I think not only would my family like to play the Snoopy Pop Game, but my students in my classroom would also love to play.

  179. Daniel Mihaliak says

    Anything that allows adults and children to play games together is a plus in my opinion.

  180. Lisa Bourlier says

    My Son is already getting bored this summer so I’m thinking this would be a great help for Mom whos running out of ideas!

  181. krystal wethington says

    I think since it has so many levels that it would provide hours of fun. I love fun family games.

  182. We will like the fun Peanuts characters and the challenging puzzles. It would be great on trips too.

  183. Lisa Queen says

    This will be fun for the whole family. I love the Peanuts Gang. We all like to solve puzzles and move up levels. We are pretty competitive also, all in food fun though. This will be a welcome addition to our family time. Thanks!

  184. We would love any kind of family fun time and we love Snoopy because he is just so cute. I grew up with Snoopy in my life as well.

  185. Monica Shah says

    Thanks for this awesome post. I love how this tablet is great for kids. My kids love Snoopy and these Snoopy games sure would interest them.

  186. My granddaughter loves any interactive games on whichever media source is available….especially if music accompanies the game!

  187. Leah Shumack says

    We collect all things Snoopy in my house…and my daughter has continued the tradition too! She would love playing this and it has so many levels to keep her entertained too!

  188. Sue Cooper says

    My family would have a great time playing this since it’s something they all will enjoy – the characters, the many levels, that it’s something they call all play because it’s so family friendly.

  189. Amy Deeter says

    It looks real neat and would love the fact we can do this together to spend some quality time together.

  190. Laurie Emerson says

    Our whole family loves Snoopy. I like the fact that we would all play this together as I cherish any family time where we are all doing the same thing.

  191. Michelle H. says

    My kids would enjoy this game because these types of games are fun.

  192. The games seem like a lot of fun! My nephews spend a lot of time at my house and ask to use the tablet and I like having games for them that are family friendly. It makes it easier to have fun, safe games on hand.

  193. Julie Hawkins says

    I think my kids would enjoy this game because they love all the snoopy characters. It looks like fun and is very colorful. I think it would be entertaining for them to play.

  194. Jerry Marquardt says

    I think that the new game Snoopy Pop together is most excellent. This is a great Saturday night entertainment extra for a Saturday night.

  195. Our kids will enjoy using their favorite Peanuts characters to navigate through games and puzzles.

  196. Buddy Garrett says

    Our family loves everything Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. We would enjoy playing the game very much.

  197. I think the game would be a nice break from homework or housework.

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