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    A few years ago, my Sister In Law moved with my nephew to St. Louis and I have been wanting to visit and spend some time there with them.  There are just so many things to experience and see there that I didn’t even know where to begin so I have narrowed my trip down to 5 things that I want to cross off my Bucket List in St. Louis.  My nephew thought it would be a fun idea if we planned a St. Louis Scavenger Hunt to allow our family to enjoy each attraction together.



    Being a native of the Bronx, I have had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Bronx Zoo many times over the years.  Now that I have children of my own, it has also been a joy to watch them learning about all the wildlife there last year.  The Saint Louis Zoo has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading zoological parks and it is one of the city’s free attractions for families to visit.  I can’t wait to take all of the knowledge that I have from visiting the Bronx Zoo over the years with me when we visit all of the animals at the St. Louis Zoo.



    Every single time I see my nephew’s photos of the foods that he has eaten in St. Louis, I imagine pleasing my palate there as well.  One of my favorite cuisines to eat is Italian and I have learned that St. Louis boasts some of the most delicious thin crust pizza and deep-fried ravioli in the country.  There is no way that will be able to visit without sampling some of its yummy eats.



    A few years ago, my family and I experienced indoor carting for the first time in New Jersey.  My husband was thrilled when I even got behind the wheel of my own go-cart and whizzed around the track like a racing pro.  Since our sons were much younger back then, they did not get to race with us and that location has since closed down.  It will be a blast to some world-class indoor carting action with our boys now that they are older at Pole Position Raceway in St. Louis.



    Now don’t get me wrong, our family will always be diehard Yankees and Rangers fans but we do enjoy visiting other teams in their stadiums when we are traveling and having some family fun.  During the spring and summer seasons, you can cheer on 11-time World champions the St. Louis Cardinals at the new Busch Stadium.  If you prefer to in the fall or winter, you can catch the St. Louis Blues heating up the ice at the Scottrade Center. 



    We have a Six Flags in the Tri-State area but I have heard that the Six Flags located in St. Louis is a thrill seeker’s dream come true.  You can find your inner superhero on Batman the Ride, fly at speeds of up to 62 mph on the Screaming Eagle wooden coaster and “soak it all in” on the whitewater rapids adventure of Thunder River.  There are plenty of family hotels just minutes from the park, and visitors can take advantage of group discounts for youth groups, company outings, family reunions and much more!


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Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the things that you would love to experience with your family in St. Louis?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    St. Louis is on my bucket list for sure. My husband has been there many times because he was stationed near there in the military years ago & talks very fondly about it.

  2. I have been to St. Louis and loved it I have been inside the big arch and it was a small elevator that made me shake in my shoes just a bit. I loved all of the restaurants and I loved going to the beach area that is there. I went on a trip with our church to the world peace colloquy last year. I had so much fun being a tourist.

  3. Now those are some great activities. Love the turtle pic that was too cute.

  4. Fun! I’ve been to St Louis once as a kid but never got to do any sight seeing or anything like that. I’ll have to add it to my list of places to visit since I love to go to Kansas City often in MO and KS.

  5. How fun! I have a friend who lives in St. Louis and really loves it. Would love to visit at some point, but am not sure I will ever get out that way! Looks like a great giveaway!

  6. I’ve never been to St. Louis. It looks really fun!

  7. We would definitely be up for the zoo! That’s always a spot we look up when we travel!

  8. I have only been to the Arch so there are so many things I would love to do. I would like to experience true St. Louis barbecue and to go to the zoo.

  9. I live in the St. Charles area (west of St. L) and we love the city. Cardinal game is a must in the summer, as is the Magic House, the Zoo, the Science Center, Ted Drewe’s custard, Sugarfire BBQ and yes, the ravioli from The Hill is fantastic!

  10. Like you–I am a New Yorker and have visited the Bronx Zoo–partaken of our amazing Italian cuisine and even went to Great Adventure once or twice. I never thought of St Louis as a vacation destination–but I would sure like to visit that zoo!!

  11. I have family in St. Louis, which I’ve only visited once. I only remember them telling us don’t go past the Arch. Maybe someday I will go back and check out these great attractions.

  12. My dad is from St. Louis and I lived there for a short time as a kid before we got sent to the next station (he was military). I still have some family in the area and my grandparents are buried at Jefferson Barracks. I’d highly recommend Crowns Candy Kitchen (just be prepared for lines) and I used to love the Magic House as a kid!

  13. The zoo looks fun. We love going to zoos and seeing the different animals.

  14. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I love going to sporting events in new cities. So much fun!

  15. I have extended family in St. Louis but we have never been there. These are great things to cross off a bucket list.

  16. I was in St. Louis as a child. I would love to bring my own kids back.

  17. What a great giveaway. I’m sure there’ll be lots of families with hilarious photos.

  18. There is so much to do in St. Louis that I can’t even begin to tell you what I want to check off but I do know that the zoo is definitely one of them!

  19. We went to a Cardinals game and it was so fun! The zoo was a highlight for us, too 🙂 It’s such a fun, underrated city!

  20. I love exploring the local food in any place I visit because I believe that is the best way to experience the culture. St. Louis looks like a great destination!

  21. I also love authentic thin crust pizza so I guess now I have a reason to visit St. Louis. Your joy of being there can be seen by the words you used to describe this place. 🙂

  22. These look like some fun activities.
    I also really like this giveaway contest.

  23. We love St. Louis. It wasn’t that far of a drive when we were in college so we went several times! Loved all the great memories we made there.

  24. My friend is going to college in St Louis…. forwarding this list to her to check out!

  25. I’ve been wanting to spend some time there for a while now. I really hope I can do some bucket list crossing off!

  26. I’ve never been to St. Louis, if we go, we’ll probably check out the zoo and most definitely the local restaurants!

  27. We just returned from St. Louis and didn’t do any of these things. We went to see my son compete in Kuk Sool Wan. I would like to return to go to Six Flags.

  28. I haven’t been to St. Louis yet, so I would want to do all the things! My friend did tell me after she visited that I needed to visit the gateway arch.

  29. I have never been to St. Louis, but would love to. It would be fun to see a Cardinals game.

  30. I have never done indoor carting. I bet it is fun though!

  31. I love St Louis and have been there a few times and have never done any of these things. I would recommend the Budweiser brewery tour – that was cool. (I’m assuming it’s still there)

  32. CourtneyLynne says

    I have never actually stayed in St.Louis before! Only driven threw many times making sure I got to see the arch! I’m all about trying local cuisine though so if I’m ever in St.Louis I will definitely be doing that!

  33. It looks like you had a wonderful time, what a great way to spend vacation!

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