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    It’s Halloween night and you’re just settling in for a scary movie marathon when…“Trick-or-treat!” Every Halloween, Netflix pause rates spike as viewers around the country get up to give out candy. But this year, you can stay inside while Netflix handles Halloween—for you and your ghoulish guests.

    The Netflix Halloween Doorbell welcomes trick-or-treaters with spooky sounds and music from your favorite Netflix shows and points them to candy, so you can treat yourself to a night of non-stop spooky streaming.

How it works:

    The Netflix Halloween Doorbell is hung right over your existing doorbell, temporarily hiding it from trick-or-treaters. As trick-or-treaters approach the house, a proximity sensor in the doorbell triggers the theme song from your chosen Netflix show. Pressing the doorbell initiates a scream from that show’s characters and reveals a customizable message to your costumed guests on an LCD display screen.


Stream & Scream Halloween Guide:

    Halloween may only be one day of the year, but with this ultimate guide to streams and screams, there’s enough spooky titles and inspiration to get you in the Halloween spirit all year long.


     I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix as I’m writing this post.  Thank goodness that my husband has taken over the candy distribution duties for this Halloween evening.  This is exactly what I have been looking forward to all day while I was at work.  I think this just may become a tradition in our home, me binge watching Netflix and Hubby taking care of candy duty!

Let’s Discuss:  How did you spend this Halloween evening and did Netlix configure into your plans tonight?

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  1. This will add more thrill to the Halloween fun. I want this doorbell for next year.

  2. Absolutely fascinating that their pause rates spike on Halloween…but totally makes sense! And what a clever idea for the doorbell that makes sounds!

  3. I get the dvds in the mail so I never get the seasonal movies in time, there’s always a long line for them. The door bells sounds awesome!

  4. Very cool!! I have never heard of this. Sounds like my kind of evening though, since I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls recently!! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  5. I love to stream on Netflix!!! What a fun doorbell for Halloween, I would love to get this for next year.

  6. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    Oh wow this is so cool! I wish we had known about it. Cant wait to show my hubs!

  7. We don’t celebrate Halloween but didn’t pass in an opportunity to watch Netflix yesterday.

  8. Jena Proctor says

    How neat! I’ve never seen this before! I love that its customized!

  9. Only one group showed up at my door–after I was already in bed. Okay–so it was only 8:30 PM and they were from my building. Yes, I got up and handed out the candy that thankfully I had remembered to get!

  10. CourtneyLynne says

    We took my daughter trick or treating and shockingly didn’t watch anything on Netflix lol… every other night of the week we are usually binge watching something!

  11. Elizabeth O says

    Nothing changed in my household. My kids are older now so, no more trick – a – treating for us. It was good to just kick back and chill.

  12. Wow, that is too cool! It is crazy the things that they are coming out with. We spent our entire evening handing out candy. There were so many kids that I could not even shut my door!

  13. Halloween was an okay night for us, the homes had lights off more often than not though which disappointed the kiddos. Hoping next year is better. 😉

  14. We stayed away from the tv last night but totally love netflix and all that it has for any age group.

  15. I didn’t watch Netflix on Halloween because be were too busy. But I love Netflix and we watch it all the time.

  16. Wow! That is so cool! We spent Halloween night at gymnastics practice. Halloween isn’t that big here in Norway yet so not a lot of kids go trick or treating.

  17. That is such a cool tutorial! Netflix has all the best movies, especially on holidays. It’s so great being able to find something we haven’t seen a million times or movies we haven’t seen at all!

  18. That is so fun! We took our kids out trick or treating for a while. They’re all pretty little so not for too long. Then we came home and binge watched our favorite show on Netflix!

  19. This sounds so cool! We aren’t a scary house yet, my kids refuse to go to some of the scary houses on our street 🙂

  20. What a cool idea! We went to a Halloween party for the kids which was great fun and the first year we did it. Unfortunately because of where we live we don’t get many trick or treaters but this looks awesome!

  21. I passed out the candy, we watch netflix a lot because we have cable but I don’t think we ended up watching anything particular that night.

  22. Love Netflix! We watched a few Halloween classics and I’m making my holiday movie requests next!

  23. We cancelled cable 6 years ago and have been using Netflix ever since. I am always on there catching up on my favorite shows and movies. It is seriously the best! The kids love it too!

  24. We should never let candy get in the way of binge watching! I really love that netflix prepares for the season to offer us a lot of choices for Halloween! That’s what I do on my down time as well, binge watch shows in netflix!

  25. Netflix is a huge part of my life. I didnt watch any scary movies this year but I am always looking forward to Netflix directory for holiday movies and content.

  26. Haha what!? That Halloween doorbell sounds so amazing lol. I didn’t Netflix this year but I did watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the first time Halloween night with friends.

  27. Netflix is definitely one of our favorite ways to enjoy movies! So many options for things from the past and of course the present to share as a family.

  28. Krystle Cook says

    I am in love with that doorbell! How absolutely fun for the Halloween season. I will have to think of something like this next year.

  29. Looks like you had a great Halloween this year! We had a blast dressing up at the “James Bond” family.. dog included!

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