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    When I was growing up, I don’t think that I ever really gave my Mom the credit that she deserved for being a strong woman.  You see, I always assumed that to be strong you had to be intimidating and aggressive.  Mommy has always been the complete opposite.  

    She refused to use curse words around us when we were growing up and would often spell out even the word “damn” when us kids were with her.  I can also recall that she avoided confrontation at all costs which I never understood because I’ve always been the one who heads into the proverbial battle right away.


Mom and I, circa 1977.

    That is the problem, it took me a long time to realize that it’s not necessary to be ready to go into battle over everything.  Mommy would often sit back and observe while waiting for the perfect time to make her voice heard.  That took a tremendous amount of patience and strength, I realize that now especially since I have my own children.

    Strong women like my Mom are everywhere. They see the big picture for communication and understanding – for themselves or others – and have the courage and strength to use their words wisely.  Zenni Optical recognizes the positive impact these women make in all our lives and would like to honor their strength through the gift of stylish and affordable eyewear so that everyone can see and appreciate these achievements and talents clearly.


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    So I guess it is no coincidence that both my Mom and I wear glasses.  It takes a clear view to find clarity and let your strength shine through!

Let’s Discuss:  Who are the strong women in your life and what makes them so strong?

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  1. Julie Wood says

    The strong women in my like is my sisters. I have 3 of them, and we have had some hardships but our perseverance during these hard times make us strong and we are all close. Our support and encouragement for each other make us strong!

  2. Julie Wood says

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  3. Terri Irvin says

    I was very blessed to have a very strong female presence growing up. Both my late mother and my grandmother were immigrants to this country and they did not have a easy life. They were both widowed very young. They passed on all the family traditions to me and I am now teaching them to my grandchildren.

  4. I grew up with a lot of very strong women. My Mom’s Mom, one of my Dad’s sisters,my Dad’s Mom and a slew of other female relatives! Strangely enough my Mom was also strong but it never showed until after her Mom and my Dad died. She will be 94 in November and is still one of the strongest people I know. And yes, I am pretty strong myself–I didn’t really have a choice growing up with all those strong women around me!!

  5. Maryann D. says

    My mom was a strong woman in my life. She raised 5 children and worked hard and lived to be 90 years old. My sisters are also strong woman in my life since they take after her in some ways.

  6. My best friends are the toughest cookies around. They never give up when life throws them some lemons and I respect that. They never pull the victim card but by all means could if they needed to. They keep on living and setting new goals. I admire them so much!

  7. Maryann D. says

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  8. Michelle C says

    My grandmother has always inspired me. She had a difficult life, but has always kept a positive attitude. She loved learning and was always generous about teaching her skills to anyone who was interested. She encouraged me to excel in school and was so supportive when I decided to return to college after having kids.

  9. Those are nice glasses! Online ordering for necessities like that is so convenient!

  10. cyndi br says

    My grandma is the strongest learning how to survive during the Depression.

  11. The strongest women in my life are the ones who know who they are and don’t give a d-a-m-n what others think. (See what I did there?!) I have a lot to learn from them!

  12. Your mother sounds amazingly like my own. Mine was very soft spoken and always had a kind word for everyone while I’m more to the point. I’ve never heard of Zenni Optical however and that could be because I don’t need glasses, at least not yet. 🙂

  13. Definitely my mom. She is strong because she has always spoken her mind. I remember once when I was a child and we were in a bus packed with people, and these 2 teenagers were vandalizing the back of the bus seats. Nobody said a thing though but my mom pointed out their behaviour to me loudly to embarrass them and make them stop. That’s my mom! She stands up for what is right and doesn’t care what anyone thinks!

  14. Your mom sounds awesome! I think I have my dad’s quick wit and sharp tongue. However, I’m able to control it, so that must be where my mom comes in. My mom is certainly a strong woman, I actually wrote about her today on my blog. 🙂 She has shown me and my siblings so much love, fought for us, worked for us, and shown us how tough she is, and how love is her force. 🙂
    Lovely post!

  15. The strong women in my life…are all the women in my life! From my mom to my friends to co-workers…we all are strong and LOVE that! Women know how to do it…how to show strength in so many ways (like patience)…and thats what makes us amazing!

  16. My mother is definitely strong, but my sister is what I think of when I think of strong. She’s endured and survived an abusive husband and come out of it with two FANTASTIC sons who are the best dads. It makes me so proud!

  17. I love how you said “It takes a clear view to find clarity and let your strength shine through!” It does seem like the shy ones are the ones you really need to look out for. I have worn glasses for many years, but never put it into quite this thought before. I too always seem to speak first, then as years went by I started to sit back and observe. It can be amazing what you can learn from that. Be proud of your glasses and show your strength when needed. #strongvoice

  18. The tough woman in my life is me. When I Was younger it was my grandmother but she has passed on.

  19. I didn’t grow up around strong women at all. It was quite the opposite. I had to learn how to be strong on my own as an adult.

    Those glasses look great. I just decided yesterday that I needed to get a pair. My contacts alone aren’t cutting it anymore.

  20. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I am planning on trying this out! I never find glasses I like, so maybe here I will! My mom is such a strong woman, I wish I was as strong as she is!

  21. Without any doubt, my Mom and my sisters are the strong women in my life. I learn life lesson a lot from them. Your Mom is beautiful, and love the vintage photo you’ve shared.

  22. Aw its lovely that you see your mum as such an inspiration. Sometimes we see the adults that raised us in a different light as a grown up!

  23. Megan McCoig says

    My family is very female based, so I’ve had a strong companionship with women my whole life. Great post!

  24. I love that they are raising awareness to the strong women in our lives! I need new glasses, so I am definitely going to check this place out!

  25. CourtneyLynne says

    My grandmother is probably the strongest woman in my life! She’s been through so much but yet is always there for anyone who needs a helping hand.

  26. Steve Weber says

    The strongest woman in my life is my GF — she survived a terrible 17 year marriage where she was verbally abused. Since then she’s been with me for 5 years, and does what she wants to do and doesn’t take crap from anyone!

  27. This sounds like an amazing place to get your eye glasses from! I love finding new places to find affordable eye wear! It was great to hear about your mom!

  28. The strong woman in my life is my wife because she takes care of me when I am not feeling good.

  29. My mom is the strong woman in my life and she is strong because she raised us…

  30. You are so very right about it taking more strength to be quiet and wait for the right moment to speak. Sometimes, listening long enough to get the whole picture help us to see the situation more clearly…just like having the right pair of glasses 🙂

  31. My mama is amazing, too! She has energy for DAAAAYYS, which I do not understand at all, and she is probably the most conscientious and honest person I know. Plus, she’s my sweet mama!

    I just love that picture of you with your mama! SWEET!!

  32. Robin Rue says

    My mother has got to be the strongest person that I have in my life. She always made sure that we had what we needed and made time for us even when she was an on-call social worker (she had to get up in the middle of the night and go out to cases and I never even knew about it).

  33. My mom is strong, she has tackled a few obstacles that came her way. My sister is strong too, she has grown spiritually from what she once was. So proud of them. Great examples for myself.

  34. Fashionable glasses that go well with one’s style and face shape are not easy to find. I always struggle!

  35. My mom is definitely the strongest woman in my life. She is battling cancer and doing it with courage and grace.

  36. Ashley C says

    My mom is a strong women because she always stands up for what she believes in and she never gives up! She is the most giving and caring person I have ever met, no matter what happens.

  37. katherin says

    My MIL she raised 6 kids on very little and still going strong at 95.

  38. Cynthia C says

    I have a number of friends who are strong and inspiring. They have all had their challenges and have handled them admirably.

  39. Ellie Wright says

    My mom was the strongest woman in my life. We were pretty poor growing up, but she always kept us fed and clothed. She never had much all her life but showed me the richest people are those who love and are loved.

  40. Sandy Klocinski says

    For me, power and strength defined my mother. She was a quiet force at home. She and my dad demonstrated what a loving, committed marriage looks like.

  41. Kobi Hensley says

    The strongest woman I know is a woman named Twila. She was strong for me when I wasn’t. She helped me leave an abusive marriage and get myself back. She helped me pick up the pieces, be strong, and make a better life not only for me but for my twins.

  42. Julia Barnes says

    My mom is the strongest woman in my life. She fights a debilitating illness every day with strenght and poise.

  43. Richard Hicks says

    Two of the strongest women in my life are my wife and Mother. Mom gave me the best advice growing up and still does. Wife keeps me well balanced!

  44. Patricia says

    I look up to strong women like my mother. She is a perfect example. She is a very giving person always looking out for others in need especially her family. She is always willing to stand up for the truth even in tough situations.

  45. Brittney House says

    My mother and sister are the strongest women I know. They are both very hard working women and wonderful mothers.

  46. My grandmother is the toughest woman I know! At 76, she lives on her own, takes public transportation, goes shopping, and completely redecorates her apt every season! She survived colon cancer and the death of my grandfather…she is hands down amazing!

  47. meagan bs says

    My Aunt Kathie. She works very hard and loves fully everyone in her family.

  48. My mom and aunt are the strong women in my life. They had a very difficult childhood, living in poverty. They both studied hard and went to college and went on to great careers. They both encouraged their children to pursue higher education and follow their dreams.

  49. I’d have to say my Mom is the strong woman in my life. Even though she’s not with me, physically, anymore, her wisdom and guidance still lead me daily.

  50. Dominic cloutier says

    What’s the opposite of a fag hag? Like, a gay man who only hangs out with strong women? The only word I can think of is lucky; and it describes me pretty well 😉

    My cousin Charissa is tops for me right now- she’s like a 2nd wave feminism poster child

  51. joe gersch says

    My mother is strong. She always would encourage us and pick us up when we needed it. She worked many extra hours so we would not go without.

  52. Erica B. says

    I’ve had many strong women in my life.

  53. My mom was a very strong woman. She persisted regardless of her illness and always prodded me to be my best.

  54. The strong woman in my life is my sister who is a single mother.

  55. susan smoaks says

    My Mom is the strongest woman I know. She has been through hell and she never stops smiling.

  56. Sarah Mayer says

    The strongest females in my life are my mother and daughter. No matter what comes there way they always have a smile on their face and deal with the issue gracefully. My mother passed this trait on to me and I passed it on to my daughter.

  57. Danielle says

    My co-workers are two very strong females. They aren’t afraid to speak up when something is wrong, they are compassionate and opinionated.

  58. Karen Deva says

    My mom is one of the strongest women I know! She ran the house for years as a single mom and is always there for me.

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