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Laundry Sanitizer

    Once your kids get older, you think that they are going to outgrow certain things including taking their favorite blanket everywhere.  That has not been the case for my younger son, he will not sleep or lay down anywhere without his favorite “Blanky” and I am constantly chasing after him to try to keep it clean.  Not only does he drag it all over the house with him but, when he is at school during the day, our dog Onyx will take it and lay on it.  I’m literally at my wits’ end when it comes to keeping yucky germs off of it.

    Until recently, the only tool that I had in my laundry arsenal was detergent but I have always wondered whether or not his blanket truly gets clean after every wash.  NEW Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer is a revolutionary laundry additive that kills 99.9% of bacteria that detergents may leave behind.  I love that it eliminates bacteria, even in cold water!  Having it in my laundry room has empowered me to finally think that I am protecting my family and that all their laundry is truly clean.

Laundry Sanitizer

    The way it works is that I add Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer to the fabric softener compartment at the start of the laundry cycle whenever I am washing my son’s “Blanky.”  After the machine is done, clothes will come out of the cycle sanitized, with 99.9% of bacteria killed.  Since it can be used on most machine-washable items like towels, bedding, children’s clothes, underwear, socks and sports gear, I never have to worry about using it as part of my laundry routine.

    As you can see from these photos, I will not be separating my son or my dog from their “Blanky” anytime soon but, at least, I won’t have to worry about how clean it is thanks to Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer.  Lysol® has been a trusted leader in the field of health and hygiene for more than 100 years.  They are busy killing germs so the tale of the traveling blanky will live to see another day!

Laundry Sanitizer

Let’s Discuss:  Has your child had a blanky journey and how did you manage to keep it clean all the time?


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  1. Jessica M says

    I don’t even know where to begin with this. My daughter is currently 8 years old & still carrying around her blanky. Everyone says she’s too old & it needs to be taken away but I know there will be a day when it comes that she’ll be ready to give her blanky up by herself. I am washing her blanky constantly. I always wash it on hot water at least 1x a week. Also gets sprayed with Lysol as often as possible as who knows what gets on there when it leaves the house sometimes.

  2. Andrea v says

    My daughter has one that stays in her bed. It does travel with her when she has a sleepover at a friends and then I wash it with her other blankets.

  3. Jennifer Reed says

    My children had pillow and stuffed animals that they carried around all the time and it was difficult to keep them clean at all times. I would say they were “taking a bath” and wash them in the middle of the afternoon while the kids were occupied with something else. I would have loved to use this Lysol Laundry Sanitizer product.

  4. My 5 year old carries her “blanky” around everywhere. I have to wash it when she’s sleeping and then tuck it back in with her.

  5. Our kids have not had a blanky that they took everywhere but one of our 2 yr old’s stuffed animals gets washed a lot, so this is helpful.

  6. My daughter does fine without it during the day when she’s at school, but still drags her blankie (named “Purple Fluffy”) everywhere when she’s at home. In all honestly, I do sometimes let it get a bit dirty. She likes things to be clean and I keep hoping that if Purple Fluffy gets a bit nasty, she won’t want to carry it around, but this hasn’t worked. I’m just resigned at this point. She’s going to be walking down the aisle at her wedding with Purple Fluffy,

  7. Awesome giveaway! Practical! 🙂

    I’m 30 years old and I still have a “blanky” type thing. Only I call it my favorite hoodie. Hahhaah

  8. Julie Lundstrom says

    My kids spilled tough stains like koolaid on their blankets. I would have to try washing them a couple of times to get the stains out and sometimes the stains wouldn’t come out. I would like to try this.

  9. Neely Moldovan says

    My little one isn’t quite there yet but I had one growing up. I actualy took it to college. It’s safely in the attic now. 🙂

  10. Love that anecdote! I think everyone will relate to some degree- kinda makes me wish I had my own blanky still ahah!! Looking forward to trying Lysol !

  11. My kiddos didn’t have blankies that they couldn’t part from. However, my daughter had a stuffed animal that never left her side. It got pretty stinky!

  12. Good idea to keep these clean! My niece had a stuffed elephant she would not let go of for many years and took it everywhere! It was always dirty so this is great!

  13. Neither of my kids has blankies. Is it weird that I secretly wished they did? Or a favorite snuggle buddy. lol

  14. Yeah, I feel like lysol is a well known brand & the products definitely does a good job! I use lysol product for my toilet cleaner, and it works super well! 🙂

  15. I know ALL about this!! My 7 year old has a lovey that she’s had since her first Easter. It’s this duck head on a small, used-to-be yellow blanket. That thing has traveled from Wall Street to Disney World to Mardi Gras parades. It gets stinky FAST and should probably be ‘thrown away’ (err…I’m too sentimental to actually do that).

  16. My oldest son had “sheepy” which was a sheep stuffed animal. Man, that thing smelled like a sheep sometimes, but thankfully Lysol came to my rescue many times.

  17. Vicki Wurgler says

    Our granddaughter had a pink colored blanket she loved-we bought a duplicate one, so we could wash the dirty one. we usually wash it when she slept.

  18. Neither of my kids were attached to specific blankets. But they do have blankets that they enjoyed to wrap up in all the time and we wash them as often as we do everything else .

  19. Dana Rodriguez says

    No little ones here but I always had this one teddy bear I always carried around when I was a kid. Great giveaway. I love Lysol products!

  20. I don’t have kids who have sanitizing issues but I do have dogs! They have toys and wet towels that would greatly benefit from Lysol so I will try it.

  21. We try to keep her blanky in the stroller with her, but she always throws it overboard. Most floors I will just hand it back to her, but it it hits the floor in a public restroom, it gets washed.

  22. My daughter had a blanky like this too! We still have it tucked away in a tote for her now that she’s 15, but man has it gone a lot of places, lol!

  23. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s good to have lysol around so you can disinfect especially since our babies often put their toys and stuff on the ground even when outside. I really like that this one kills all the germs and you can use it in a washing machine.

  24. Aw, I want a traveling blankey! Oh the wonders of being a child. I wish I could go back!

  25. Angela Saver says

    My son had a blanky when he was young. I kept it clean as I would sneak it away at night when he was asleep.

  26. I remember I absolutely loved my teddy bear and until I lost him he came everywhere with me even when I was a bit too old for a teddy.

  27. My son does have a favorite blankie – I have to sneak it away while he’s sleeping to wash it. Once I realized that he was attached to a particular blanket, I purchased another one exactly the same and occasionally switch them out so I can clean them and we don’t have a meltdown if one goes missing.

  28. Wow.. it is something that I was looking. My son too has this weird habit but couldn’t do anything.

  29. Melissa Storms says

    My son did have a blanky, I still have it put away as a matter of fact. It was hard to keep clean because he dragged it on the floor all the time.

  30. My cousin carries her blanket with her everywhere. We normally try and distract her once a week so we can wash it.

  31. When I was a little girl I used to carry around my blankie all-the-time. Like, always. But, I can imagine the thoughts in my mom’s mind about the cleanliness of it. Totally a help to know that Lysol is here to save the day (or the blankie) nowadays from icky germs!

  32. I didn’t know Lysol had a laundry product. I often wonder if my laundry is getting as sanitized as I would like and I think this would give me more peace of mind.

  33. My kids haven’t had a blanky, but they have definitely had stuffed animals that they love and want with them always. I think I have a lot of uses for that Lysol laundry sanitizer though!

  34. I used to have a blanket I loved when I was a little kid. I don’t know how my mom kept it cleaned. I never knew I might have to ask her and see if it it is still around.

  35. We had a stuffed horse that went EVERYWHERE with our youngest daughter. I would have to sneak it away from her to wash it. She lost it at a movie night earlier this year and surprisingly, handled it really well.

  36. My ten year old son still has his fave blanky he refuses to part with, it’s funny. We actually call him blanky boy, lol. I make sure it gets washed every few days. 😉

  37. My daughter had a small pillow for a long time. It was not easy keeping that clean because she barely wanted to part with it.

  38. I didn’t know this existed! I need to buy some for my boys’ stuffed animals… They’ve never been “blankie babies”, but they’ve always had stuffed animals that they just HAVE to sleep with! This sounds fantastic!

  39. jeremy mclaughlin says

    My sons did not have a blanky, my nephew had one which he had to sleep with every night.

  40. Patricia says

    Mine didn’t like to snuggle up to toys or blankets. They snuggled up with books of all things.

  41. My kids have never been attached to a specific blanket but they always carry random blankets and stuffed animals with them. I love the idea of this product to help me clean all the yuck out.

  42. Darlene Carbajal says

    My niece has lots of blankets and we use them all at once and once they are all dirty, we wash them.

  43. My children are not blanky kids. My son likes to draw and carries his art journal with him.

  44. This is awesome and so many great products that we use in my home. I manage to keep my babies blankets washed thankfully. When they were little I would have to snag them once in the bath or when asleep.

  45. Wendy R. says

    Ok, so I am the blanket freak… lol I have to have the same blanket to sleep and take it wherever we go. Washing often is a big need. 😀

  46. Seyma Shabbir says

    I would usually wash it often but it would ruin the blanket and wear the poor thing out! I would usually get 2 blankets so my sons had a backup!

  47. My daughter had a blanket and it was hard to get away from her to even wash it.

  48. This is great. Doesn’t everyone really have that special blanket?

  49. Elizabeth Brooks says

    One daughter had a teddy blanket.

  50. Anita Jude says

    No my child never had a blanky problem but I would say to wash it often and try to tell them to keep it off the floors.

  51. Tony Gan-Drennen says

    I am the one that the LOVES blankets!! Haha. 30 years old but guilty as charged. My daughter loves them too. She has one that she sleeps with every night and has had since she was born.

  52. I’ve been lucky that out of 4 kids, none of them have had a travel blanky.

  53. Celeste Herrin says

    My grandson went through the blankie phase. I had to sneak it from him at night and wash it at least once a week. Sometimes I had to wash it more often, depending on what he did that day. I remember him waking up looking for it before it got put in the dryer and I thought I would never get him back to sleep without it. Thankfully, he could care less about it now! He’s more into big boy stuff.

  54. Nancy Schools says

    My son had a stuffed polar bear that he took everywhere with him and being white, it got pretty nasty. I washed it whenever I had a chance but it got pretty sad looking.

  55. brittany murrie says

    Oh yes, my son is constantly draggin his blankie around everywhere here at the farm! We keep it cleaning by washing it each and every night!

  56. Jen Freese says

    My boys both had a special stuffed toy. “Moosic Bear” and Teddy. They took regular “baths”. I threw them in a pillow case then into the laundry. I`m sure they weren`t as clean as they should have been but luckily we managed to keep them home most of the time!

  57. Jessica M Miller says

    Both of my babes take their blankie around EVERYWHERE! I think they get that from their Uncle cuz I remember him doing that also.

  58. Melissa Cunningham says

    My son carries his blanket everywhere he always has since he was 10 months old, he’s 9 now. I wash it twice a week because he takes it everywhere!

  59. Dynal Roberson says

    My child loves to bring her blanket everywhere.

  60. Shelly VanDyne says

    My grandson, we use to have to sit and watch the washing machine till his blanket was done being washed he didn’t even want to part with it long enough for it to be washed.

  61. Amy Deeter says

    My daughter would carry it everywhere. When she got a bath, I would put her blankie in the washer and tell her the blankie needs a bath as well.

  62. We just wash wash wash them my kids are older so they are more used in car on road trips or bought down to living room for movie night…

  63. Sabrina Zehner says

    Washing is a must and trying to keep up with them so they can keep it out of the dirt and mud when we get in and out of the car.

  64. amy klinebough says

    Yes, we have had the blankie journey with my 6 yr old autistic son we traveled on the Greyhound with his favorite blankie and, let me tell you, it was nightmare to keep clean. I had to hold it up like a veil the whole time.

  65. The good ole’ blanket it was tough to keep it clean. It went everywhere but once he fell asleep that blanket was in the washer. I did spray it at times with Lysol.

  66. amanda whitley says

    My son has had his blankie for a few years that has been all over. It’s been tough keeping it clean because it never leaves his side so I have to sneak in while he’s sleeping to wash it.

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