Make Mom Feel Beautiful With IT Cosmetics! @ItCosmetics #Giveaway #Ad


    What do you get for the woman who has given you everything?! This year, ItCosmetics is offering a bunch of must-have items that will have all moms feeling beautiful on their special day!

    Now that the weather is expected to get warm here in New York City starting next week, I need to up my game and look my very best.  I even have my spring and summer wardrobe lined up in the closet ready to wear!


Here are some of my favorite IT girl essentials:

Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 5-Piece Face & Eye Getting Started Brush Set – $58

Every woman needs the basic brushes in her makeup bag!  Airbrush 101 is how you get started with brushes! Blend, blur, buff and perfect for a flawless airbrushed finish!


Your Face & Eye Essentials Mini 5-Piece Face & Eye Travel Brush Set – $30

When it comes to brushes, start with the essentials!  A great powder, eye shadow brushes and a liner brush can help get you ready in no time!  4 brushes to line, define, smoke out and blend.  Plus the all-over complexion brush for all your basics from foundation to blush to illuminizer!


Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment – $24

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment is NOW AVAILABLE in a brand-new Rose shade!  This treatment contains essential butters and oils, hyaluronic filling spheres and antioxidants for your softest, smoothest-looking results—and flushes to your perfect rosy pink! Perfect for an IT Mom on-the-go!


 Bye Bye Pores Blush™  – $24

This award-winning Bye Bye Pores™ formula is infused with optical-blurring pigments which instantly diffuse the look of pores and discoloration!  It’s filled with skin-loving ingredients like anti-aging silk, hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants and peptides which will give moms a youthful flush!


    Whether it is for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other special day that celebrates moms, IT Cosmetics is here to help answer the question you face every year – What do you get for the woman who has given you everything?!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the steps in your beauty routine that make you feel beautiful as a mom?


Our Sponsor is giving away an IT Cosmetics Prize Pack (ARV $136) containing each one of my picks above to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Their brushes are super cute! I also love the idea of the pores blush! I’ve never heard of IT Cosmetics so something new for me!

  2. Julie Lundstrom says

    I enjoy having a few minutes to apply make-up. It’s some me time that I treat myself with.

  3. This is an awesome brand. I have a few things from IT cosmetics and I have always been super happy with them.

  4. Melissa Storms says

    I feel beautiful as a mom when I take time to put on my makeup or spend a little extra time on my hair.

  5. Maria Damore says

    I have heard of It cosmetics but have never used their products. I love how I feel when I put makeup on . It makes me feel special.

  6. Kristie Foerster says

    Being a mom of two young children means little sleep for me. So my number one makeup step for confidence is concealer. I have to cover up those dark circles! I also love wearing a daring shade of lipstick!

  7. alicia szemon says

    I think foundation makes me feel beautiful because you can hide anything you do not like but you can still see the natural beauty in yourself.

  8. What makes me feel beautiful in my beauty routine is using quality products, like moisturizers. I think it makes me feel spoiled and like I’m taking great care of my skin! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  9. I recently discovered it cosmetics on a TV commercial. Then I went out and purchased a couple of products and I love them. I definitely want that brush set it would be fantastic to win .

  10. I always feel more beautiful as a mom when I take the time to do my makeup. Even though sometimes I don’t feel like it, I make sure to apply my makeup before I go out. Some of my makeup steps include foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Patricia says

    For me the must beauty routine for my face is using a facial scrub at least once a week followed by a moisturizer.

  12. My kids constantly make me feel beautiful!

  13. I always use a rich, creamy moisturizer because I have dry skin. I also never leave home without mascara. On date nights I add eyeshadow, blush, concealer and lip gloss.

  14. Gifts like these would definitely make someone very happy. I think a nice new set of IT cosmetics brushes would be great.

  15. I’ve never tried IT cosmetics, but now I want to! I am really interested din that Pores blush. Sounds like something I need!!

  16. I would love to win some of these! My makeup routine needs a serious overhaul!

  17. I read somewhere that you need to change your makeup kids every so often, and I am at that point. I love the brushes kit. I agree we all need them in our basic kits 🙂

  18. kelly tupick says

    I like to wash my face at night and in the mornings with Noxema. It helps my face to feel soft and smooth and refreshing. I also like to wear a soft pink lip liner and lip stick. One other thing i really like is a light concealer/ coverup and that really makes my skin look softer.

  19. Jennifer Reed says

    Some of the steps in my beauty routine that help me feel my best are having my hair done, putting on a concealing base to eliminate my redness, and keeping my nails done. These help me feel pretty while still doing mom duty.

  20. I don’t think I’ve had more than five hours sleep a night since my youngest was born, so concealer is a must-have step for me. Otherwise, the bags under my eyes are truly scary 🙂

  21. OH gosh these are perfect for my Mom. She wears a little bit of makeup but like me , not a whole lot. I would love to spoil her for her Birthday in June with these ideas!

  22. Neely Moldovan says

    It cosmetics is one of my fav beauty brands. I use so much of their skincare and makeup!

  23. Soha Molina says

    I like putting on lipstick. Makes me feel glamorous.

  24. Wow this would make a wonderful gift for a mom who loves her makeup… I know a dear friend whose birthday is coming up and she loves her makeup…

  25. I’ll be honest. No beauty routine here but I would LOVE to work on that and add some IT cosmetics. The products look really great!

  26. What a great giveaway and I do like the look of that ‘bye bye pores blush’. It looks like IT Cosmetics has a great selection of products.

  27. I’ve heard of IT Cosmetics, and have only heard great things about them. I’ve never personally given them a try, because I’m sort of addicted to Neutrogena.

  28. I love putting on a little blush, mascara & some lip color just enough to make my face brighten up.

  29. I wish that my mom would wear makeup. She hasnt worn any in 20+ years. I don’t think shes every cared for it. That’s where we are total opposites.

  30. I love when I add my finishing touch of my fave red lipstick. It makes me feel beautiful.

  31. Kristina says

    I really love these brushes. I need new ones and these are beautiful and I think they will work.

  32. Aaaaaaw these look so very cute. I know they are not just cute but I just look the sleek looks and colors.

  33. shelly peterson says

    I make sure I wash my face every night and drink plenty of water. I use face moisturizer daily and I don’t wear much makeup.

  34. Seyma Shabbir says

    I make sure to wash off all makeup before I go to bed, exfoliate once a week and drink water. All these steps help my skin stay clean and free from rash or acne.

  35. Omg I love giveaways! Count me in! I have never tried IT cosmetics but I am thinking I will like it.

  36. I’ve seen the commercial for this! How awesome! I actually don’t have much of a routine. But using my glow lotion from Herbalife really helps me to feel beautiful.

  37. Stephanie Phelps says

    Some of the steps in my beauty routine to make me feel good as a mom is making sure I clean my face and moisturize but getting up and putting on the make up makes me feel good!

  38. Ellie Wright says

    Putting eyeliner and mascara on does it for me. I will skip them on days I don’t feel my best and it always makes me feel like I don’t look my best, also.

  39. Some steps in my beauty routine that I do religiously are moisturizing my face and lips every night. Another thing I like is mascara can’t go without it.

  40. Nice giveaway who does not like good quality make up? I am addicted to it I confess =) Hoping I win thanks Maria!!!

  41. Amy Stonger says

    I have my makeup routine down to a science. I can get it done in under 5 minutes. I keep it simple with foundation blush and mascara. I’m a huge fan of bare minerals.

  42. Andrea v says

    I love how my face feels after washing it in the evening and adding a moisturizer. I try to drink plenty of water so my skin stays hydrated. IT cosmetics have great products.

  43. I love IT cosmetics. They have always been one of my favorite brands, and I don’t think I have ever had anything from them that I don’t like lol. I do think that skin care is the most important part of a beauty routine, including drinking enough water!

  44. Brittany says

    Ooh I love it all especially that blush. I’m always up for getting new makeup! The best is when you get it gifted on Mother’s Day!

  45. Elizabeth O. says

    I honestly have never tried this brand before. I think it’s awesome that they’re giving products away for people to test and enjoy! I’m really interested in that blush!

  46. That’s a lovely gift for moms! Especially if she loves make-up. Those brushes sound amazing and it’s definitely a must have in your make-up kit!

  47. elizabeth miller says

    What makes me feel the best is a nice, light moisturizer. It makes my skin feel soft and refreshed.

  48. katherine Persons says

    I don’t have much time to enjoy this so I just take a few minutes every morning to apply makeup to make me feel prettier.

  49. I love IT Cosmetics, especially their brushes. They are so soft and really help make application easier. They are great gifts for mom and any makeup lover on your list.

  50. I’m a huge fan of It Cosmetics. Their products are so well made and really deliver on their promises. I have one of their brushes and really want to get more.

  51. Great products! Thank you for sharing. I love the je ne sais quoi lip polish! I am going to have to grab it next time I’m in Sephora.

  52. I LOVE IT Cosmetics. I do my best to wash my face with a good cleanser every night!

  53. Love this post! I have to get new makeup soon! The Brushes in this post look great!

  54. Dana Rodriguez says

    These look so nice. I love my beauty routine and it always starts with a great moisturizing ritual.

  55. These are all great. I don’t wear that much makeup anymore, but my daughter would love this. I will have to tell her about it.

  56. I like the travel brush set. I just bought an eyeliner by It Cosmetics and love it. The gel liner is the best.

  57. I love putting on my lipstick and blending it.

  58. misty nelson dawn says

    These are all looks beautiful and such a good giveaway, I think I’m in love with the brushes for applying my make up so quick and the beautiful finish of it.

  59. What a nice giveaway! I really need to be better about washing my face every night!

  60. Putting on my moisturizer helps to wake up my skin. Applying lipstick in different colors helps me to express myself.

  61. carol clark says

    When all is said and done after the kids are up and getting ready I’m doing my hair and getting just mascara on.

  62. This brand is few for me. Hope the products are perfect for sensitive skin.

  63. Feeling and looking my best with a beautiful skincare routine. Drink lots of water to have a constant glow.

  64. Stefanie G says

    I always use moisturizer and eye cream, it’s definitely an important step in my routine. I always wear eyeliner too!

  65. I have always wanted to try this brand, I have heard such great things about their performance

  66. Having time by myself without interruptions while I’m doing my makeup makes me feel the best!!

  67. Applying a moisturizer and mascara (if not other makeup) makes me feel beautiful as a mom. I feel I don’t look so tired when I have mascara on.

  68. One of the most important skincare routine that I have is to wash your face and apply sunscreen if you’re going out. I’ve tried several products of It Cosmetics and I definitely recommend it!

  69. Ooooo so many fabulous products!!! I need new makeup brushes super bad so I would love to get those as a gift!!!

  70. Lissa Crane says

    Some of my beauty routine steps include moisturizing, using a good foundation to cover all my little wrinkles, and putting some mascara on my lashes! I really believe in sticking to a beauty routine even if I’m just sitting on the couch!

  71. Kobi Hensley says

    The best thing to make myself feel beautiful is putting on my lipstick, I accutally use liner and two different lipsticks. Since my fiance loves my smile it makes me feel sexy.

  72. Crissie Woolard says

    What makes me feel beautiful is getting up and putting good quality make up that last and looks good all day! I can go with out some make up, but I have to have my eyes made up if I leave the house!! Thanks for the fun Giveaway

  73. I love makeup I have a bad complexion, I feel foundation helps cover it up & powder. This I do my eyes that makes them look more awake and better.

  74. Jennifer Davis says

    Some of the ways I feel beautiful as a Mom in my beauty routine is when I have the right undereye concealer, black mascara & liner and the perfect shade of lipstick. Of course having a good hair day helps as well!

  75. Vanessa Flores says

    I feel beautiful after exfoliating, washing, toning and moisturizing my skin. It feels so good to have a clean face and smooth. There are days when it’s not but have to love it when it does happen.

  76. Stacey Roberson says

    I always feel better in the morning after I’ve put on moisturizer, mascara and highlighter. I love the glow on my face in the morning. It makes my face feel refreshed and beautiful.

  77. Oh I have to say one of my favorite steps is moisturizing! My face always feels so good and fresh when I am done!

  78. DailyWoman (Lacey) says

    Beauty Steps that help me feel pretty is just putting on my makeup and doing my hair.

  79. Yay for all of the amazing Mama’s out here! We are all the MVP, lol. I really love a simple look with a small contour, one color eyeshadow with a nude lip. It makes me feel pretty!

  80. Joy Venters says

    Some of the things I do to make me feel so special is to get my hair and nails done on a regular basis. I try to make sure that I get 8 hours sleep (Notice the word try) then I get up before anyone else, take a shower, get a cup of coffee and try to relax before the rat race begins.

  81. donna porter says

    I take some time to do my nails, hair and apply some make-up to feel special.

  82. Tammy Shelton says

    I like the BB Creams. They combine a light coverage with a moisturizer. So it’s super fast and easy.

  83. Julie Wood says

    Some of my steps is to have a nice hairdo, and wear blush, eyeshadow and eyliner and mascara. I love wearing makeup and getting all dressed up!

  84. Erika W. says

    As long as I have some eye makeup on, I feel human. Other than that, I’m pretty easy going with the beauty routine.

  85. Lisa Bourlier says

    I enjoy taking the time to do my makeup and skincare routine, it may not happen everyday but always feel good when it does!

  86. These days my beauty routine consists of putting on lotions and moisturizers. I don’t wear make up that much anymore and to tell you the truth my skin has never looked better I get compliments on it.

  87. Adding moisturizer on my always dry skin makes me feel much better and I love wearing mascara.

  88. Stephanie says

    I love putting on makeup!! It makes me feel good and ready for the day!

  89. Tracy Shafer says

    I am not lucky enough to be a mom, but being 50, the right makeup makes me feel like I’m young again!!

  90. Kathy Hanley says

    I like using a gentle facial cleanser to clean my face and then follow with a moisturizer. Once a week I like to do a facial starting with placing a warm wash clothe over my face to open up the pours. I like to do my nails while I’m doing a facial.

  91. HilLesha says

    Two of the most important steps that are part of my everyday beauty routine are thoroughly cleansing my face and applying sunscreen. Then, I feel even more confident whenever I apply on liquid eyeliner and a good mascara. Thanks for the giveaway! I love this brand.

  92. Cynthia C says

    I never leave the house without at least minimal makeup. Foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara are a must for me.

  93. Washing my face at night. Putting on a reinol. Moisturize in morning with sunscreen and drink lots of water during the day!

  94. TRACY PRYOR says

    Exfoliating my skin in a nice warm shower makes me feel great.

  95. Moisturizing well in the morning and evening and covering up my imperfections with concealer.

  96. My makeup process is pretty much very basic. SPF moisturizer, a little foundation, and powder. But once I put on that lipstick I feel extra fabulous! Especially if its a perfect nude or a super bright red.

  97. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I make sure my face is properly cleansed and moisturized. I apply makeup with a light hand, as I am old, and don’t want to look like an old clown!

  98. Tracy Davis says

    I always feel more beautiful as a mom when I take the time to get ready and get out of my t shirt. I love putting on mascara and eyeliner as well as lipliner and perfume.

  99. Brandon T says

    Entering for my wife. She would love this.

  100. robert ditzler says

    My wife is a natural beauty to me but at 50ish she says she needs some help.

  101. Ashley C says

    Using a body scrub helps me to feel beautiful by making my skin feel soft and moisturized! I also love for it to leave a subtle scent to really make me feel beautiful!

  102. I like hydrating moisturizer to soften my usually dry skin.

  103. I go all natural, I don’t feel I need to doll up to be a beautiful mom. Once in a blue moon, I will go the extra mile for my husband and get dolled up, but as far as daily, I do well enough to keep the house clean. My daughter on the other hand is all about her make up.

  104. I like using a good facial wash and moisturizer.

  105. Samantha says

    I always put blush on. It brightens up my face!

  106. denice p says

    On my beauty routine I have to use a primer before I do anything else. My skin has some pock mark and the primer helps smooth them out. I then put on my cover up and it looks good. I take my time doing my make up cause if I don’t it looks bad.

  107. I feel beautiful by eating right, drinking lots of water, taking good care of my skirt with sunscreen and moisturizer.

  108. Emily R. says

    My beauty routine is pretty simple. I use primer, loose powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara & lipstick. The lipstick especially makes me feel put together & beautiful!

  109. Brittney House says

    I like to take some time every night to make sure my skin is healthy. I’ve started a skin care routine that I do once the kids fall asleep. I’m trying to get healthy skin under my makeup as well.

  110. Jean Fischer says

    I don’t wear much makeup, but do make sure I buy a decent foundation and lipstick.

  111. Sherry Barnes says

    Well I really haven’t worn makeup in awhile…..but seeing this brand makes me think I’d like to.

  112. Karen Behrman says

    Simple moisturizing and cleansing each day is what makes me feel beautiful.

  113. susan smoaks says

    I use a tinted moisturizer and I feel like it has my skin glowing. I like that it is simple and easy to do.

  114. Patty Niedert says

    I try to keep my routine simple and budget minded. One of the ways I have always pampered my face is using witch hazel as a toner. It’s very inexpensive and helps keep breakouts to a minimum. It also doesn’t seem to dry my face out like other toners.

  115. April Gupton says

    I start by washing my face and moisturizing. I use IT cosmetics in my routine when putting on my makeup.

  116. iamalighthouse says

    I make sure to use oil to cleanse my face in the morning. I love how it clears and moisturizes!

  117. I just love having a clean face in the morning and evening. I really like to put on some mascara to make me feel pretty.

  118. Janine Hwang says

    I don’t have much time to get ready but I always feel better if I curl my eyelashes! It opens them up.

  119. amanda lea says

    Filling in my brows and mascara are must dos!! Those two things alone make me feel ready to face the world.

  120. Theresa Jenkins says

    My #1 step is when I’m using the bathroom it’s off limits to kids(grandkids and adult ones)…my morning and evening routines are spent with ‘philosophy’ products and I finally found makeup that works for me IT Cosmetics! can’t live without their concealer.

  121. paige chandler says

    Mascara and lip gloss are my must do. Can’t step outside without. Even to get the mail. 🙂

  122. Lindsey Tanberg says

    Some steps in my beauty routine that make me feel beautiful as a mom are first: After waking up drinking a full glass of water and taking my Collagen supplements. Then washing and moisturizing my face. After that I use my bye bye undereye concealer to make it look like a got a solid eight hours of sleep. Thanks for this awesome giveaway opportunity!

  123. Christina Y. says

    When it comes to skincare, I’m very picky about the things that go on my face. The first, and most important step is to always start with clean hands.

  124. I try to follow the three steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

  125. There really isn’t anything in my routine that makes me feel beautiful…guess I haven’t found the right stuff yet.

  126. Kathy Pease says

    Whenever I am going out I always wear makeup and straighten my hair..When I am not going out I like to wear tinted moisturizer. at night I always apply coconut oil to my face and neck before bed.

  127. Jennifer J says

    I am very low maintenance in my beauty routine. A clean face and some moisturizer and I am good to go. If I am going out or it is a special occasion, I will add some eyeliner, mascara and some lipstick. Thank you, I love It Cosmetics!!

  128. Sonya Morris says

    My beauty routine consists of cleaning, moisturizing, and mascara! I may do a little more if I am leaving the house but I am a minimalist when it comes to a beauty routine.

  129. Rachel Freer says

    The thing that makes me feel beautiful is covering my dark circles. My dark circles seem to be a permanent addition since having kids so I always feel more like my old self when they are covered.

  130. Christina Foster says

    I cannot leave the house without straightening my hair. It is quick and easy!

  131. Michelle H. says

    Taking care of my skin makes me feel good about myself.

  132. I like to get manicures. I also like to get pedicures.

  133. Elizabeth P says

    Things that make me feel beautiful as a mom are doing deep oil treatments to my hair. Unfortunately I often don’t have a lot of time for treatments.

  134. Melisa C says

    Just applying makeup, getting my hair done and for once wearing something clean. lol

  135. Crissie Woolard says

    Some of the things that make me feel beautiful as her mom are getting up fixing my hair and putting make up on. And for some reason I cannot leave the house without my make up on because I look so sick. LOL. I’m going and getting A massage or getting your hair done also makes me feel beautiful. I have heard great things about it make up and would love to give it a try. Thanks so much for the chance to win this fun giveaway.

  136. Kayla Klontz says

    I feel beautiful when I cover the dark circles under my eyes and the other blemishes I have. Concealer is a must.

  137. My beauty routine always starts with a good facial cleanser, then toner, then serum then moisturizer! As a busy Mom I always start with under eye concealer before the rest of my makeup!

  138. laura bernard says

    Taking a hot shower and brushing my hair!

  139. Elizabeth Brooks says

    These brushes look awesome. I need mascara and lotion to look beautiful.

  140. Anita Jude says

    I like putting on moisturizer daily and doing facials.

  141. Misty Lindsay says

    I excercise daily, get great sleep every night and always eat right. I also use lotion every day which I think helps a lot with my skin and I drink plenty of water.

  142. amanda whitley says

    The steps in my beauty routine that make me feel beautiful is to keep my face clean for starters. Also I like to keep my makeup looking natural. I like to add just a little pop of color somewhere.

  143. Darlene Carbajal says

    I always exfoliate and moisturize!

  144. I do a weekly mask. I also like to exfoliate my entire body and apply thick lotion to sleep in. I wake up with smooth skin!

  145. Stephanie Liske says

    I just like to wash my face, I love to put lotion on and relax. It feels good to just get a moment to yourself.

  146. Trisha McKee says

    I feel beautiful when I take the time to contour. And also when i curl my hair. I think it is so important to take those extra steps, especially as mothers, so we don’t forget that we are more. We are still us. Ourselves. And we deserve to feel beautiful because we are beautiful.

  147. Breanna Pollard says


  148. S. Carter says

    I feel beautiful when I have just done my nails! Seems so simple but it makes me feel polished.

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