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South Sudan

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    When my two sons were five years-old, they were in Kindergarten learning how to read and writing their names on everything they could get their hands on.  It was a magical time of curiosity and learning how to be a little more independent while still depending on mommy for quite a bit.  South Sudan will be turning 5 on July 9th, 2016 and, as the world’s youngest country, upon its founding people were full of promise and hope.  Unfortunately, this hope quickly vanished in 2013 when armed conflict wreaked havoc on the region.

South Sudan

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    Children who currently reside in South Sudan and are five years-old, have no recollection whatsoever of anything but war.  Since the war broke out, 2.3 million South Sudanese have been forced from their homes into an uncertain future.  That’s 1/5 of the country which means that 5.1 million people, nearly half the country, are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  CARE is a leading humanitarian organization that is fighting global poverty every single day.  Their mission is to serve individuals and families in some of the poorest communities in the world.  

South Sudan

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    South Sudan is turning 5.  So is Nyahok.  Her home was burned down in 2014 when the war came to her town.  There isn’t enough clean water where Nyahok lives, so she and other kids drink dirty, disease-laden water.  Children in South Sudan are 13 times more likely to die before their 5th birthday than American children.  

South Sudan

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    Nyahok’s favorite game is mixing dirt with water and pretending she’s cooking food. With no crops or cattle, Nyahok’s mother feeds her a porridge of grains and wild leaves. 2.8 million people in South Sudan are in urgent need of food assistance.  Nyahok’s family doesn’t have money to send her to school.  South Sudan has the highest proportion of girls who aren’t in school of any country.

South Sudan

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    CARE has helped more than 300,000 people in South Sudan, but international funding is only a 1⁄4 of what is needed to help South Sudan recover.  Here is what you can do to help:

  • $150 can provide full nutritional support for a malnourished child.
  • $70 can provide a family with a crop kit so they begin growing food again.
South Sudan

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    For South Sudan’s 5th birthday, give it’s children the gift of hope and the promise for a better tomorrow…


Let’s Discuss:  What were your kids doing when they were five years-old?

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  1. Thank you for sharing the experience of this child. It reminds me of what’s important.

  2. What a great organization! Sometimes we can take things for granted and this reminds me just how lucky we are!

  3. This breaks my heart. No child should ever have to suffer at all.

  4. I feel for those babies, knowing nothing but violence. I also feel for their mothers who try to comfort them in vein.

  5. It is shocking how other children live in other countries, makes me so sad but also I am glad there are programs out there for us to find a way to help!

  6. Oh my gosh, this is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to worry about clean water and food every day of your life.

  7. That is heartbreaking to read about the loss of life before the age of five. That just shouldn’t be happening. We need to help!

  8. It is horrible what humans do to each other. Such a sad reality. I’m glad there’s help.

  9. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    Just hurts my heart. We really are so lucky in our country. The complaints we have are so frivolous.

  10. I had no idea that this was how things are in South Sudan! Care sounds like an amazing organization for kids in need in South Sudan and making a difference for them as well.

  11. Wow, reading stories like this makes me realize just how fortunate I am, and how I should be helping by donating. Thank you for sharing Nyahok’s story.

  12. Both of my children were in school at age five. It is saddening to think of children suffering anywhere in the world.

  13. It’s easy to forget how good we have it, but there are so many children going without. It is shame that Nyahok isn’t able to go to school, but I’m glad there out organizations like CARE who can help.

  14. I have just posted about this and my heart breaks for these children! They deserve a better future, something that will give them hope for a good life, not a world like this. It’s really tough to see kids suffering so much.

  15. These poor kids. This is heartbreaking, It really is a different world there.

  16. Wow, thank you so much for this post. How inspiring. I wish for Nyahok and others just like him may one day know a better world.

  17. Things like this always tug at my heartstrings, because no child should have to go through anything like this. I’m hoping that the children and their families get the help that they need in order to recover.

  18. Thank you for bringing to light this philanthropic cause. I really feel for those children! Every year my family and I chose to give to children’s organizations such as this!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing about this! I wish everyone would take the time to read it!

  20. This is heartbreaking…. So glad the CARE organization is working on make things better for them.

  21. CourtneyLynne says

    Ughhhh stuff like this just breaks my heart!!!! Kids in this county think they have it rough and boy are they wrong :-/

  22. So sad for these families. I will be praying for them!

  23. I can’t even imagine the heartbreak you would have as a parent, when it’s so very hard to even read as a stranger. Hurrah for those who step in to help!

  24. Thanks for raising awareness for this program. I would never want any child to go through what the kids in South Sudan have gone through. It is wonderful of CARE to organize this great campaign.

  25. Janell Poulette says

    Wow! It’s sad that kids have to live without the basic necessities. I am so glad that CARE is there to help.

  26. I was born in poor part of Haiti. Although we weren’t as poor as the kids shown in these photos. I remember going without food. I remember when I got older. I told myself that I would never allow my children to go through what I did. I wish the situation in South Sudan didn’t exist. No child should die of hunger. No child should have to see war.

  27. Elizabeth O says

    Sadly, the plight of poor children across the globe remains a problem that all governments and big business need to face and address with definitive, humane action. Aid agencies do a lot but, even more is needed.

  28. It’s so hard to see such young children in this situation. I hope that with this awareness changes can be made.

  29. So sad. It makes me so angry that the children of countries like these are the ones who end up suffering for the issues of adults & government. Thank you for sharing her story with us

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