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    This weekend, I took my boys to the park so they could enjoy some time outdoors with their friends.  As I looked around, I noticed all the other moms there with their children.  It’s interesting how we are all women who come from different walks of life but we are all joined together by our experiences as mothers.

    Another thing that is wonderful is that there are all types of moms and they all express themselves in different ways.  This is great for kids to see because it teaches them the importance of celebrating their individuality and having tolerance for others who are different from them.

    Timex is the the leading watch manufacturer in the US, with a watch for every wrist.  They have been helping moms keep track of time and show off their style for many, many years.  I’ve always been a big fan of their watches because they are perfect for dressing up, dressing down, and everything in between.  The best part is that their newest styles are perfect for all the different types of moms who take their kids to our local playground.  

Preppy Mom


    Give your preppy posh mom the gift of country club chic without the sticker shock. These Timex Weekender Fairfield watches come with interchangeable, bright striped strap options made from durable nylon. Plus, with super-slim Silver, Gold and Rose Gold faces, mom can mix and match for endless outfit options.

Fit and Fun Mom


    For the athletic mom, be sure to pick up the latest in sport watches with Timex’s new Ironman Sleek 50. Offered in colors that pop in addition to florals, she won’t have to compromise style for functionality. This water-resistant timepiece can do everything an athlete would need, from lap memory to interval timing to hydration alerts.

Chic Mom


    Stylish moms will love a Timex Original Tonal for its classic look with a modern twist. Its Gold-Tone Brass Case, nylon strap, and a bold face in a range of elegant colors makes it an instant favorite among fashionistas.

Haute Hippy Mom


    The Timex Weekender gets a refresh that’s perfect for bohemian moms. While these timepieces are offered in traditional and bright colors, the straps are reversible for a dose of floral whimsy.


    I think that I am more of a Chic Mom because I love planning what outfits I am going to wear and how I am going to match my accessories to what I’m wearing.  I love that Timex has a watch to match every item in my wardrobe and that they are also reliable and functional at the same time.  After all, time waits for no man, or woman!

Let’s Discuss:  What type of mom do you think you are and which Timex watch would be perfect for you?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Mid-Size Watch (ARV $69.95) to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. These are great watches! I love the fit ones, especially that teal, thats my color!

  2. Emily Morelli says

    I am more of a Chic Mom. Though I don’t really consider myself to be stylish, I like for my clothes and accessories to match.

  3. I’m probably a combo of Chic and Haute Hippy! I’ve been a long time fan of Timex for many reasons and know that they have a wide range of styles and sizes…something for everyone!

  4. elizabeth p says

    More hippy than chic, thanks for the chance.

  5. I probably would be more of a stylish Mom. I have always preferred watch bands which are more functional-one color. I do love that these come wit different color bands! Of course I’ve owned many Timex watches over the years–a tried and true brand.

  6. Richard Hicks says

    My wife is an energetic Mom. She works all the time, manages everything. She would like the Weekender Fairfield watches come with interchangeable, bright striped strap.

  7. Ann Fantom says

    I would consider my self a Haute Hippy Mom.

  8. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the $25 AMEX GC/Entenmann’s Prize Pack giveaway

  9. I have been buying Timex watches forever. They are so durable.

  10. Julie Wood says

    I am the Fun and Fit Mom and I will pick the IRONMAN® Sleek 50 Mid-Size to help me with all my exercise goals. What a nice watch!

  11. Julie Wood says

    I entered the $25 AMEX GC/Entenmann’s Prize Pack giveaway

  12. Andrea v says

    I like the haute hippy ones. I like the size and color choices. I like the bands are reversible too.

  13. Tari Lawson says

    I like the “Haute Hippy Mom” styles.

  14. Not a mom, but my wife is the type that any child would be lucky to have. thanks for the giveaway, there sure are some cute ones there!

  15. Sarah Hayes says

    I like the fit and fun watches. i don’t really fit that type of mom but maybe some day I will

  16. I would be the Haute Hippy Mom. I like bold prints and bright colors.

  17. Tanya White says

    I am a Fit and Fun Mom I would choose the Sleek 50.

  18. I think I’d consider myself a Haute Hippy Mom. I guess it’s fitting, then, that I love the easy-to-read face of the Timex Weekender watch as well as the fun reversible band. I also love the Ironman, though, because it has so many useful features.

  19. kelly tupick says

    I think I am more of chic mom because I love matching everything, right down to my socks.

  20. Heather! says

    I think I’m a stepmom (mostly because I am!) and I love the Timex Tonal
    Original. I like all the colors,mouth the seagrass color is probably my favorite. Lovely!

  21. Timex such a legendary brand, my first watch was a Timex and I just loved it. Great design and look. Thanks for the giveaway won’t miss it! I want that Iron man watch =)

  22. Maryann D. says

    I do think I am a Haute Hippy Mom. I was born in the 60’s and I do love the colors and designs of these watches!

  23. Maryann D. says

    I did enter the $25 AMEX Gift Card/Entenmann’s Prize Pack (ARV $75) – Ends 6/15

  24. Since I grew up in the preppy years and have done that before, I’d go with the chic mom now. But they’re all really cute!

  25. Wow so many cute choices. I love the Preppie looks but also the Hippie styles!

  26. I think I’m the preppy mom. I would probably go with the watch that you picked if I had to choose, but I do like all of them!

  27. Kristin G says

    I think I’m more of a fit and fun mom. I’m always out and about doing fun things with my son. These watches look great and are perfect for any mom. I love the different styles and features of the watches.

  28. Fit and fun! I like the blue one!

  29. Vicki Wurgler says

    I think I am a Haute Hippy Mom. I love the weekender watches.

  30. Leigh Anne says

    Great looking watch! I Am a chic mom. Fashion is my middle name.

  31. Maria C. says

    I am a Mom who could be my daughter’s big sister or her best friend. I would love to win the Fit & Fun Mom Timex Collection Watches. They look cool & will look good on me. Thank you for the chance to win.

  32. shelly peterson says

    These are all great watches. I would say I am more the Haute Hippy Mom. I like the Timex Weekender with the turquoise blue band.

  33. Patricia says

    This is great. For me the Haute Hippy Mom would be perfect.

  34. I’m a total Preppy Mom! I love all the cute styles. The navy blue with white stripes is my favorite.

  35. Angela Saver says

    I am more of the Chic Mom. I would love the Timex Original Tonal in gray would be perfect for me! Love it!

  36. Elizabeth O says

    I think it’s so cool of them to make watches that fit a variety of lifestyles. I think all the watches are cute and I’ll gladly take any of them or one of each. Ha! 🙂

  37. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, I’m not a Mom, but I am an aunt, lol. If I were a Mom, I like to think I’d be perfect, lol, but the truth is I’d be screwing up a lot! I love those Chic Mom Watches, especially the blue. Hmm, maybe I can convince myself I’d be a chic mom.

  38. I’m a Haute Hippy Mom and I love the 1st watch in that section.

  39. Austin Baroudi says

    My daughter’s mother would definitely be the chic mom!

  40. Terri Irvin says

    Haute Hippy Mom would be more my style.

  41. I am a Fit and Fun Mom! I love to keep active. I would love the Timex’s new Ironman Sleek 50 watch.

  42. Jennifer Rote says

    I am most like the Fun and Fit Mom style. The Sleek 50 Mid-Size would be perfect for me.

  43. katherin says

    I love the Chic watch and I hope my kids think of me as a caring, giving, loving, and consistent MOM.

  44. I am the non-mom type! I would share this with a fitness-loving mother.

  45. I am a chic mom. I like the teal watch.

  46. Stephanie Larison says

    I would say I’m stylish, but I really love the bohemian ones. I have an outfit that would go perfectly with the first one in the row!

  47. Keeley Sullivan says

    I think I am the Fun and Fit mom. It is important in my family to stay active.

  48. Jaime Cummings says

    I’m a Chic Mom and I like the Chic watch in gray.

  49. aaron reck says

    I would love to gift this to my friend, Adrian, she’s a fun but serious mom. They get their stuff done and keep it going! I have been good friends with her for over 16 years.

  50. I’m more of Haute Hippy mom. I love the bright and vibrant colors.

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