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    This weekend, my husband coached my son’s basketball game and I couldn’t help but to look at him in awe.  It’s one thing to realize that you have a great husband but it is so amazing to be able to able to look upon the father of your children and see that you picked the perfect man for the job.  He truly lives for both of our boys and they really look up to him as their ideal male role model.


    Over the years, my husband has proven time and time again that he would make any sacrifice necessary to take care of our family.  At one point, he worked two jobs, six days a week just to be able to provide for us.  Also, when we found out that our younger son was suffering from severe asthma, he started working nights just to be able to take care of our son during the day.  Even when he had very little time to sleep he made sure that he attended every single basketball game, graduation, and parent-teacher conference.


    Just in time for the new Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, CROSS has launched a new series of fine writing instruments featuring Captain America, Iron Man and Spider Man.  Anyone who knows my husband knows that he loves collecting pens and that Captain America is his favorite superhero.  Since he is our superhero, we are honoring him and recognizing his special accomplishments by awarding him the CROSS Captain America Tech2 pen this Father’s Day!

    You can commemorate your real life superhero by giving him the #WriteGift this Father’s Day too. Let the CROSS Marvel collection put the power in your hands!

Let’s Discuss:  How are you honoring the Superhero Dad in your life this Father’s day?

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  1. This is a great gift! My dad loves comic books and superheroes so I know that this is a gift he might also enjoy.

  2. Sadly my Dad died many years ago or I would certainly get him a superhero pen–he certainly was my superhero.

  3. That is one cool Captain America pen! I love how it has the soft tip on the end for touch screens. I know I really love mine, when I can find it! So much easier than using my sausage fingers.

  4. Cross Pens are sooooo nice! It is so cool they added a Superhero Version. It is beautiful. This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

  5. Now this is something my husband would love to have. I would probably choose the Iron Man version. He had hip surgery and part of his hip was replaced with titanium, so Iron Man it is. 🙂

  6. Reesa Lewandowski says

    What a great gift to get any man in your life whether it’s your father, a teacher or a coach!

    • It is a great gift for a teacher or coach too! I have someone in mind in the coaching field that would love this as an end of the year gift.

  7. This sounds like a great pen to gift for Father’s Day! My Dad love comic books and everything superhero related.

  8. NICE pens are always a really good, classic gift choice. Love how Cross created these themed pens! So fun and really unique!

  9. Loving this pen! I had never heard of Cross Pen’s before! My husband could use this for work, how great! We won’t be doing too much this year since my husband will be at work first thing in the morning on Father’s Day!

  10. What an awesome gift idea. I think anything Marvel-themed would be a good idea over here. He’s a big comic book fan.

  11. Cross pens have been my favorite for decades! I didn’t realize they were doing licensed things now. That one is very cool!

  12. Awesome gift! My superhero husband is also celebrating his 39th wedding anniversary to me on that day! I plan to give him a matching bow tie and socks. He loves that stuff.

  13. My Dad would LOVE this for Father’s Day, he loves superheroes so he would love this one!

  14. I love this pen and it this is exactly something that would make a perfect gift for my brother. I will have to let my nephew know about this. My husband sounds a lot like yours when it comes to working hard and being there for my son’s different sporting and school events. We will be taking him out for a nice dinner this weekend.

  15. I like the Iron Man Cross pen the best! This pens are so unique and great for Marvel fans.

  16. Awe what a lovely idea for the super dad in your life. Really cute idea and love CROSS pens.

  17. Now that is a cute Father’s Day gift! I still don’t know what to do for my hubby this year, it is his first Father’s Day so it needs to be special… I don’t think he would enjoy a pen, but the superhero theme is giving me some ideas!

  18. Oh my word that is such an amazing pen! My husband really loves getting nice pens for holidays.

  19. What a great idea. I like to do different gifts for my Dad and these are definitely unique!

  20. That is super cute! I love this pen.

  21. Nicole Escat says

    I am so in love with this pen. What a nice gift idea for Father’s Day.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a cool Fathers Day gift idea. My Dad would love it.

  23. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg what a cool pen!!!!!! Hubby loves super hero stuff so this is right up his alley!!!

  24. My husband too is such a wonderful father for my kids & he is really a superhero in motivating me & them anytime. The Cross Pen is just amazing & it is definitely a wonderful gift idea for Father’s day.

  25. Robin Ruehrwein says

    This is such a cool gift idea! With all the craze over this stuff right now, it would make the perfect gift!

  26. Krystle Cook says

    I am in love with the Captain America movies and so I may just get something like this for myself! So awesome.

  27. Kim Croisant says

    I love this pen – I was able to get a Captain America Pen too for my husband. He loves it …and we are always fighting over good writing pens. This one is his.

  28. Superhero pens me likey, it would have to be an Iron Man one for me ( yes I know its for Fathers Day but hey you can treat yourself can’t you?!). This would make a great gift.

  29. Wow that’s a cool pen, any guy (or girl, like me!) would love that as a gift. pretty sure my hubby would prefer Ironman though. I’m firmly #teamcaptainamerica

  30. That would be such a unique gift idea for the man so into superheros!

  31. I will call my dad but the Father’s Day honoring here at home is all planned by my kids. They haven’t told me a single detail.

  32. My husband would love this. Him and my sons love anything Marvel!

  33. Elizabeth O. says

    What a sweet gift! I’m sure your husband will appreciate this and it’s perfect for any superhero fan! It’s nice to be able to give them something special on Father’s Day. They have sacrificed a lot to keep the family afloat.

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