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    This week, my son is turning 13 and there are many important conversations that his father and I have begun to initiate with him since he is getting older.  These days, it is not easy to unglue his phone from his hand or to get his attention for more than five minutes to even sit down and talk.  I’m not going to say that addressing those tough topics with him has been easy either, after all, he is always going to be my baby.  

    As far as my ten year-old is concerned, the conversations that we have are still a little less complicated than the ones we have been having with his older brother.  We usually spend most of our time talking about why he should be getting along better with his sibling or what he has to do to earn more privileges.  Thankfully, with Netflix, I can use my sons’  favorite shows to open the door for these tricky, sometimes awkward conversations.  I’m sure those of you with teens, tweens, and preteens will be able to relate completely.

    Netflix is host to a variety of family-friendly shows that explore a range of real-life issues with equal measures of humor, angst and heart. No matter your situation, chances are there’s a show and episode that can kickstart a dialogue around the topic just by watching it together.  The following are suggestions for Netflix shows that you can watch with your child to address some of the heavy issues that sometimes plague big kids:


Watch Ep. 113: Star


After Dulcinea feels like no one in the group needs her help, she tries to use a newly-discovered wishing star to show her worth — but fails — showing her that presence alone has lit up her friends’ lives all along.


Watch Ep. 103: Smart is the New Cool


After McKeyla insists she works better alone, she learns that four is better than one when her friends jump in to help her rescue the Prince from a botched space mission.

Peer Pressure

Watch Ep. 106: The Legend of El Explosivo


After getting grounded for sneaking off to Bobby Popko’s house, Jackson realizes he needs to stand up for what he knows is right and not give in to please his friends.

    It’s so important to have these conversations with your kids as they are getting older.  Netflix makes it easier to find that common ground and allows parents to relate to their kids and vice versa.  After all, we were once their ages too…

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you broach parenting discussions with your children that are sometimes difficult to have?

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  1. Elizabeth O says

    I think it’s such a wonderful way to have pre-teen conversations when we can do it using a medium that they can relate to. Netflix does offer a wide range of viewing options for all ages and that makes it easier to choose .

  2. I think using television and pop culture to have serious conversations with kids is a great idea. As a mother, I often use these as opportunities for teachable moments. As a classroom teacher, I think it’s so important to relate to kids on their level!

  3. CourtneyLynne says

    Ahhhhh, thankfully my daughter is still
    Young enough where I don’t get off questions… The day will soon come though!

  4. I freaking love Netflix. I signed up to watch Fuller House and quickly found other Netflix original series I love!

  5. My kids are still pretty little, so thankfully we are still able to have open conversations easily. But I know the days of tougher talks are on the horizon. It’s great to know where to turn!

  6. Netflix has shows that definitely sound like they could make starting those difficult conversations a bit easier–not that they can ever be totally easy!

  7. My son was still a little man maybe soon we need to have a conversations. I love Netflix.

  8. Bringing up conversations with kids can be a touchy thing. I never really thought too much about going through shows to find relateable topics but it is a great idea.

  9. I love the way you are using something that your child loves to have these conversations. I have a daughter, and I can always suggest a mani/pedi using the travel time to dig into some of these topics.

  10. We don’t use Netflix often enough! These all look fun and will have to check them out.

  11. Oh girl…I am a stepparent and the tough conversations are really hard for me. This post was perfect timing; I actually had to have one with my ten year old stepdaughter yesterday. What a great idea to think about something from family-friendly programming to make it more relatable to her. I’m a business woman who became a stepmom at 37 (I’m 40 now). Learning to be more relatable is a lesson that could help me, too!

  12. I LOVE to use shows to illustrate a point! My kids are still quite small – my oldest just turned 8. But I can definitely see how using some of the shows she enjoys is going to help me move ahead with important conversations in the future!

  13. I’m glad I don’t have to think about important parenting conversations yet as my daughter is still really young, but it’s good to be prepared! I have seen a couple of episodes of Fuller House and I really like it!

  14. Such great advice for parents who have tweens – I especially love the clips you selected to watch! So helpful and cool at the same time!

  15. Robin Ruehrwein says

    Conversations with your kids can definitely be sparked off of family friendly shows!

  16. Krystle Cook says

    I loved Full House when I was younger and I loved Fuller House. A whole new generation of kids that you can bond with over that show.

  17. I tackle things head on. At a time when everyone is relaxed, or we are cuddling I lay it out there and we talk. But my kids are still younger so i think it’s easier. Give me a few years and I’ll be searching up Netflix programming!

  18. What a great resource to open up conversation with your child. I am lucky to have a great relationship with my Mom, where I feel completely comfortable and confident to tell her anything. I remember growing up my friends would tell me they wished they had the same relationship with their parents. It’s truly great that you are sharing this!

  19. We love Netflix. Watching good shows together help to get talks started.

  20. I can see where shows would definitely help us out in parenting. These years are so tough!

  21. As a middle school counselor, I think this post is wonderful. I wish more parents talked to their kids about day to day things, as well as the tough stuff. This is a great start and I hope more parents see your post!

  22. Sometimes I regret letting Netflix go….I want to see the new Fuller House episodes and definitely the Gilmore Girls ones coming soon!

  23. What a great list of teen shows. We watched “Fuller House” for the first time last night and loved it. Oh, and we love Netflix!

  24. These are great tips. Im not there yet ( mine are under 4 y ) but its never too early, as a parent, to start preparing!

  25. I can only imagine what it would be like to deal with a teen. My two are still under that age, but I’ve started these talks long before teenager age. I figured it would be easier that way.

  26. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I was just recently thinking about how we are at the point of our parenting life where we need to start talking about grown up things. Great episode!

  27. I think this is a great way to get those conversations happening with your kiddos. We love watching Netflix together!

  28. I like that you are using Netflix to spread an important message. Sometimes Tv shows help explain teenage issues a lot better than we can ever do and it is something they can relate to.

  29. This is such a good way to use Netflix! It can help a lot to talk about those tough conversations.

  30. I am not a parent yet, but I understand that a parent has to negotiate, mediate, lead, motivate and believe! And to achieve that, all means are good!

  31. Aw, Full House always had those valuable lessons… while the music played! Lol. I haven’t seen the new series yet. I love shows for my toddler that have a good message; she’s actually just started watching a few that are just fun, reg shows.

  32. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out where to start when talking to older kids. Good to know that there are shows that make it easier.

  33. Wow, how creative of you to use Netflix as a means of connecting with your kids. It’s genius. I recently watched the entire Fuller House season and I can see how that would be a great way to open conversation up about some semi-uncomfortable conversations.

  34. Happy to report we have gotten through the parenting conversations rather well. I must be an awesome mom haha! All credit goes to my awesome kids.

  35. This is something I love about kids movies and shows lately, they have great messages. I loved Zootopia, did you see that? All about preconceived ideas, prejudice, and being able to be anything you ant to be!

  36. Thats really cool and creative! I know it can be difficult having uncomfortable conversations with your kids so kudos to you for finding ways to open up a dialogue with them!

  37. What great shows to start convos with the kids! I too, have a thirteen year old and some of these convos we have to have with them are so hard!

  38. Koninika says

    Such an important topic and I love how you’ve described this in your post and send a very personal message to all parents who should be open and aware of such conversations.

  39. Great advice indeed! This is so important for parents to know especially those that work away from home and kids often have to stay home alone.

  40. I don’t do the sit down let me talk to you thing. I weave it into everyday conversations.

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