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    The end of September marks the unofficial end of summer in many places throughout the country.  In our home, that means that my husband and son mark the start of their favorite time of the year, football season!  They turn our home into a virtual end zone and spend hours going back and forth about which teams are their favorites and make predictions about who will make it to the big game.


    Sometimes, their debates include discussions about the “Over or under” controversy.  In this house we hang with Charmin and all agree on that, however, our opinions differ when it comes to how we hang!  Hubby and I always hang our Charmin Ultra Soft over because we feel that it allows us to get a better grab on the end of the paper and come through with a clutch performance.


    Our boys, on the other hand, couldn’t care less whether the TP is over or under. Since they always grab more toilet paper than they need, it ends up hanging down almost to the floor or falling off completely.  It drives my husband and I absolutely crazy but the only thing we could do is just fix it because, by the time we realize what they have done, we find ourselves rather busy on the toilet.

    Charmin Ultra Soft is the softer* and more absorbent* way to get clean.  This means that we can always depend on it to get the job done and “make that play” in the final seconds of the game.  With Charmin Ultra Soft, using less never felt so good and finding the TP under instead of over becomes less of a catastrophe and more a lesson in being able to adapt in the middle of the game!

*versus the leading bargain brand

Let’s Discuss:  What advantages do you find with hanging your Charmin TP over or under?

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  1. At my house I’m just happy if the toilet paper is ON the roll. My hubby usually just leaves it sitting on top of the roll. Seriously?!

  2. I am the only one that does the toilet paper roll, ever! And wouldn’t you know I haven’t a clue how I hang it I just put it up there and off I go. I’ll now be watching to see how I actually do it!

  3. I am an over the roll. I find it easier to find! My husband is pretty decent at putting it on correctly. My daughter INSISTS on Charmin!

  4. I am a strict OVER person because I think it looks nicer. My husband never pays attention because if he puts it on the other way, I always flip it!

  5. OVER. Oh my gosh. I hate when my husband puts it under. Then I can’t find the end!!!

  6. I never really thought of how to position the roll paper …
    This product seems to be very good, though! Too bad it’s not available in Europe.

  7. Angela says

    This is something my hubby and I always disagree on. He puts it on one way and I change it…Haha! Love your post 🙂

  8. I am so lazy about the toilet paper roll. I never care how it’s put on. When you live with a house of boys, that’s what happens!

  9. I dont care either except hubby wants it over so there ya go! Now its habit. As long as he actually changed the roll, I’ll support his wish for one way TP. HA

  10. Charmin is an awesome brand! I’ve switched to it as well and it was a smart move on my part! I really think it’s one of the best toilet papers out there.

  11. Nicole Escat says

    I haven’t tried this brand but sounds like a nice one. I will check it out soon to see the difference.

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