First-Ever On-Demand Bathroom Service in NYC! #EnjoyTheGo @Charmin #Ad

    As a longtime resident of New York City, I often head to Manhattan to attend special events or view shows.  Us local peeps refer to it as “Downtown” and we love bragging about how we have the coolest city on the planet.  The only problem is that, when you gotta go, you gotta go.  There is nothing worse than not being able to find a bathroom in the city!

    Many businesses post signs stating that their bathrooms are only for paying customers.  After all, who could blame them when thousands of people pass by their storefronts every single day and opening their bathrooms up to the public could quite possibly send them down the proverbial creek without a paddle or some Charmin toilet paper!  So, when visiting New York City for the day you sometimes have to get creative when it comes to copping a squat.

    Most people will just bite the bullet and purchase something at whatever store they are close to in order to gain access to their bathroom facilities.  Other people will take advantage of the kindness of commercial coffee shops who usually don’t monitor who uses their bathroom since they have so many customers every hour.  Lastly, you have a brave few who will still take their chances in a New York City alleyway late at night or early in the morning.  The last option is not a pretty one but rather a desperate last attempt to “just go.”

black-ish star Anthony Anderson rolls through the streets of New York City in a Charmin Van-GO, the first-ever on demand mobile bathroom service on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. (Amy Sussman/AP Images for Charmin)

    These days, you can get just about anything delivered on-demand except the one thing you really need – a bathroom when you are doing the pee pee dance. Until now! Charmin is piloting Charmin Van-GO, the first-ever on-demand mobile bathroom service, in New York City on June 21 and June 22.  All New Yorkers have to do is visit and follow the simple directions to request a Charmin Van-GO. With just a few clicks of a mouse, a completely private and amazingly clean bathroom can* be delivered directly to people in select NYC neighborhoods.

black-ish star Anthony Anderson shows off the best seat in New York City on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Charmin piloted the first-ever on-demand bathroom service, Charmin Van-GO. (Amy Sussman/AP Images for Charmin)

    black-ish star Anthony Anderson was onboard Charmin Van-GO and traveled through some of NYC’s busiest neighborhoods to bring bathrooms to those struggling to go, while surprising and entertaining people with bathroom humor along the route.  He, himself shared how often he has been on the go and just couldn’t locate a clean bathroom to use.  In his opinion, this is a perfect service to provide New Yorkers because,  “it’s literally a bathroom delivered right to your doorsteps!”

    After work Thursday evening, I was by Bryant Park and I had the opportunity to view the Charmin Van-Go facilities first-hand.  Aside from the pretty bathroom decor, it really is a private bathroom inside a portable vehicle.  It was perfect for taking care of my business after a long drive into the city from Manhattan and they even had a full supply of Charmin toilet paper on hand!  It was truly a match made in heaven!

*pending availability

Let’s Discuss:  Tell us about a time when you were caught in a big city, or away from home, without access to a bathroom:

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  1. Neely Moldovan says

    How cool! I wish they had this when I was in NYC haha. We love charmin it’s the only one we use!

  2. Totally heard of this event and I think it’s wicked awesome! It’s good to know that you have a place to do your business without the hassle or the fuss!

  3. I’ve heard about this, I think it’s a brilliant idea and definitely something needed in more cities!

  4. This is a time when I make sure my bases are covered, so to speak. A daughter with Crohn’s and a momma with IBS, this is not to be taken lightly. I love that there are facilities like this one!

  5. Where was this when my kiddos and I were exploring New York City? I could totally have used a bathroom on the go lol!

  6. This is a really cool concept. I have only been to NYC once but I remember not being able to find a bathroom I was allowed to use. Love this!

  7. That is one heck of a porta potty! I think that is actually nicer than my actual bathroom in my house!

  8. This is too funny! Van-Go. I love the play on words. It must have been fun to meet Anthony Anderson.

  9. Being able to find a place to go in the city can be really hard. It was such a huge problem when I was pregnant and worked. Luckily I was able to find one but I had to make it there first!

  10. I love this idea! It is horrible if you are out and about and have no options, I am usually one to use a coffee shop and then I get roped into buying things!

  11. Neha Saini says

    Van-go is really funny. I love the bathrooms like such. 🙂 I wish I was able to find one but I had to make it first there.

  12. This would be so perfect in NYC and I can totally see why someone would use this service! Awesome!

  13. Wow, that is awesome & also a great idea! I hate going to big cities and having to walk a mile to find a bathroom.

  14. How cool! New york is full of fun opportunities What a great idea, sometimes it’s hard to find public restrooms.

  15. Lol! Now who ever thought up this idea is just brilliant. What a great way to get to word out, and I love him. He is hilarious! Awesome idea.

  16. This is such a great idea! I remember when they had the Charmin set up in Times Square several years back inside one of the buildings. It was so cute with oversized toilets for photo ops and the staff would sing silly songs to people as they waited to go. Charmin certainly does a great job with marketing that’s for sure!

  17. That’s such a good idea as you’re right sometimes you’re out and have no idea where to go to the toilet, and when you need to go you need to go.

  18. Genius idea. I’ve snuck into many a Starbucks or even fast food chain to use the bathroom. Sometimes I buy something, otherwise not. I’ve also used department stores and Grand Central. Being stuck in the city sans bathroom access is not fun.

  19. This is AMAZING! I hate having to look for a restroom when I’m in the city… especially because you just KNOW the cleanliness is going to be hit or miss. What a great idea!

  20. This looks like so much fun. New York is always full of so many random and fun things to see. What a great convenience while you’re out in the city.

  21. I was in line at a movie premiere, right there in NYC. I had been drinking water all day, and actually had one in my hand right then. You can imagine what urge hit me when there was not a restroom in sight.

  22. That is certainly the nicest potta-potty I’ve ever seen! It’s pretty crazy that you can order a portable restroom as easily as ordering a pizza!

  23. Totally awesome event! It’s always nice to experience a good bathroom when you’re out of the house. Good to see one on the go!

  24. This is so nice. some people are so creative.

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