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    It might come as a surprise to many of you but I have never been very good at science.  Now, mind you, I did have to take education classes in college to prepare me to integrate science through literacy but that was about it.  This is something that I have had to overcome in recent years since my ten year-old loves anything that is science-related.  I’ve found that activities where we are able to engage in hands-on science activities are not only a lot of fun but also the best way to learn difficult concepts.  


    Recently, I was introduced to an exciting app that does exactly that!  Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice supports children in identifying science concepts in a way that increases their confidence academically and allows them to make real-world connections.  As an educator, I was impressed by the fact that this is accomplished through role playing where kids have the opportunity to actively use their critical thinking skills.  Thinking logically about science is a tool that can be carried over to other subject areas and that children can take with them throughout their academic lives.


    I had the opportunity to interview Osman Rashid, who is the Founder and CEO of Galyxz, and he shared with me his vision for how children could master science concepts through a virtual experience including state-of-the-art graphics.  This was of particular interest to me since my boys are ages 10 and 13 which means they are more interested in games that mirror the video games they normally play.  I love the idea of them spending hours playing Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice and learning science at the same time!


    My overall impression of the Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice app was extremely favorable.  Each decision that the player makes alters the story which makes it a unique experience for each person.  The game’s science topics are connected to Next Generation Science Standards-based curriculum that directly correlate to the science concepts that children are learning in school.  It’s a great way to extend their learning way beyond the classroom. 


    Make sure you visit to learn more about the Blue Apprentice app and download the app on iTunes.  Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice is recommended for kids ages 6-12 and is truly an intergalactic science adventure that even “Big Kids” like me can enjoy!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you think the Galxyz Blue Apprentice app would help your child to master science concepts?

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  1. This looks amazing! I’m going to tell my nieces about it. They love STEM and characters like these.

  2. This is really cool. I have a nephew that would really get into this. He is the perfect age. This is a great resource to get kids excited about Science and not even know they are learning! Love it!

  3. I have always had an appreciation for anything that encourages learning. This app sounds like it could be useful for younger kids in school.

  4. This sounds great! I’m so happy to see all of these great learning shows and apps embracing technology. I remember when the reaction was to encourage kids to leave tech behind because we all thought it would turn them into couch potatoes.

  5. What a neat way to master science concepts, I will have to look into this for my sons!

  6. I love education apps. It helps kids learn in a way and language they understand and can relate to.

  7. This probably would help my son foster his love of science because it comes in an app. No kidding. He is 8 and cool apps get him really excited, especially if they help him feel smart (he likes to achieve).

  8. Ooooh, always love hearing about new, fun ways for kids to learn! This looks really creative and captivating!

  9. I really like that they incorporate important science concepts into this interactive adventure. I think this app sounds great.

  10. Wow, I’ve never heard of this app before. I love that it’s educational. My eight year old would love it.

  11. I like that the kids make decisions to decide how the story goes in this app. My daughter is only 4..but I will keep this in mind when she gets a bit older. She loves things like this!

  12. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I dont have kids yet but this seems great for kids. Ill have to tell my friends with kiddos!

  13. What a fun way to get kids to learn about science! My son would really get into this!

  14. Catherine Sargent says

    This looks like a really cool app. I need to look into this for my 8 year old niece.

  15. Science was always tough for me when I was a kid. I could have used this app to help me understand some of the concepts that I couldn’t learn.

  16. This sounds like such a cool learning tool. I know several kids that would really have fun playing this app.

  17. Oh my daughter would flip over this app! I think it’s so awesome that people are harnessing the power that electronic devices and social media and using it for education.

  18. Learning through doing is the most powerful way to sink in knowledge. I think this is great, but kids think it’s play!

  19. This app looks fun! My 7 year old is into anything creative and hands-on, so this would be perfect. 🙂

  20. Looks like a lot of fun. My son loves video games but he’s not quite the right age for this one yet. Great concept!

  21. It is hard to believe that you aren’t great at science because all your lessons on science are wonderful! Thanks for the the review, I am sharing it with teachers needing technology.

  22. What a fabulous tool. I love seeing the ways basic science concepts are melding with technology. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Oh wow this looks amazing!! My kids are just getting into video games. We try to keep them educational. I’ll have to check this one out!

  24. This looks so fun! And educational too! I cannot wait till my son is older and will get to play with all these cool new ways to learn!

  25. I love this! I am constantly looking for new tools to introduce to my kids in order to help with their learning. I find all different mediums are useful. Definitely going to be checking this out.

  26. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I have never been that great at science either. This looks like such an awesome way to learn it though!

  27. That looks like a great tool to use for kids who are struggling in Science or need the extra motivation. I need to remember this for my son.

  28. Sounds like an amazing video game alternative! I know my students would of loved this while I was a teacher. I love how colorful and advanced that graphics are.

  29. Wow – this looks really good. Thanks so much for sharing – I’m going to check this out for my boys.

  30. This looks great! I’m going to tell my daughter about this for sure.

  31. I’ll have to try this out with the kids myself. Two of them would really appreciate the fun out of a learning concept.

  32. I love this so much! Science was always a week part in my learning, so I want to make sure my kids are particularly strong in it!

  33. Looks like a great app – I love things that gamify learning, and I’m interested to see how these things impact learning as we go. My son is 5, so it’s exciting to see how learning and teaching will change as he gets into high school.

  34. CourtneyLynne says

    Oooo now this sounds like one fun way to get kiddos into science! Might have to look into it for my daughter!

  35. I’m definitely going to look into this! My oldest son is 9 and he LOVES science and learning in general. I’m sure he’d love it! His little brother likes to do anything he does, so I can get him started early, too. 🙂

  36. What a great resource for kids! My husband just read this too, he’s a science teacher and he had never heard of it! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  37. I love this concept of learning Science through play. So getting this for my children????

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