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Sick Day Survival Kit

    Those of you who also follow me on social media know that my younger son is asthmatic.  As a result, we spend quite a bit of time fighting off upper respiratory infections during the winter.  The moment that the temperatures drop here in New York City, we have to keep the house stocked with everything that he needs to be comfortable when he gets sick.

    We have all experienced a sick day from time to time. Whether it is with little ones or ourselves, it is always good to have a Sick Day Survival Kit prepared for that moment. Read more about 5 must-haves for every sick day survival kit for kids.  

These 5 necessities include:

  • Tissues and thermometer
  • Cough and Cold Medicines
  • Humidifier and Blankets
  • Entertainment in the form of DVDs
  • Plenty of fluids to stay hydrated

    Make sure that you keep all of these items on hand so you can brave any sick days you might experience this winter.  Nobody likes to be sick but, sometimes we don’t have a choice, and it is better to be prepared in advance than to be caught off guard.  After all, why suffer when you can start to feel better sooner than later? 

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the items that you keep in your sick day survival kit for you and your kids?


Sick Day Survival Kit

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  1. I make sure my daughter is comfy in her bed with the tv remote, a box of tissues and water or juice.
    Thank you!

  2. We try to get plenty of vitamin c in our household, to attempt to ward off colds.

  3. We have chicken noodle soup and lay on the couch.

  4. susan smoaks says

    My survival tip is to stay in bed and watch TV and sleep all day.

  5. Barbara Montag says

    My best sick day survival tip is to get as much rest as possible.
    thank you

  6. Stay hydrated and rest.

  7. Make your kids as comfortable as possible on the couch or in bed with access to television. Drink lots of fluid and encourage them to rest.

  8. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Sick Day Survival Tips Is To Relax, Be Comfortable. Have A Stock Of Medicine, Tea, Dvd’s.

  9. Lipton Cup of soup (chicken noodle) and tea with honey. Very soothing when you’re sick.

  10. I definitely need my diffuser near me! Ever since discovering essential oils, I feel as though the Eucalyptus smell has been so great in clearing up my sinuses!

  11. Vicki Wurgler says

    Sleep and a lot of movies.

  12. What a good list. So often when sickness occurs around here, I’m missing some of these things!

  13. This is a great kit! Love watching movies when sick and doing very little else.

  14. Our sick day survival kit at home consists of medication for cough and cold, fever and pain relief. We also have anti-histamines, and fever patches. My son is also prone to allergies and is very sensitive to weather changes, so we stock up on ventolin and combivent for the nebulizer.

  15. I like to make sure I’m stocked up as soon as I have the slightest feeling that I might be getting sick. I like your survival kit necessities.

  16. We try to get plenty of Vitamin C in this household, and I always have chicken noodle soup on hand!

  17. What a fun kit for when you are sick. It would make it just a little better and hopefully pass the time.

  18. Movies for sick days are a must. It helps keep the sick kids occupied in between naps, meals and medicine.

  19. There’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself to the store when you are sick. Having a sick day survival kit will come in handy.

  20. My best sick day survival tip is to get as much rest as possible and drink lots of liquids.

  21. Donna Clifford says

    Drink lots of water, rest, and read a good book.

  22. Julia Barnes says

    I eat a can of chicken noodle soup and drink lots of water.

  23. Water, neti pot and sleep.

  24. For sick days, I usually camp out on the couch with cozy blankets and Netflix.

  25. My best tip is to have the necessities (Vick’s, tissues, cough drops) on hand and ready to go for when your kids get sick.

  26. Yes – my best tip is to always have a backup person to take your sick kid from school in case you are stuck at work and cannot!

  27. My grandbaby likes a nice warm bath and plenty of cuddles.

  28. A cup of hot tea with honey is helpful.

  29. I always keep pedialyte, ibuprofen and some type of vitamins on hand.

  30. My kids get lots of rest when they are sick.

  31. Figure out a way to sleep.

  32. A sick day survival must is lots of rest.

  33. We keep Ibuprofen, Vitamin C gummies and Pedialyte stocked in case of sicknesses.

  34. Best thing is to say no (hard for me) and get rest, drink a lot of orange juice and chicken soup, and water and use a humidifier.

  35. Vikki Billings says

    I always keep Children’s Advil on hand for my grandchildre, chicken noodle soup and 7up. Then I make sure they have a warm blanket, fluffy pillow and lots of videos to watch because rest is the best when sick!

  36. Janice Gabriel says

    I always go for the chicken noodle soup and the TLC!

  37. My tip is isolation! Try to keep the sick ones with me and dad takes care of everything else.

  38. Lots of chicken soup, herbal tea and tissues with lotion.

  39. Cold & flu season means getting plenty of liquids, hot or cold, into our kids…plus plenty of rest !

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