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Screen Time

    With the holidays approaching, many kids will be receiving electronic devices that will likely increase their daily screen time.  If you are the kind of parent that I am, you want to be able to manage that time safely and productively.  

    Although we want to encourage our children to be technologically savvy, there are times when it is important to limit how much time they spend on these devices.  Additionally, monitoring their screen time is a great way to make sure that they are visiting child-friendly websites and safely interacting with others online.

Screen Time

    The Screen Time app provides concerned parents like me with the management tools to proactively supervise my sons’ time on their devices.  It is available for both iOS and Android users and it empowers parents be more in control of how much time their children spend online.  

    Some of the app’s features that I really love are the fact that it allows me to set daily time limits on their phones and tablets during bedtime and on school nights.  I’m able to restrict specific apps to make sure they don’t spend too much time staring at a screen when they are supposed to be getting rest.

Screen Time

    As an educator, I understand the importance of both of my boys getting a healthy balance of both off and online activities.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has even released guidelines for parents to use as a reference suggesting how much screen time kids should have daily.  

Here are some of the other benefits for parents of using the Screen Time app:

  • Get web and app reports everyday
  • See which apps your child downloaded and approve before install
  • Block apps
  • Use one account for your family, unlimited devices
  • Use your phone to make screen time changes on-the-go
  • Give your partner, relatives and other carers access
  • Prevent kids from uninstalling Screen Time
  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Amazon devices

    Screen Time allows me to manage the amount of time that my sons spend on their tablets and smart phones.  Get started today and receive a FREE 14 day trial of Screen Time Premium!  We are taking back control of our family time this holiday season and you can too!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you limit your child’s screen time in today’s modern technological times?

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  1. I always try and make sure that my younger brothers and sister spend a lot less time on their Xbox and iPad when I’m home from Christmas. Family time is a lot more important that the latest technology, especially over Christmas. 🙂

  2. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! My tweens are on their phones constantly, even when we watch a movie. (Sad and annoying) I am downloading this immediately…

  3. I always find that my kid does much better when I manage her time online. I am really glad I discovered how to do this.

  4. What a great idea; I will definitely recommend this app to my friends who have kids. Parental control is very important especially when it comes to gadgets.

  5. I can definitely use an app like this. My son loves playing computer games and watching YouTube videos. He would do it from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep if I would let him.

  6. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    What an awesome screen time manager. It’s so helpful so you don’t have to stare at a clock all the time!

  7. I have never read any post which describes this thing with formulas and so scientifically. This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I really need to work on the amount of screen time my oldest kiddo gets. It is hard to keep him entertained while I tend to his brother.

  9. We were just at the pediatrician and they asked me about screen time. I cringed a bit and told a white lie. Screen time can easily get out of control!

  10. These are some seriously great tips! I have a friend with a young child, and I’m definitely passing along this wonderful read to her. She will definitely find this helpful 🙂

  11. This sounds really useful! My children are really into their tablet and I love being able to manage what they do on it.

  12. This is excellent advice. Especially checking the activity every day. My granddaughter downloaded $80 worth of coins or something WHILE being monitored! Had we checked the daily activity, we’d have seen it.

  13. Oh boy we’ve already been struggling with screen time. I have a great routine during normal weeks, but we’ve been traveling so much and they’ve been watching a lot more than normal.

  14. This is so great! Ill definitely be downloading this for my 2 year old who seems to love the ipad/phone more and more each day!

  15. This is very useful post. You really thought it through, and I do agree with you. I dunno why but it seems that a lot of people think presents = gadgets nowadays. But it’s good if parents are well informed about this so they can manage the use of gadgets!

  16. This is such a huge need! I know my kids spend entirely too much time on their phones.

  17. Elizabeth O says

    Our kids grew up in a different time and so screen time is at a higher level than it was for us parents. Managing it and letting them know why is important.

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