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    I’ve always encouraged my sons to use their imaginations and creativity when it comes to any project that they tackle or complete.  That’s probably why I have always loved when they play with building blocks or LEGO.  From the moment that they hold their first block and envision what they are going to create, they embark on a journey of self-expression.

    The best part is that my husband and I enjoy building with them and we often spend time as a family using our imaginations together.  It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and to bounce ideas off one another.  We love seeing the smiles on our boys’ faces when they are driven by inspiration and determined to bring their ideas to life.


    As a Netflix Ambassador, I was so excited when we found out that our love of building is shared by many others who will be watching two new shows on Netflix :  LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Friends.

Netflix LEGObionicle 

In Lego Bionicle, Six legendary heroes find themselves on an epic quest as they harness the power of nature’s elements to defeat the forces of evil.  The power of friendship is harnessed on LEGO Friends when five best friends face adventures side by side in their hometown. Zany antics, love and missteps are better with friends!


    It’s time to begin your own adventure and let the building begin by enjoying these shows on Netflix with your own family.  There is no better way to inspire one another and to get those creative juices flowing!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you inspire your children to use their imaginations and creativity?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My two are SO into Legos. They were so excited about these new shows on Netflix.

  2. I remember the days of my oldest building with Legos all too well. I don’t miss stepping on them though!

  3. My girls love Lego Friends, we have a few of the sets and they watch them on Netflix. I love that they can build and play along as they are watching. It gives the Lego sets a little extra playtime.

  4. Jennifer G says

    We love the new lego stuff on Netflix. We have watched them all already!

  5. It’s funny that you did a post on Legos, because I’ve always used them as a way to promote creativity with my kids. After the initial Lego project is complete, they’ve got even more blocks to add to their pile!

  6. We’re all about LEGOs here, and my girls have started watching the shows on Netflix. That is if we can get them off the other great shows on there!

  7. I had no idea there was lego based shows on Netflix – wonder if they are showing over here as well? I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  8. This looks like real fun! I love legos for my kids as it encourages creativity and lets their imaginations run wild.

  9. My son and I are watching The Lego Movie right now. We’ll check this out too!

  10. I used to provide my kids with lots of building blocks and art materials to spark their creativity. I’m glad to see some that cater to children’s favorite tv shows. They can reenact their favorite scenes!

  11. It’s so cool that they’re producing originals like these. It’s even cooler that there are Lego sets to go with them.

  12. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    So fun. We are huge fans of Netflix. So great to see they have such a great variety!

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Netflix has a great selection of movies and shows to watch. My kids love Lego. Lego Star Wars is a favorite.

  14. These sounds like two great family shows and I bet the kids will love them. You have to love Netflix. It has something for everyone. My sons are grown but they loved to play with their friends and create all kinds of unique games from every day household items.

  15. OH, I didn’t know there was a new Lego show on netflix, I’m going to have to check this out and see if it’s age appropriate for my son. He loves all things that involve LEGO!

  16. My youngest loves to experiment and I buy him the tools he needs. I used to love Legos and would buy them all the time for the kids. However they would always leave them laying around and I would have to pick up after them. Now they only get it if it’s a birthday and even then I’m reluctant to get it. I’ve been with Netflix since their inception and even though I rarely use it, it’s good knowing it’s there.

  17. I used to get down on the floor with my friend’s son and watch him build with Lego’s. He was much better at it then I was but we both had so much fun. A child’s imagination knows no bounds and that is how it should be. Of course back then there were no movies to watch but I will bet my bottom dollar that he would have had me sitting and watching with him!!

  18. My husband loves to play with legos as well! My son and him can sit there for hours playing with them. Me not so much! Both of our kids have fabulous imaginations! Which I love! Never know what they are going to say!

  19. This looks like a constructive use of time for the little ones.
    LEGO’s are tops with us!

  20. My kids love lego, and I love watching them play and use their imaginations with the legos. The things they can do is amazing. We will have to check these out on Netflix. I hope we have it on CA netflix!

  21. My son is a huge fan of LEGO and the Bionicle characters. I need to let him know Netflix has this cartoon.

  22. My 5 year old is really into Legos right now. I have to tell him netflix has new lego shows!!!

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