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    Over the past two months, my son has been sick on and off with what we though was just a back to school cold.  It turns out that the change of seasons has triggered his allergies and caused him to be congested and just generally feeling miserable.  Many people don’t know that while a cold will typically clear up within 7-10 days, allergy symptoms can linger for weeks or even months.  Believe it or not, there are more allergy triggers in the fall.

    The symptoms for all allergies are the same, regardless of whether they present themselves in the spring or fall. Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, headache, sinus pressure are some of the more common ones.  Allergy triggers that arise during the fall include weed pollens, like ragweed and mold allergies.  

    Certain foods like bananas, melon and zucchini can also be a trigger for those allergic to ragweed.  Dust mites are a common allergen during this time as well. When you start to close up your house when the weather gets cooler, old blankets and quilts could be hosting dust mites that can be an irritant.


    Symptoms can usually be controlled with treatment. Nasal saline, decongestants and over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines may help relieve symptoms as well.  This is exactly how we have been treating our son since the onset of his allergy symptoms this fall.  He is currently taking an antihistamine every morning and evening and it has greatly reduced his allergy symptoms which makes this mom very happy.

    If you are struggling to feel well, see a healthcare provider.  At MinuteClinic, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants can recommend the right course of over-the- counter medications and write prescriptions when medically appropriate.  They can review your medical history, perform a physical exam, analyze your symptoms and decide on a treatment plan.  


You don’t have to suffer anymore from the miserable effects of fall allergies!

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Let’s discuss:  How do you deal with seasonal allergies during the fall?

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  1. I have been miserable with allergies this fall. They’re really bad this year! I didn’t know that banana could be a trigger for people with ragweed allergies.

  2. I definitely have Fall allergies and have been raking an allergy (over the counter) pill every single morning. I have to use an asthmatic inhaler twice a day anyway and that at lest keeps my airwaves open! But I still feel like I have a cold-even though I know it is not!

  3. I love how informative this is! Fortunately, I don’t have any allergies. But I know my parents always had/have to take my sister to the minute clinic for hers!

  4. I’m so lucky that I didn’t get the allergies this fall. Had a bad one last year from ragweed. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. I very much agree that a basic cold could turn up in to allergy thus making you so uncomfortable for few weeks or so and it is best to consult with a healthcare provider rather than risking with further infection. MinuteClinic sounds amazing and I would like to make use of it if they are available near by!

  6. I’m so lucky I don’t have allergies but I’ll have to recommend Minute Clinic to my friends who have them. They always seem so miserable this time of year!

  7. My allergies have not been too bad lately. But I usually try to be prepared just in case.

  8. I am one of those individuals suffering right now and have already lost my voice twice. Made a trip up to the CVS Pharmacy to get sinus treatment as well as drinking lots of tea with honey.

  9. Luckily I don’t have any seasonal allergies, but my husband feels awful with big seasonal changes. Antihistamines work really well for him!

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