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    There is a reason why this blog is called Tough Cookie Mommy.  Those of you who are long-time readers know that I am a New York City public school teacher by day, Blogger by night, and mother/wife/Survivor all of the time.  It is very seldom that I am able to get any “Me” time, much less have the opportunity to get away for an entire weekend at Hershey, Pennsylvania all by myself!  

The lobby of The Hershey Hotel.

The lobby of The Hershey Hotel.

    Believe it or not, a few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of heading to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the sweetest escape of my entire life!  Not only did I have a wonderful time by myself, but I am over the moon excited about bringing my entire family back this summer so we can all enjoy the experience together.


    Upon arriving at The Hotel Hershey, I was immediately spellbound by its gorgeous grounds and its historic appearance as I entered the lobby for Check-In.  Not only is their hotel staff pleasant and courteous, but they greet you with chocolate!  How is that for service with a sweet smile?  Once upstairs, my room was absolutely breathtaking with its views of the hotel grounds and fountains as well as its luxurious decor.  

hershey pennsylvania

    The best part is that visitors can also choose to stay at the Hershey Lodge, which is equally spectacular and will soon be boasting Hershey’s Water Works-an indoor pool complex that is scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend!

hershey pennsylvania

hershey pennsylvania

The Koi Pond at Hershey Lodge.

    One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Hersheypark Camping Resort.  Although I have been known to “Rough it” back in the day, these days I’m all about relaxation and convenience.  This resort is fully equipped to provide hardcore campers and “Glampers, ” like myself, with many cabin and campsite options to choose from.  Stay tuned to find out more about this beautiful resort in my next post, including some of the indoor and outdoor activities that are available there for campers!

hershey pennsylvania

    Dining in Hershey was truly delectable.  If your family is like mine, you all have individual dining tastes and preferences.  In many cases, some families have food allergies or even children with choosy appetites.  Hershey dining establishments have taken all of these scenarios into consideration when designing their menus and dining options.  

hershey pennsylvania

A burger and Crab fries from Chickie’s and Pete’s at Hersheypark.

    While there, I had the pleasure of eating breakfast at the Hershey Grill, located within the Hershey Lodge Resort and enjoyed the Classic Breakfast.  Additionally, The Circular at The Hotel Hershey has the most delicious Sunday Brunch!  The entire restaurant is designed in a circle because Milton Hershey used to dine there regularly and he disliked being made to dine in the corner and not be able to see or interact with other diners.

hershey pennsylvania

Breakfast at the Hershey Grill.

hershey pennsylvania

The casual atmosphere at the Hershey Grill.

    As an educator, one of my favorite parts of my trip was taking the Hershey Trolley Works tour.  The tour allows passengers to go sightseeing through the town of Hershey and learn all about its famous and generous benefactor, Milton Hershey.  

hershey pennsylvania

All aboard Hershey Trolley Works!

    Some attractions that riders are treated to are the Milton Hershey School, the original chocolate factory, Milton Hershey’s home that he shared with the love of his life, Catherine, and Founders Hall.  

hershey pennsylvania

Founders Hall.

    There is so much to learn about the historic town of Hershey and I particularly loved how all the streetlights are in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses and the tour guide gave us different kinds of chocolate to enjoy during the tour.

hershey pennsylvania

The Welcome Pavilion at the new Hershey Gardens Conservatory!

     As the warm weather approaches, I was excited to learn that Hershey Gardens will be opening The Milton and Catherine Hershey Conservatory.  It will offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about nature through its indoor Butterfly Atrium and Horticultural/Educational Wings.

hershey pennsylvania

The NEW Milton & Catherine Hershey Conservatory!

     Not to mention that Hershey Gardens is also made up of 23 acres of flowers and plants fully blooming for enjoyment and observation.  I toured the facility, which is currently under construction, and was immediately taken with how much planning has gone into making this 16,000 square-foot conservatory into the crown jewel of Hershey Gardens!

hershey pennsylvania

Brunch at The Circular at The Hotel Hershey.

    Next week, I will be sharing some of my indoor and outdoor adventures in Hershey, Pennsylvania including all the fun I had at Hersheypark and Zoomerica.  I’ll also be sharing other activities that you can enjoy as a family in Hershey.  It’s no coincidence that they call it “The Sweetest Place On Earth!”

Let’s Discuss:  What would be some of your “Sweetest” things to do in Hershey, Pennsylvania if you visited by yourself or with your family.

Disclosure: I received complimentary lodging, entertaiment and meals as part of a Press Trip from Hershey. As always our opinions are 100% our own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We took the kids to Hershey Park for 2 days last summer and they loved it. We are going back next year 🙂

  2. The lobby of the hotel is gorgeous! I’ve never been to Hershey but it’s been on my list of places I want to visit. Maybe I need to go there on a girls’ weekend trip!

  3. Looks like a great place for the family to visit! I could totally see my kids loving it here. As well as myself. A little bit of everything. Elegance and fun!

  4. Wow, looks like a lovely place to stay. I would love to visit Hershey. I’ve never been anywhere in the U.S. so I think this looks like a lovely place to head for a visit!

  5. I’m originally from Hershey, so I loved seeing the perspective of someone who was visiting. The Hotel Hershey is AMAZING — so glad you got to experience it 🙂

  6. Catherine S says

    This looks like a nice place to stay and the food looks yummy. I will keep this in mind if I am ever in the area.

  7. I’d love to take my son to Hershey; he’s a big fan of chocolate and would LOVE to see the original factory, as would my husband. The cabins look so cute, too.

  8. Where’s the chocolate? You can’t tell me you went all the way there and have no photos of chocolate?!?! 😉

  9. maria @closetohome says

    WE went to the lodge in the summer and I wish we stayed at the hotel. Much prettier. We did not do more than the parks which was a blast.

  10. I had no idea all there was at Hershey! We have a Hershey factory here in Wisconsin, but wow. That hotel is beautiful and I want to see those flowers!

  11. CourtneyLynne says

    We just love Hershey Park!!!!! My family always has a blast. Fun for all ages young and old 😉

  12. I’m kinda jealous you got to go by yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever had time alone… ever. And what a place to do it in. love it.

  13. It looks like such an amazing place! My husband has family in Hershey, so we keep meaning to get out there!

  14. I love to every now and then travel by myself. I’m going to a yoga retreat this summer and can’t wait. The hotel is beautiful.

  15. You have no idea how much I want to go to Hershey! I’ve always thought that there was so much more to it than just Hershey Park and the chocolate, lol. Thanks for this virtual trip!

  16. What an amazing experience! I haven’t gotten away by myself for a weekend since I have been married with children. This looks like so much fun!

  17. I could definitely see myself visiting Hershey solo! I would take in that Conservatory, the gardens and any other places of interest. I, of course, would want to sample as much chocolate as I could!

  18. This is an absolute destination on my bucket list. I visited the area very quickly and fell in love with it. The Milton School is extraordinary! Thanks for giving me key locations and things to do!! Looks like you enjoyed it very much!

  19. What a fun experience you got to have! The buildings look really pretty– all that stained glass! And the campground looks wonderful! I will have to keep this in mind if we ever make it out towards Pennsylvania!

  20. Well deserved. You are a wonderful Mom and deserved a few days at a wonderful place Hershey is awesome and I can’t wait to see the fun your family has as well. Looks like a fantastic place to get mom time

  21. Megan McCoig says

    I would so love to visit Hershey! It looks so nice and sounds like you had an amazing time. Staying in a lodge seems so much better than hotel rooms!

  22. How nice! My family and I have never been to Pennsylvania before, but this is one place we’d love to visit when we travel there.

  23. This is where I want to go. You had me at Hershey! Chocolate!

  24. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ve never been to Hershey, but I’d love to see the place Hershey Bars come from, lol! The Hershey Lodge looks gorgeous!

  25. Maryann D. says

    So glad you had “Me” time! What a wonderful trip and looks like a lot of fun. I would love to go there too.

  26. This looks like a wonderful trip! I’ve never been but would love to go to!

  27. Hershey is on our family travel list. Hopefully we will get there within the next year. We have always wanted to go to Hershey Park.

  28. One of the things I love about Hershey PA is the smell. You really can smell chocolate everywhere. Do they pipe it in? IDK. The park is lovely and though I have never been I have thought about it.

  29. Debbie Welchert says

    I didn’t realize there was so much to do in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The hotel and food looked wonderful. I would love to visit there some day.

  30. Julie Wood says

    I would love to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania.! Looks like a lot of fun their and my kids would love it. Also the food looks so delicious!

  31. I have always wanted to go to Hershey! I mean a town all about chocolate, how could that be anything but awesome? It looks like a lovely place to get away.

  32. Dana Rodriguez says

    I would love to visit Hershey. Looks like there are a lot of things to do. I think it would be so much fun!

  33. Wow I have always wanted to go to this magical place. I love chocolate so much! As a child I was allergic to chocolate so couldn’t have it at all even though I never gave up trying to get it. 🙂 Now at 61, I have outgrown that allergy and I am sure making up for it. I eat all the hersheys chocolates that I can!

  34. Andrea v says

    Thanks for the review. I’ve always wanted to visit Hershey Pennsylvania.

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