7 Things You Should Know Before Buying From A Discount Shopping App

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    You might have seen those discount shopping apps out there, the ones like Wish that promise you fantastic deals for just pennies on the dollar. And while many people love these budget shopping apps and the bargains they find, there are a few things you should know before you click the checkout button. Take a look below at 7 things you should know before buying from a discount shopping app, so you can be sure you are being a smart consumer and getting the best value for your money.

1. They charge shipping per item.

Most shopping sites such as Amazon or Old Navy charge you a flat shipping fee. When you buy products from bargain shipping apps, you typically pay per item. That means if you buy 7 items, you will pay shipping 7 times. Be sure you know what the shipping charges entail so you don’t get stuck with surprises.

2. Shipping can take at least one month.

Most of these bargain shopping apps are ran overseas, so you will need to be patient once you order. Items can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered, and in some cases more, so think about how much of a hurry you are in before you snag that deal.

3. Sizes run small.

With most of the overseas bargain shopping apps, sizes run quite small. If you normally wear a medium, you may need to order an extra large. Be sure to read any measurement info that is provided so you can be sure you order a size or even two up if you need to. You would hate to get stuck with the wrong size!

4. Returns may be tedious.

Be sure you really like what you are ordering, because returns can be tedious. In some cases returns aren’t even accepted, and if they are you might be spending more to ship the item back than what you paid for it. Read all fine print in regards to returns so you know what you are getting into.

5. Items may vary from the picture.

Most of these bargain apps will tell you in the fine print that what you receive may look slightly different than the main photo. Decide if you are willing to take this chance and get an item that may not be as high of quality as shown or even a slightly different cut/style. This tends to be one of the biggest complaints of apps such as this.

6. If you see something you want, it might be limited in stock.

Deals on these bargain apps tend to be temporary. Be sure you grab something if you like it as there tends to be limited quality. Even waiting another day can mean losing out on a deal, which results in the impulse shopping these sites count on. Shop smart, but know a good deal doesn’t last long.

7. Items may not ship altogether.

For many of these deal apps, the products are outsourced from various sellers. Because of this, you might get your items at different times. If ordering multiple items, keep this in mind especially if giving these items as a gift or intending to use them altogether. Different sellers means different shipping times, so be prepared for that.

    There is nothing wrong with some bargain shopping, just keep these 7 things you should know before buying from a discount shopping app your consideration. They will help you make smart buying choices and get the most value you can!

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  1. I have never heard of discount shopping apps before, but now that I’ve read this — I never want to shop with one! Shipping per item?! I would be paying more in shipping than for actual product here in Hawaii!

  2. The above is VERY good advice–especially about those shipping charges. They can certainly add up quickly. It is rare that I purchase from a Bargain App type place but when I do or if I do again I will be sure to remember all 7 of these pointers!

  3. I don’t buy from those apps at all. I buy either directly from the manufacturer, Amazon or another reputable company that I know and have used in the past. With all these apps popping up, you never know if you’ll even get what you pay for.

  4. I had no idea they charge shipping per item. That’s crazy and really can add up. I need to watch that.

  5. We haven’t really shopped much on the internet but when we do we use the bigger carriers. I didn’t know that some places charge per item. That ‘s pretty shady if you ask me. Thanks for the heads up on items shipping too small as well. I would hate to buy the wrong size.

  6. I have never ordered from a bargain shipping app before. These are good things to know in case I ever decide to.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it’s important to see both sides of an equation before making any decision. Thanks for sharing some of the cons. =)

  8. Great list..and so very true! I’ve gotten to checkout a few times and then when I realized how much shipping was going to cost me I realized I wasn’t getting such a good deal after all!

  9. Oh, this is good info! I’ve gotten burned good once. Won’t let that happen again!

  10. I’ve never used the bargain apps before but these were certainly good points to keep in mind if I find something I like. I’m always enticed by the emails but I haven’t pulled the trigger. maybe that’s good!

  11. Good to know! I did this 1x and it was a hot mess! wrong size, ugly color – not worth the savings!

  12. I’ve always been Leary of those types of apps. I say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  13. Lol. If you have the time, and the price is right, I will wait. I have waited and it was so worth it.

  14. This is great advice! I have gotten burned a couple of times by sites when I thought I was getting a killer deal and ended up not getting what I thought I was getting.

  15. Many of those reasons you listed are why I am such a huge fan of Amazon Prime! No worries about returns, shipping, or other bothersome things!

  16. Wow! Glad I read this. I have heard they are all the rage for shoppers. I don’t care to shop, really, but I do occasionally!

  17. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I have had some good and bad experiences. I always say you get what you pay for!

  18. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I know someone that bought from some app or store online one time and their shipping date was a month away. She had no idea before she bought the item.

  19. Sometimes it is better to pay more because waiting a month for clothes to arrive can be excruciating. Plus shipping costs are ridiculous!

  20. Great info to know. I’m so very skeptical so I’m always on the look out for articles like this before I shop. I’ve never tried an app before, but now I know how to when I do!

  21. Yikes! It sounds like they can really rip you off if you’re not careful. This is really helpful!

  22. I honestly didn’t know there were that many look-outs. Yikes. I’m glad you clued us all in.

  23. You should list some of them. I know a few fashion sites that are just scams. It’s awful. These are good tips!

  24. l tried one recently & was pleasantly surprised with how fast it got here but the quality was so-so. I love this list, all things everyone should be aware of!

  25. I have seem some of these happen with a regular seller and not an app. There was this awesome shirt I saw being advertised by a site on Facebook. They didn’t allow returns. Fortunately many people that bought it commented it ran about 4 sizes too small.

  26. Great advice. If you have Amazon Prime shipping is free 2nd day BUT yes you do have to pay for the service for the year.

  27. After using Amazon so much, I can’t stand waiting so long for anything! I like to shop with companies I trust.

  28. Good to know on the shipping. I would def. want to know ahead of time if I was going to have to wait up to a month for shipping.

  29. It does take a lil’ more work when you’re trying to save a buck but it’s definitely worth it in the end! Thanks for sharing tips that I would have never thought of!

  30. I’d never heard of a shopping app like this before. It’s great to know the ins and outs of it all before trying. Great post.

  31. The thing we always need to remember is to read all fine print so we are not shocked at anything. Most persons just sign away without reading.

  32. I have never used a shopping app like this before. Good tips to know before hand! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have learned my lesson ordering from these sites. My Daughter ordered a dress and when it cam it was not like the photo at all. The size was way smaller then our size 6.

  34. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg I leaned the hard way about shipping!!!!! Now I know if the price is too good to be true, expect your item a month later lol

  35. I’ve never used a bargain shopping app. I’ve heard of them but I was bad about downloading apps and not using them so I stopped downloading all together. Thanks for the tip.

  36. I use Amazon because I have Amazon Prime. I only buy if there’s free shipping! LOL I hate shipping cost so much! Would hate to pay per item. Yikes!

  37. This is good information that I hadn’t even thought about. I love a good app and will keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing

  38. Jennifer Williams says

    I am not patient enough for the long shipping terms that come with the discount apps. Between that and many having a no-refund policy it keeps me from using them.

  39. I have never tried any bargain shopping apps. I just don’t seem to have time to look into it. But thank you for the tips now I know what to look for when I have time to look into it.

  40. Janell Poulette says

    I do most of my shopping online – so I am always looking for a deal. These are definitely really good things to look out for.

  41. Very good tips and spot on even though I still love them. I get all kinds of stuff using them.

  42. I’ve never used the apps for discounts before. These are all great tips and I will keep these in mind for sure.

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