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It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


    We’ve officially entered October, which means that every child in America is busy counting down to Halloween! In addition to the costumes and the candy, the most beloved Halloween tradition in America has to be the annual airing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! And this year marks the 50th Anniversary of that beloved television special. (I know: Impossible to believe that Linus has been waiting for the Great Pumpkin for 50 years!)

    I can still remember spreading a big, fuzzy blanket on the living room floor and laying with my siblings in anticipation of this Halloween special.  It was a tradition in our household to watch it every year on television when it aired!

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    So we have a special Halloween-themed giveaway this month, featuring all the charm, warmth, and delight of a Great Pumpkin night:

First, put the spice in life with adorable Linus and Snoopy salt and pepper shakers from Hallmark.

Then add color to your life with an It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown coloring set, containing 10 colored pencils and 46 illustrated cards with text and images to color.

Finally, bring all the warmth of Peanuts into your life with a “velvetsoft” Snoopy blanket from Berkshire Blanket. Measuring 55 inches by 70 inches, it is sure to keep you and the family cozy on cool fall nights.

Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Let’s Discuss:  What are your favorite Halloween memories from your childhood?


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  1. Excellent prizes for a wonderful anniversary!

  2. Michelle C says

    Some of my favorite halloween memories include having costumes made by my grandma and trick or treating with my best friend!

  3. I remember dressing up in school for Halloween parties. It was fun to see all of the costumes.

  4. My favorite memory from when I was a child was going door to door up and down the street all over town with my friends (times were different back then) and collecting oodles of candy! And yes, even as an adult I adore Charlie Brown and his whole gang!!

  5. Julie Wood says

    My favorite Halloween memories are with my Mom getting me all dressed up and taking me trick or treating. It was so fun. My Mom made our Halloween costumes and she made them really good for all 8 kids!!

  6. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My son is almost 4 and is in love with Charlie Brown! We’ve already watched the Charlie Brown Halloween movie about 15 times. He would love this blanket and take it everywhere.

  7. Maryann D. says

    My favorite Halloween memory is when my mom made an costume for me of a gypsy and put all kinds of jewelry on me to wear. I enjoyed that day.

  8. I loved dressing up in my costume and trick or treating with my sisters. Our favorite part was coming back home and dumping out our bags to compare what we got!

  9. Stephanie Phelps says

    I remember riding on my my Dad’s shoulders when I got to tired to walk so that I could keep going!

  10. susan smoaks says

    I remember going to the shed to get the trunk with the costumes and picking out which costume I was going to wear that year. I liked that.

  11. Tracy Davis says

    My favorite memory is carving pumpkins and dressing up in my Halloween costume.

  12. I loaned my boy cousin an Indian outfit I had outgrown. He won a prize and I didn’t! Oh, well…

  13. My favorite memory was going with my loved aunt trick or treating. She passed when I was 7.

  14. Charlene S. says

    My fave was making my costumes with my Mom and Trick-or-Treating with my Dad.

  15. I have fond memories of going to my grandparents to trick or treat. They lived in a HUGE neighborhood and every year we would go over to trick or treat. I also recall going over there to watch the Charlie Brown shows on tv too.

  16. Kim Henrichs says

    My favorite memories definitely include picking out a costume. My mom made most of them so it was fun.

  17. I remember Charlie Brown when I was younger!! I love that younger generations can enjoy the movie as well.

  18. I remember when I was younger when we went to haunted house in high school. Was a great way to out with friends.

  19. I remember my mom making 2 of my costumes. Pocahontas and a blue M&M.

  20. We used to love watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as kids too! My favourite memories are of my dad decorating the house for Halloween and playing scary records.

  21. Danielle Day says

    I would think the Christmas memories were the best. We kids would wake up earlier then usual sometimes trying to stay up all night and run over to the tree and see what presents arrived. It was fun.

  22. Julia Barnes says

    I remember my Mom helping us make our costumes every year. She refused to buy them.

  23. I love whenever me and my family would go trick or treating and get dinner afterwards.

  24. I love Charlie Brown so much, this is a great gift set to give away for sure! I would love to win something like this since I Love Charlie Brown so much 🙂

  25. I remember doing the old fashioned trick or treating from house to house. After we were done it was pizza night. I love dressing up.

  26. My favorite Halloween memory is when my mom made us matching cat costumes. They were warm and cute!

  27. Ellie Wright says

    My favorite is when I was 6. I dressed as Cinderella and my mom took me to my dad’s job where he had to work that night, and he took me around to show me off.

  28. Jen Rodrigues says

    Favorite Halloween memories from my childhood was going with my cousins together and going our biggest street in town all up and down the street home to home for a couple hours. Best night ever.

  29. Soha Molina says

    I loved going with my friends.

  30. My father put a white t-shirt on the dog so she’d also have a costume when we went out trick-or-treating. Things were a lot different back then….

  31. Renee Walters says

    My favorite memory from when I was a child was watching out the window waiting for my Dad to come home from work to take my sister and I trick-or-treating. I was so excited!

  32. Cindy Merrill says

    One year I went as a scare crow and it was a lot of fun, collected a large amount of candy. This year I’m taking the Grand kids Trick or Treating.

  33. Raina DelRio says

    My favorite Halloween memories are watching the Great Pumpkin on TV, going to McDonald’s to get a happy meal so we could have a trick or treat bucket and wearing those plastic costumes with the masks on an elastic string.

  34. kelly tupick says

    I loved dressing up and going trick or treating with the whole family. I remember all us kids going out and just laughing and having a good time.

  35. I remember being so excited about Halloween and my costumes, but for some reason it would always snow and we had to wear our snow coats over our beautiful costumes!

  36. patricia skinner says

    My favorite memories are wearing the costumes and going around the neighborhood.

  37. Vicki Wurgler says

    Favorite would be when my mother made a princess costume for me. I loved it and wore it long after Halloween.

  38. Nancy Loring says

    My favorite halloween memories are of me and my friends getting all excited about trick or treating. We didn’t get a lot of candy any other time of the year so Halloween was a big thing for us. I made my candy last for months where my sister and brother ate theirs pretty quickly.

  39. Sarah Hayes says

    I loved going out with my family for Halloween. wed go out to eat and go to the mall.

  40. One of my favorite Halloween memories was dressing up as a majorette when I was a young girl. I had always wanted to be a majorette, but never had the opportunity, so I took the opportunity to dress up as one instead. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. paula skeans says

    I remember going with all my cousins trick or treating. We always had the best time and made everlasting memories. We would hit downtown while it was open.

  42. Brittney House says

    My favorite memory was when it was raining really hard so there were no other trick or treaters out. We still went out and got handfuls of candy because everyone wanted to get rid of it.

  43. megan tilley says

    My favorite was always going trick or treating with my cousins! We had such a blast.

  44. Umm…I wasn’t a child at the time (LOL), but my boyfriend made a rocket to sit down over my wheelchair. I had an awesome alien mask that I wore, and I carried a ray gun. We put a can with dry ice in the back of the rocket with a small rubber hose that we snaked through it and up into my mask. I could blow into the hose to make ‘smoke’ pour out the back. It looked like the rocket was launching! It was a fantastic costume…so creative of him!

  45. Always enjoyed trick or treating or handing out candy to the trick or treaters.

  46. Elizabeth O says

    Charlie Brown and the gang were part of my childhood memories so it’s nice to see it going strong. What a lovely giveaway for kids to enjoy! 🙂

  47. Mary Cloud says

    My favorite memory is going trick or treating. I remember one year my brother’s friend dressed as a werewolf and jumped out of the trees scaring us kids. It wasn’t funny then but to me it’s hilarious now.

  48. beth shepherd says

    One of my favorite memories as a child was walking around with my best friend Sydney. We would always go to the grandparents houses and get homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples. It was awesome growing up in a small town.

  49. Susan Chester says

    My favorite memory is going trick or treating with my sister. We would go to so many houses and get tons of candy. My sister and I would spend hours swapping candy with each other.

  50. Dawn Monroe says

    I remember being excited to dress up like Wonder Woman. It was one of the plastic masks with a string and holes for the eyes and a plastic tie on cape.

  51. Seyma Shabbir says

    My favorite memory is dressing as Elvira for Halloween. I loved watching the show with my mom and sister!

  52. Mine was going to the mall on Halloween night to do my trick or treating. My birthday is on Halloween Eve, so I’m always partial to this holiday.

  53. My favorite memory is carving pumpkins,going trick or treating and dressing up.

  54. Brenda Haines says

    As an 80s child, I got to wear those awesome plastic costumes. Lol! I remember my princess costume turning to shreds with every step. By the end of the night, all that was left was the mask.

  55. I loved getting to spend time with my dad trick or treating. He always took me out no matter what!

  56. Lorraine Dockery says

    My favorite memory as a child was shopping and making my costume with my mom. She always made my costumes and did a great job!

  57. My favorite childhood memories of Halloween are dressing up in a great costume and going trick or treating around the neighborhood. I used to love seeing the other kids in their costumes and I used to love getting all of that candy.

  58. My favorite Halloween memory was the first time I went for trick or treating with my nieces when I came to the US 10 years ago.
    Thank You

  59. My favorite memory is when my mom made my costume. It was pretty fun!

  60. Stephanie Grant says

    My favorite Halloween memory from my youth has to be spending my afternoons after school watching all the Halloween cartoons. It’s such a shame that none of the good old Halloween cartoons come on anymore so I could share them with my son.

  61. Michelle Coles says

    My favorite Halloween memory was going to Halloween parties, watching scary movies and of course going trick or treating with all my friends!

  62. Kathy Borgen says

    My favorite memories about Halloween are making up our own costumes with friends with funny clothes and makeup (we didn’t spend any money on costumes) and trick or treating through our whole small town for 3-4 hours. We used a pillowcase and made our candy last until into the Christmas season. Living in Minnesta, sometimes the costumes had to be big enough to go over the winter coats. Fun memories!

  63. My mom used to make our costumes. SO every year me and my sister would always win the best costume awards.

  64. Leigh Anne Borders says

    One of my favorite things I did as a child was go to my grandmothers for trick or treating. We would arrive early and eat dinner. She lived a HUGE neighborhood so we would start early and end late.

  65. aaron reck says

    Costumes and of course the candy. It was fun to go out as well and just enjoy the night.

  66. Austin Baroudi says

    Going to a pretty scary haunted house with my high school girlfriend was probably the most memorable Halloween I’ve ever had. It was just so much fun! Thanks so much for the chance!

  67. Elizabeth J. says

    I loved going trick or treating and eating my mom’s yummy chili and breadsticks on Halloween! I also loved carving pumpkins time, too!

  68. Julie Lundstrom says

    I have liked watching The Peanuts over many years with my kids as they have grown. I still like watching it now and will with my grandchildren in the years to come.

  69. Annmarie W. says

    I loved going trick or treating! And the best was the year I dressed as Lucy from the Peanuts!

  70. Allyson becker says

    My favorite childhood memories are multi fold. The main one involves my grandfather and his love for the Flying Ace. He was a pilot and he always had the Flying Ace on the side of the plane. I also remember this beat up Snoopy which sat on his desk. Now, it was passed on to me, and even though it is is flaking and in bad shape, I still cherish it, because it was my grandfather’s.

  71. I love snoopy and my best memories is trying to hit every street in my neighborhood if we conquered that goal we were the #1 Trick or Treaters.

  72. As a child, one year I was very creative and made a robot costume out of cardboard boxes and plastic tubing, complete with blinking lights. It even had a special door that opened on the front to insert the candy. It was quite a hit. Thank you for the chance to win.

  73. Jessica Ruggiero says

    I loved going trick or treating with my mom when I was really little. We would look at all the neat costumes together.

  74. I remember going to the Carney’s Store in town to pick out a boxed halloween costume. One year I was Cinderella. The mask was so hot and scratchy but I wore it anyways.

  75. I just loved dressing up each year.

  76. B Alexandra says

    I remember my parents would go all out for Halloween. They would make a huge spider web on the side of the house with string and then a graveyard. It is still my favorite holiday because they loved it so much and instilled that in us kids.

  77. Dressing up and going out with friends is my favorite memory.

  78. We didn’t celebrate Halloween… which in turn, has caused me to go overboard with my kids lol

  79. Kenneth Helmick says

    I used to always dress as a clown for halloween. I guess you can’t really do that anymore. #ClownLivesMatter

  80. Jill Myrick says

    We love dressing up and going trick or treating in our neighborhood. Most people made goodies such as fudge or cookies and you never had to check your candy. My mom always made popcorn balls and caramel apples and there would be huge lines at our door. I miss the simpler times like that.

  81. I loved piling in the car to go to Grandma’s house before Trick or Treating started. She also gave us the best candy. Then we would Trick or Treat our neighbors and relatives, which were often the same people.

  82. Carolyn Daley says

    My favorite Halloween memory was the year my mom passed on her senorita costume to me.

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