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Back To School


    Back to school is right around the corner here in New York City.  It’s about a little over a week away, to be exact.  This year, my sons are entering fifth and eighth grade so we are fully committed to having both our kids in middle school.  It’s so important that they start the school year off on the right foot so we are making sure that they have all of the vaccines that are required for their age.  Some of the back to school vaccines that schools require for kids their age are the Meningitis, Pertussis and HPV vaccines.

Back To School

    The meningitis vaccine protects against meningococcal disease, which is a serious bacterial illness. Many colleges and boarding schools require it to protect students living in dorms. It is recommended that 11–12 year olds be vaccinated with meningococcal conjugate vaccine with a booster dose given at age 16.  Since my older son just turned thirteen in June, he received this vaccine for school before his birthday.  

Back To School

    Your child can receive his or her meningitis vaccine at MinuteClinic for back to school this year.  Their practitioners will review your Vaccine information sheet and administer the vaccine to your child.  Afterwards, they will provide you with a summary, a receipt and educational material that you can take to your child’s school as proof that your child was vaccinated.

Back To School

    Aside from keeping your immunizations up to date at your local MinuteClinic, you can also take your children to get their sports physicals there.  Our sons play basketball every year so it is very important to us that they be evaluated by a medical professional and cleared to play.  After all, we want our boys to be healthy while they enjoy the positive benefits of playing organized sports with their peers.  Sport physicals are a great way to make sure an athlete can safely play.

Back To School

    Whether students need a sports physical to start the season, back to school immunizations (Meningitis, Pertussis, HPV), or some help with acne treatment so they can look great before the first day of school, parents can get them ready at MinuteClinic. They have lots of tips and recommendations to share so kids can be sent back to school on a healthy note!

Let’s Discuss:  How are you making sure that your kids go back to school healthy this year?

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  1. This is so awesome to hear about! And that HPV vaccine is so, so, so important! All of them are, but that one especially for sure!

  2. My little ones aren’t school age yet but I’ve always been a fan of the Minute Clinic. I always go there for severe colds and fevers and sinus infections.

  3. How do you pay for treatments at minute clinic? Is it through insurance or can you pay them directly? Is it affordable?

  4. My kids are adults but they always received the necessary immunizations needed for school and for their health. It is wonderful that these clinics exist so that parents has access to the necessary care their kids need in a timely manner.

  5. We’re just doing the regular check up- and going to the dentist. I like the idea of MinuteClinic for immunizations – who wants to go to the doctor for that?

  6. Heather McMechan says

    I’m all about vaccines for my kids. This is a great reminder as we get ready for Back-To-School and glad to know about the Minute Clinic in case of a cold emergency.

  7. A check-up is a must especially since along with the new semester comes a new season. We should really prepare our kids and make sure they’re fit and safe from all the viruses. This is a great idea! Very convenient.

  8. That minute clinic is a huge benefit to moms and well, everyone! I wish we’d get more of them established in our area, we have so few. I have several friends that don’t know how they got by without them! And hey, while you’re there you can score awesome deals with all CVS has to offer!!

  9. My three children are all grown ups now and I did make sure they had the complete immunization and booster doses. I am glad that there is Minute Clinic now. Parents can take advantage of their services with less stress!

  10. Wish Minute Clinics were around when The Trio were in school. What a pain having to make dr appts and wait!! Glad madres hoy en dia have a better alternative. BB2U

  11. Elizabeth O says

    I can’t believe school season is upon us and it’s time for all the vaccinations. This is a great reminder post.

  12. Love this! Having a child who caught everything that flew by, I always hated it when parents would send their kids to school sick. Plus, how awful for the poor sick child.

  13. My daughter gets her vaccines when she has a yearly check-up with her doctor. We usually get her eyes checked before school and that’s all. I’m sure she needs a sports physical when she starts with sports.

  14. I have been familiar with the Minute Clinic for a long time. Though I have been to one, I have several friends who have and were very pleased.

  15. It is SO important to make sure that you get all your check ups on time and at an affordable price. I always like their Minute Clinic services.

  16. It’s definitely important to get the kids all healthy and ready for school. I always make a note in my diary to remember my appointments for my girls.

  17. Maryann D. says

    The MinuteClinic is so convenient. I always made sure my children had all their shots up to date and physical done before school started.

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