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Screen Time

    If your children are like mine, they love technology and are very savvy at navigating all of their electronic devices.  As parents, we all want our kids to be in step with today’s modern times because we know that technology is evolving daily and will open many doors for them in the future.  The problem is that sometimes young people become consumed with their tablets and smartphones and don’t know how to use them in moderation.

Screen Time 

    Thankfully, us parents have The Screen Time app in our arsenal.  It provides parents with the management tools to limit the time that kids spend on their devices. It is available for both iOS and Android users and is a wonderful resource for parents who want to establish boundaries when it comes to their children’s screen time.

Screen Time

    The Screen Time allows parents to automatically limit the amount that their child spends on selected apps each day.  You can even block certain apps from ever being used and block access to certain apps during school time hours.  This way, kids can browse the web for educational purposes but not waste time playing games instead of doing their homework.

Screen Time

    My husband and I also love that we can block certain apps between configurable bedtime hours.  This means that after lights out, all apps will be blocked and cannot be accessed.  It’s a great way to reinforce weekday routines that promote healthy habits and allow children to be more productive academically.  The best part is that you can add multiple devices for each child and share settings across all of these devices.

Screen Time

    We also use the Screen Time App to encourage our boys to complete their chores, even the ones they don’t enjoy doing.  We simply reward them with more Screen Time for completing these tasks and you would be surprised how quickly their attitude changes.  This is a great way to teach them responsibility and the concept of earning privileges through hard work.

Screen Time

Earning some extra screen time while he waits for me at the nail salon.

    The Screen Time app allows me to be in complete control of the amount of time that my sons spend on their tablets and smart phones. Get started today and receive a FREE 14 day trial of Screen Time Premium!  There is no time like the present to teach your children the value of prioritizing their time and enjoying technology in moderation.

Screen Time

Let’s Discuss:  How do you feel about using the Screen Time app to limit the amount of time your children spend on their devices?

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  1. They didn’t have anything like this when my oldest first got his phone years ago. It sounds like a good idea for kids that can choose when they’re on their devices.

  2. THIS app is genius! I mean, so easy to use and perfect for parents in monitoring screen time! Love how well this app works!

  3. This is great! I have a 1st grader and this will be a great way for her to learn and also be more responsable 😀

  4. My teens got their phone at age of 10 or 11 although they have still limit until now. This screen time could be a help.

  5. I limit the kids screen time each day, I hate that everything these days is practically a screen and has them hooked to the web! They can learn a ton yes but they’d have a lot more to gain from being away from the screens and in the real world.

  6. This sounds really awesome! It would be great to have an app that helps control it 🙂

  7. My kids are too young but we try our best so they don’t get addicted to gadgets and the like. But I guess that’s inevitable when they grow up so an app like this is a great idea!

  8. What a great and wonderful app for parents! My mom tries to monitor my little sisters time and we have found ways but this would make everything so much easier! Thanks for the review!

  9. This sound like a good idea for kids. My niece is only allowed 20 mins screen time at the moment.

  10. I definitely need to control my own screen time! It’s gotten really bad lately since I’m participating in these FB threads. So once my blogging is over, it’s not REALLY over!

  11. I like the idea of this app…not sure the kids would like it much. we do limit screen time, their behaviour is much worse when they have been on their gadgets for too long.

  12. This is a great idea and a great app to control kids with technology. Loved the idea and app. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. I love the idea of that app. What a great way to keep track of everything and to guarantee that the kids are not accessing their apps after bedtime or when they are supposed to be doing other things!

  14. This looks like such a great idea! I like the idea of doing chores to earn more screen time!

  15. My children are all grown up now and my grandchildren are still too young to be interested in mobile apps. I think this is a good idea, to be able to monitor and limit your child’s screen time. I will recommend this to my sister, who has kids aged 13 and 11. I think this is going to help her a lot.

  16. I think it is an interesting idea. I would have a hard time with it in my house because as a social media manager and blogger I spend so much time with screen time that I would not want to see hypocritical.

  17. Misty Dawn Nelson says

    This is absolutely sounds interesting for me and this is a good idea for my son. Glad you shared this with us.

  18. I think its so important to limit screen time for everyone, kids included. Mine earn their screen time and even then its limited. This is a really great app!

  19. I love this! I am always battling with my son about screen time!

  20. Extra video games is HUGE currency for my son. If he does good listening (he’s only 5) and completes his task, he gets extra time!

  21. Okay! This is just so cool. I have little ones but my four year old loves the tablet or playing on phones or even watching movies. This app would be perfect for her. Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. My kids and I just started a screen time system. I noticed they were watching way too much so we started only allowing it for an hour in the evening while I cook.

  23. This is such a cool app! My boyfriend’s seven year old LOVES his ipad, xbox, wii, etc. I really wish we could find a way to manage the time he uses these devices more and help encourage him to do more hands-on productive activities. I may have to try this app out!

  24. Oh wow, what a great idea!! This sounds like an amazing app for parents to monitor their kids’ use of electronic devices! Something that I think is pretty important with how addictive they can be – especially for young children!

  25. Wow, so cool for parents! This is such a great tool, very awesome of you to share.

  26. I love this idea! I will definitely have to look into this app. Right now I think our kids spend too much time on their iPads.

  27. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I feel like my kids and I ALL Have our faces in some sort of device ALL THE TIME. I could really use this for myself too!!!

  28. Ok this sounds like a great app! maybe not just for kids but adults too! I think many of us spend too much time on our phones and tablets!

  29. That’s such a smart way to make sure that your child is not spending too much time in front of a computer or tv! I feel that nowadays kids need to run around more and play sports as opposed to stick to their mobile devices! It’s great that there are companies that help parents to limit the exposure to technology!

  30. I absolutely love this idea! My boys both love being on their tablet but it’s gotten a bit out of hand. I took it away for a bit and am forcing them to play with their Legos, color or draw, or read a book! Looking forward to weather more-conducive to them going outside!

  31. Wow, love that we can limit screen time for kids. My girl gets so addicted when she starts watching. This is an amazing product!

  32. I know I am a bad parent but I give my kids almost no boundaries for their phone and tablet time. This new app does seem like the right way to keep them in control for their own good, thanks.

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