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    I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’ve been spending more and more time caring for my skin.  When I was younger, I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to my skin aside from worrying about acne or blemishes.  The truth is that it’s important to care for your skin as a whole and to follow the right skincare regimen to leave your skin soft and radiant.

    Believe it or not, there are quite a few things that you can do to make sure that you have soft skin all over your body.  Many of them are everyday things that you can do that won’t even cost you a lot of money.  Here are some of the tips that I have picked up over the years to keep your skin looking and feeling its very best:

  • Drink lots of water – Staying hydrated helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin, especially as you get older.
  • Exfoliate weekly – You should exfoliate and remove dead skin at least once a week to keep your skin looking its best.
  • Wear Sunblock – Make sure you wear sunblock whenever you go outdoors.  The sun can damage your skin if it is constantly unprotected.
  • Take cold or cool showers – Taking hot showers can dry out your skin.  If you can’t stand taking a cold shower, take a shower using lukewarm water instead.
  • Use oil-based soaps – Using soaps with harsh cleaners can also irritate and dry out your skin.  Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Washes hydrate and cleanse leaving your skin soft and radiant.


    Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Washes are currently available in two variants: Avocado Oil & Iris and Macadamia Oil & Peony.  They have just a touch of luxurious oils and an alluring fragrance which make my skin feel wonderful after every shower.  It’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your tips for keeping your skin soft and radiant?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Luminous Oils Body Wash Duo which will include one Body Wash of each scent: Avocado Oil & Iris and Macadamia Oil & Peony to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I grew up with Softsoap products. I have not yet purchased this body wash, though I really should as my husband and boys complain often of itchy skin.

  2. Living in Michigan our weather is wonky so taking care of our skin is a chore some days. I love using a great moisturizer and I use products 70 spf sunscreen or higher daily. I have a younger looking face I am 33 and look a lot younger part of it is genetics the other half is how well I take care of my skin. I also pass on my skin care advice to my daughter. I am on my way to enter your giveaway.

  3. I like to use coconut oil to keep my skin soft. Also I love to use Softsoap bodywash.

  4. Heather! says

    Eating well goes a loooong way toward keeping my skin soft and radiant! I also swear by my humidifier in the winter, and fish oils and vitamin E all year long.

  5. I always make sure I stay hydrated by drinking water (lots) especially when the weather gets hot and humid. I would love to try Softsoap Luminous Oils Body wash to add to my skin care routine. The avocado and iris variant would be my first choice!

  6. I have always stayed away from soaps on my face–very sensitive skin here. For myself I prefer an oatmeal-honey blend for my face. I don’t think as much about the rest of me–I know I should and the Avocado blend sounds heavenly.

  7. I love trying new products and I would definitely go for the Avocado soap. Does it have a nice aroma? I am always searching for new scents.

  8. Maryann D. says

    Some of my tips for keeping my skin soft and radiant are to use moisturizer after showering and using a decent body wash and buying lots of anti-aging products.

  9. I use a lot of coconut oil to keep my skin soft as well and try to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water per day. I do use Softsoap bodywash as well but not very often.

  10. I haven’t seen these in my area yet. I’ve smelled some terrific Softsoap scents in the past and am curious how these smell.

  11. melissaandkeith miller says

    I drink a lot of water to help my skin stay healthy. I use lotion daily.

  12. Amy Pratt says

    I always moisturize immediately after showering. Otherwise I dry out pretty quickly.

  13. shelly peterson says

    I use a lot of lotion. I also drink lots of water to help my skin be healthier. I would love to try the luminous oil body wash.

  14. Cynthia C says

    I keep my skin soft by moisturizing as soon as I dry off from my shower. I find that it really does make a difference. I’m also careful about the products I use on my skin and try to avoid those that dry it out.

  15. Kristin G says

    I use only the best products on my skin. I love to use body oils and put coconut oil on my skin at night. I also use SPF when I’m outside so I don’t get sun damage.

  16. I love the scents that this soap has. I am going to look for it at the store. My chances of winning are itsy bitsy. Thanks for the great post!

  17. Gina blades says

    I exfoliate my face and body a few times per week to slough off dead skin. Cell turnover slows as we age, so it’s important to exfoliate in order to get new skin to the surface.

  18. I can’t wait to try these body washes. I’ve been using Softsoap for years, so I’m definitely looking forward to giving these a try.

  19. Sounds awesome. I love softsoap but I’ll admit I don’t buy it nearly enough. I’m always buying kids’ type soaps but this is a bodywash I think I’d really enjoy!

  20. I use bodywash and Natural oils on my skin.

  21. Sandy Klocinski says

    Use a body wash that contains hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba butter, or try an in-shower body lotion.

  22. Ohh, these sound so good – I am always on the look out for things to help keep my skin softer – I really need to remember to exfoliate more as well!

  23. This looks so good! I love the Softsoap brand have used it for years but I havent tried these yet. Ill be looking for them the next time I go to the drugstore.

  24. Sarah Hall says

    I try to use a good cleaning product that is not so harsh. I also moisturize with a product that I can put my makeup over and still look natural.

  25. I love all your tips – they are what will get your skin in shape! I always have to really remind myself about the exfoliating, but it makes a major difference!

  26. I haven’t seen this – will have to keep an eye out for them. My skin is so dry right now.

  27. Patricia says

    What works for me to have hydrated skin is making sure that I stay hydrated as well. I drink lots of water. That helps me have great skin.

  28. Barbara Montag says

    The most important thing I do is use lotion daily.
    Also I try to drink lots of water.

  29. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I have always loved Softsoap products! They are so great on my skin!

  30. This looks like a great way to keep your skin hydrated. I definitely have been trying to take good care of my skin as I get older.

  31. Soha Molina says

    Apply lotion right after shower while skin is still moist to seal in the moisture.

  32. I do like Softsoap. After the long winter we have some serious dry skin here!

  33. I love the sound of the avocado oil wash and I bet it would be gentler on my skin! I need to drink more fluids I am terrible!

  34. I haven’t seen this before! My skin is always dry though, I will have to look for it. Water is probably the thing I drink the most, so that is good!

  35. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    A Few Of My Tips To Keep My Skin Soft And Radiant Is To Drink Lot’s Of Water Daily. Moisturize, Use Sunscreen And Exfoiliate often.

  36. I drink plenty of water and exfoliate often to keep my skin soft and silky.

  37. I prefer to hand-wash dishes and so I make sure to use moisturing soap that is easy on my hands.

  38. Jessica To says

    I try to use a good moisturizing lotion. I also try to put it on after I shower.

  39. Well, I don’t know how radiant my skin is, but I do try to keep it soft and healthy. I like sunscreens that moisturize as well as protect. For my hands, I use a hand sanitizer that doesn’t contain alcohol is it’s not overly drying.

  40. Andrea v says

    Keep my skin moisturized after my shower. Also drink plenty of water.

  41. Drinking plenty of water reducing the hit showers are my biggest challenges! But it does help your skin and body in general.

  42. Cheryl B says

    I like to moisturize my skin by adding a bit of baby oil to my bath water.

  43. CourtneyLynne says

    Ooooo soft soap sounds pretty fabulous!!! I’m going to have to buy a bottle next time I’m out shopping!

  44. I’ve also become more into skin care as I’ve gotten older. I have such dry, sensitive skin so I’m always looking for great natural products.

  45. Dry skin is the bane of my existence. I would love to try some of these new Softsoap fragrances. If it will help to keep my skin lubricated and healthy, I am all for it!

  46. You can bet I’ll be looking for those in the store. I have such dry skin and these look mighty soothing.

  47. I love how more body soap is incorporating oils. I bet your skin will feel silky smooth and replenished after the shower!

  48. These soft soap products look like they would really leave your skin soft and smelling great! I always try and drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated. That and eat a healthy diet.

  49. Allison Swain says

    I drink plenty of water, and use coconut oil on my skin after I shower.

  50. I did not know that Softsoap made these! They seem like they would make your skin super soft.

  51. Bet they smell yummy! My daughter being 13 is obsessed with hair care and body wash products. She’d love this!

  52. I love SoftSoap, they have the best smelling soaps! I do not think I have tried one with oils though.. I am sure it makes your skin feel amazing!

  53. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a great giveaway. I will have to look for this on my next shopping trip. My skin is so dry from the winter.

  54. I like to exfoliate and then moisturize after a shower. I look forward to trying these products since they sound so moisturizing.

  55. Same. I paid little attention to my skin outside of washing it. These days that is def. chaning. Always happy to hear of new skin care products.

  56. Thanks for the skin care tips here. Drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated both from the inside and from the outside, sounds like good advice to me.

  57. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’ve always loved SoftSoap but I need to work on the water thing.

  58. I love coconut oil! I bet this smells so good. I will add this to my list.

  59. Donna Cheatle says

    I use coconut oil, always! It soaks in so nicely and leaves my skin feeling well hydrated and oh so silky!

  60. Jen Reed says

    Some tips for keeping my skin soft and radiant are to stay very hydrated and use high quality moisturizing products.

  61. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I drink more water! Softsoap has some of the best smelling body washes, in my opinion.

  62. I use Softsoap and I love it. It always smells so great. And leaves my skin so soft.

  63. Janell Poulette says

    It is about time for me to buy new soap. I think I need to try this. My skin will love it!

  64. I didn’t know that Softsoap has an oil line! I am going to have to try this. It sounds amazing!

  65. My best tip is to moisturize every day. If you skip days, your skin dries out!

  66. Eloise Carlson says

    I use a great moisturizing body wash and make sure I have a hydrating lotion which I apply twice a day. The weather in Michigan is always changing so it does a bit of damage to my skin. I also like to exfoliate my skin at least once a week. Thanks so very much for the chance!

  67. I too care a lot for my skin as mine is a bit sensitive & I always have to put some extra efforts to keep it perfect. I drink a lot of water usually, but never know taking cold shower will be effective as well. The Softsoap bodywash sounds like a great choice too.

  68. My best tip is to stay hydrated and use sunblock. It will keep your skin healthy.

  69. So many companies are beginning to create products with oils. It’s awesome to have more of a selection.

  70. I love Softsoap! Their body wash smells so good! I remember my dad used to tell us not to use too much hot water when taking a shower because it’s not good for the skin!

  71. Seyma Shabbir says

    By drinking plenty of water, avoiding coffee and tea. I also exfoliate gently and use baby oil and cream.

  72. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Dreft gveaway!

  73. Avocado oil and iris sounds like a fascinating combination for a body wash. I wouldn’t mind trying this one out. My tips for keeping skin is trying to avoid drenching myself in a hot shower – it really parches the skin.

  74. Mary Cloud says

    Drink lots of water – it’s a necessity for great skin and moisturize often.

  75. Ashley C says

    Drink lots of water, moisturize daily, stay out of the sun! I have also started taking hair, skin and nails vitamins to try to improve the health of my skin!

  76. I drink a lot of water and I also use lotion on a daily basis. My body wash that I use has a moisturizer in it as well.

  77. My go to skin tip is using coconut oil. It has helped my skin to stay moisturized. Also I think your diet and drinking lots of water plays a huge part.

  78. We use this often and I love how they smell so good. Haven tried the luminous oils yet. Thanks for sharing, I will have to buy one tomorrow.

  79. The number one thing to keep our skin healthy in my opinion is staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Moisturizers after a shower is a great way to keep the skin healthy. Exfoliating a couple times a week is also really good for you!

  80. Brittney House says

    I like to make sure I exfoliate my skin every night. I also like to moisturize my skin right after.

  81. Karla R. says

    Drinking lots of water keeps my skin looking healthy.

  82. I love using homemade sugar scrubs to help keep my skin soft. I’ve found that coconut oil combined with sugar makes a great pre-shave scrub!

  83. Many women do not pay close attention to their skin but this is so important especially as you get older.

  84. Emily Benzing says

    I try to keep my skin soft by always moisturizing out of the shower – it keeps your skin soft all day and night! Drinking water and eating right does wonders too.

  85. meagan bs says

    I think it helps to not wash your skin too much and use gentle products when you do.

  86. Austin Baroudi says

    Lotion usually does the trick. Specialty body helps too, like Dove or something like that and staying hydrated. I don’t really have any other tips than those.

  87. I use a loofah sponge and a mild soap.

  88. Debbie Welchert says

    I would just say keep your skin clean and use lots of lotions to moisturize it.

  89. Barbara Montag says

    I entered the $25 AMEX GC/Entenmann’s giveaway.

  90. Rochelle Johnson says

    I use unscented cleaner on my face and lots of sunscreen.

  91. I entered the $25 AMEX Gift Card/Entenmann’s Prize Pack giveaway

  92. I used hot then cold water on my face,opens the pores and makes it feel so soft!

  93. Terri Irvin says

    To keep my skin soft and radiant, I get facials once a month and do week-long elimination diets to spark my mindful eating. Also I love clay masks.

  94. I try drinking lots of water to keep my skin hydrated. I also use sunscreen with moisturizers whenever I am out in the sun.

  95. Tamra Phelps says

    I wish I had some secrets to soft skin. I’m diabetic & one of the effects of that is dry skin patches. I guess I would say try using skin creams designed for diabetics, because they are made for really dry skin!

  96. Some of my tips for keeping my skin soft and radiant is to drink lots of water daily. I also use a skin oil after showering daily. Thanks for the chance.

  97. Jillian Too says

    In addition to drinking water, I’ve found that eating a balanced diet really helps my skin.

  98. Erica B. says

    I just use a lot of lotion.

  99. Kobi Hensley says

    Lots and lots of water and using daily moisturizing products.

  100. Lorena Keech says

    I’m not sure it works, but I work to drink fluids all day long, lots of water and unsweetened iced tea, both with lemon.

  101. Susan Smith says

    My tips for keeping my skin soft and radiant are to use a moisturizer after showering, use a nice body wash and anti-aging products.

  102. I swim 3 times a week, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.
    Thanks for the contest.

  103. CarolJones says


  104. Tanya White says

    I moisturize as soon as I get out of the bath or shower, it helps keep my skin soft and full of moisture.

  105. Jaime Cummings says

    I use DIY masks. Homemade hydrating masks can provide needed moisture. I use natural moisturizing ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe. Mix what you like together to create a cream or paste, and leave on skin for 10-30 minutes for lasting hydration.

  106. Renee Richardson says

    I make sure to stay moisturized everyday or else I will be ashy. LOL!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂


  107. One tip I have for keeping my skin soft is use lotion. I also drink lots of water.

  108. susan smoaks says

    eating healthy and exercising help keep my skin soft and radiant.

  109. I stay well hydrated and use moisturizer.

  110. Terry Bellender says

    After showering I usually put on a deep moisturizing lotion while my pores are still open. I also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids such as water or a flavored water.

  111. Hesper Fry says

    I drink lots of green and white tea which really helps me skin look great! I also use facial masks as well.

  112. Laurie Emerson says

    I use a lot of lotion. I also try and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

  113. Carolyn Daley says

    My tips are to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and using moisturizing lotion.

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